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Product Code: HTC-HD2
Manufacturer: HTC
Manufacturer Code: 99HJY002-00
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Overview of HTC HD2

This product has now been discontinued. There are no direct alternatives however we would recommend looking at:

HTC Incredible S

HTC 7 Pro

The HTC HD2 is the upgrade to the very popular HTC Touch HD.

A massive 4.3 inch WVGA touch screen display and HTC Sense User Interface offers a user experience like nothing before. Video, pictures, movies or web browsing on the HTC HD2, in terms of screen size,will satisfy even the biggest multimedia fan.

The first HTC device to include the powerful 1GHz processor, the HD2 offers performance and reliability that is second to none on a Windows Phone.

The large screen and fast processor of the HTC HD2 go hand-in-hand with the built-in GPS Antenna. The screen is perfect for the 3D-mapping of CoPilot Live 8, while the fast processor ensures that the software runs smoothly.

Windows Mobile 6.5 is included on the device. This new powerful and flexible OS offers any HD2 user the ability to connect to emails, internet pages, social networks like Facebook and much more.

Pair this with the HTC Sense interface and the most important information and features are close at hand, with minimal effort required to access such. Want to know the weather where you are? The sense interface will automatically pick up your location and update the information accordingly.

On board are the standard Windows Phone features, including Mobile Office, Marketplace, Facebook and My Phone. Connect to these applications through a WiFi or HSPA connection, which subsequently ensures that wherever you are you can remain connected.

The 3.5mm audio jack allows you to connect your favourite headphones, whilst using the multimedia tools that are stored on the device or a memory card installed in the microSDHC memory card slot.

Built for pure finger touch control, you can zoom in and out of documents, web pages, pictures and more with a simple pinch, no stylus is needed.

Automatic light sensor controls the backlight level on your device assisting in conservation of battery power, whilst also locking the device screen during a call to avoid accidental touches.

Want a smartphone that is fast, reliable and offers an experience like nothing before? Consider the HTC HD2.

Features of HTC HD2

  • Windows Mobile 6.5
  • 1GHz Processor
  • 4.3-inch WVGA Capacitive Touch Screen Display
  • HSPA Wireless Connectivity
  • GPS
  • WiFi
  • Bluetooth
  • 5 Megapixel Camera
  • 3.5mm Audio Jack
  • Automatic Backlight Sensor
  • Automatic Device Screen Lock
  • 2 Year Warranty

What's in the box of HTC HD2?

  • HTC HD2
  • Battery
  • UK AC Adapter
  • USB Cable
  • Case
  • 2GB MicroSD Memory Card
  • Stereo Headset
  • Documentation
SIM Free & Unlocked Yes
Operating SystemWindows Mobile
Version6.5 Professional
Custom SkinHTC Sense
Dual Core
Quad Core
Make/ModelQualcomm® MSM8250™
Expansion Slot Yes
Capacity (Up to)16GB
Internal Storage
Touchscreen Yes
TypeTFT-LCD Capacitive touch screen
Resolution 480 x 800 WVGA
Frequencies850/900/1800/1900 MHz
SpeedUp to 114 kbps download speed, Up to 560 kbps download speed
FrequenciesEurope/Asia: 900/2100 MHz
SpeedUp to 7.2 Mbps download speed, Up to 2 Mbps upload speed
Bluetooth Yes
Version2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate
WiFi Yes
VersionIEEE 802.11 b/g/n
DataStandard Micro-USB
PowerStandard Micro-USB
Audio3.5 mm stereo audio jack
Video Out
Facebook Yes
Device Controls
Optical Trackpad
Hardware Buttons
Antenna TypeInternal
Built-in Software
Camera Yes
FlashAutofocus and Dual LED flashlight
Camera Lens
Front Facing Camera
G-Sensor Yes
Proximity Sensor Yes
Digital Compass and Gyro
Light Sensor Yes
Formats.aac, .amr, .m4a, .mid, .mp3, .mp4, .qcp, .wav, .wma
Formats.wmv, .asf, .mp4, .3gp, .3g2, .m4v, .avi
Near Field Communication
FM Radio Yes
Capacity1230 mAh
TypeRechargeable Lithium-ion battery
Removable Yes
Call Time
GSMUp to 380 mins
3GWCDMA: Up to 320 mins
Standby Time
GSMUp to 490 hours
3GUp to 390 hours
Dimensions120.5 X 67 X 11 mm (4.74 X 2.64 X 0.43 inches)
Weight 157 grams (5.54 ounces) with battery
SoftwareHTC Footprints, Windows Media Player, HTC Peep for Twitter
HTC_HD2_Datasheet.pdf HTC_HD2_Datasheet.pdf (303KB)
HTC_HD2_Poster.pdf HTC_HD2_Poster.pdf (201KB)
Overall Rating * * * * * 3 Stars Good

