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Daniel Noakes
31st Jul 2014

I have bought several devices from Clove and always find the site easy to use with the latest information.

graham dickerson
31st Jul 2014

excellent service..pleasure to deal with.

Marc Jennings
31st Jul 2014

Terrific service, and none of my stupid questions post-order were too much trouble to answer. Already recomended you to a friend who has ordered a green Lumia 930 from you this morning.

31st Jul 2014

Usual high quality of service from the UK's No. 1 supplier of Cell phones. Always answers emails, usually first to market with new product releases. Phone contact is excellent too with helpful, knowledgeable staff.

31st Jul 2014

Excellent service...

Nigel Dodd
31st Jul 2014

Bought a Nokia 930 received very prompt service, in fact it arrived before the release date. The business with the free wireless charger was a minor fiasco for which the blame must go to Microsoft. Would I use Clove again, definitely, would I buy another Microsoft/Nokia phone, no, not if the above is an example of their customer service. I don't think Apple would have messed up as badly on what is supposed to be the launch of their flagship product

Robert Beach
31st Jul 2014

Excellent and speedy service - but more importantly great follow up service and support.

chris flint
30th Jul 2014

Fast efficient friendly service, good value, what's not to like, highly recommended based on my personal experience. Thank you.

Rachel Lally
30th Jul 2014

Arrived promptly in brand new condition working perfectly as described

29th Jul 2014

Indeed, I am thankful to the team for dedicated responses and understanding. My order was delivered a bit late, but Clove was always so kind to keep on helping me in my queries.

29th Jul 2014

Excellent service, speedy delivery and very competitive price.

Harel Cohen
28th Jul 2014

Efficient as usual. As an individual living in Gibraltar my biggest concern when purchasing online from UK is VAT exempt and cheap delivery. With Clove I get both.

Jason Guest from Venta
28th Jul 2014

Initial service and delivery was good, however the order was only part-shipped. When I placed the order, there was no indication on the website that the products were not in stock. Since then, I was never contacted by Clove to say that the products were not in stock, instead, I had to chase you myself.

don savady
27th Jul 2014

Purchasing is quick and easy, service is great, phone arrived safely and quick. Only waiting for the wireless charger now.

l steen
27th Jul 2014

fast delivery.

27th Jul 2014

Thank you very much! The communication was great and I'm very satisfied with my purchase! Hope to deal with you guys again soon!

25th Jul 2014

Fast response! Fast shipping!good qulity products! Thanks!

25th Jul 2014

Good price especially with the wireless charger offer. Website presentation and "who we are" section gave me the confidence to purchase. There are lots of websites that give the impression they're UK companies when they're some dodgy setup from abroad.

Great service, quick delivery. Superb and would highly recommend.

25th Jul 2014

Very fast and accurate order fulfillment. Thank you!

anthony read
24th Jul 2014

excellent turn around would definitely use again

kinaz yaqoub
24th Jul 2014

i received my order in a perfect condition and less time than expected
Thanks to all sales team

meir fried
24th Jul 2014

Hello clove!it was a great pleasure for me to buy my smartphone from have been very kind,professional and helpful. My smartphone arrive exactly on time.
I will defently recommend you to my friend and in the future buy from you again.
Thank you very much for everything,
Meir fried

Joe Lavinas
23rd Jul 2014

very helpful and amazing response to all my queries

Keith Farrell
23rd Jul 2014

Outstanding service from start to finish, quick and efficient and highly recommended.

Vasilis Tzanoudakis
23rd Jul 2014

I have already sent an email to you for my order. I am happy with our communication and the fast dispatch, but I am dissapointed with delivery time of dhl

james curnick
22nd Jul 2014

Fantastic service all rpund , product is brilliant and very happy with it. Would 100% use this company again!

Pall Gestsson
22nd Jul 2014

Can't be better. I have been a customer from the start of Clove Tech.

22nd Jul 2014

Excellent service

21st Jul 2014

Great delivery. Great product!

Barry Andrews
21st Jul 2014

Excellent service,item came early and was as advertised would definitely use clove again..

Brendan James
21st Jul 2014

Delivery was fast once stock had arrived, and Clove seemed to receive and start despatching the LG G Watch before anyone else. So that's great. My one criticism is that there was absolutely no delivery information at checkout. I was offered 2 delivery options at I think £5 and £7. But there was NO description of delivery time for these options or what the difference was between the 2 options. I think that's a bit ridiculous! People need to know when to expect their items so they can plan to be in, and we need to know what the available options are. If that information had been there at checkout it would've saved myself and your staff time and hassle emailing eachother. If delivery info had been there I would have given 5 stars. But as I think this information is SO important I'm struggling to give 4. Other than that one criticism though my buying experience with Clove has been excellent!

Clove Comments 24/7 - Very valid comments and this is something we are looking to update and improve very soon.

Pat Peterson
21st Jul 2014

I am extremely impressed by your pricing, customer care and speed of delivery. Quick response to mails, a follow up call, personal service in an internet age - I shall certainly use your company again.

21st Jul 2014

A good service. On time delivery and quality product

20th Jul 2014

Very good product as describe and very fast delivery

James Wheeldon
19th Jul 2014

I pre-ordered the LG G3 and it arrived quickly after its release date. I ordered from Clove rather than Amazon, although Amazon was £11 cheaper, because of the wireless charger that was included free with Clove. This has only just arrived, I presume because Clove were waiting for stock to arrive. Overall I am very pleased with my experience of using Clove

19th Jul 2014

Have to say really good experience , from customer service to delivery .

Rosie manners
19th Jul 2014

Great company to deal with, good communication, speedy delivery, brilliant product

Darrell Eaton
18th Jul 2014

Excellent buying experience, even better than the first time I purchased from you.

18th Jul 2014

Good service but better comms on undelivered kit would be nice.

Ordered a LG G3 with the free Wireless charger. The phone arrived in good time and there was plenty of information pertaining to the charger, in that it was not ready for delivery yet.

What good looks like for me:
Phone delivered with a note on the delivery slip stating that the other device will be delivered when stock is available and currently the ETA is the 1st week in August.

Maybe follow this up with an email about the items that have not been delivered with the same sort of information, or new information (Late delivery etc.)


I was thinking about the charger the other day and ended up going to the product ordering page to see a nice big green button with the ETA for the charger. It would have been good if this information was a little more forthcoming.

18th Jul 2014

Service was impeccable, I particularly thought the Clove reviews are honest and realistic. I was able to get a review on the website for the device that helped me make my decision.

However, the Kazam Trooper is a bit disappointing. The screen's visibility I could handle, the size was perfect, but the 512MB RAM is the biggest disappointment.

Thankfully the Clove review warned me in advance that out of 4GB, only 1.27GB was available for the device, that was fine. But the preinstalled apps that I don't use take up valuable space.

The other disappointment was the sensitivity of the thing. The amount of times during a phone call that my ear switched the phone to flight mode,switched to a default sim rather than asking or just hung up in people is amazing. And I couldn't change it.

File storage and FM radio were the two apps I used the most, coming with the generic Android AOSP didn't bother me at all. And I did like the fact that,unlike other dual sim phones, there was a choice of Mini and Micro sim slots rather than two of the same.

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