L 29th January 2011

Overall Rating
0 Stars Poor

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Vortex2 22nd October 2010

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"Best phone I've ever owned! Once you use the 4.3inch screen there's no going back to smaller phones."

Joy 13th October 2010

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"My husband bought me one of these as a birthday present. I love watching movies when on my way to meetings up and down the country on it. Add an extended batteryand you even have a kickstand.

Windows Mobile integrates perfectly with my works exchange email account and is a great buisness tool, even if it is a bit big. I wouldn't swap it though!"

Ahmed 5th October 2010

Overall Rating
0 Stars Poor

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"GREAT phone but has one disadvantage: WINDOWS MOBILE SUCKS. It's definitely the worst operating system. I think people should try the Desire HD OS for HD2. This should rock."

Anil 1st October 2010

Overall Rating
4 Stars Very Good

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"i would loveeeee to buy this phone... but this is the Only place with all the positive reviews... this scares me... "

HR 1st September 2010

"great phone bought it when it was when it first launched,,, n its really great thanx to XDA guys n its way cheaper now =D"

KARTHIK 24th July 2010


Rashed Z. H. 25th June 2010

"Thank you clove fast accurate and good price :)"

Oluwole 7th May 2010

"I got this phone a month ago and can't part with it anymore.It's awesome!"

Abo Bassel 29th April 2010

"I am really amazed by such a wonderful sophisticated device which really suites my profession & life as well. Fantastic!!!"

Igor 22nd April 2010

"It`s super device with huge functions. I like it much more than iphone 3GS. Honestly HTC HD2 needs more powerful battery ... "

Phil Ellisdon 15th March 2010

"Nice phone, but the software is limited, not any use for international traveller, too much weather and not enough time display options. If you could have the Hero functions with Windows Mobile in the HD2, THEN you would have the perfect phone. "

gafu 9th March 2010

"i got it simply superb,even no video call"

Alejandra 4th March 2010

"Can't wait to get it!!!"

Tawash 2nd March 2010

"I asked for one, because what I have hear about it I think its a nice PDA to get iPhone."

Gissur Orri 25th February 2010

"Watching movies on this thing is a dreeeeaaam! And email, facebook, twitter and games on this thing truly is spectacular. There's only 1 word that can describe this device, and that is: PERFECT Thank you HTC for this PERFECT device :D"

Dong 22nd February 2010

"Great phone! Thank HTC and hope some faults will be fixed in the HD3 and WM7"

ELCHIN 11th February 2010


Twies 3rd February 2010

"Absolutely incredible I am super happy for the best buy is made in CLOVE Marvelously clove the best the HD2 is AWESOME!!!! "

ladiigodiva 8th January 2010

"Yess!! iPhone can only cry to see HD2 OnSpot! At a glance i totally fall in love for this piece of art,, oh..can't wait to have this!! <3 if anyone want to have a look at the spec, follow this link>> http://www.htc.com/sea/product/hd2/specification.html You'll be amazed of what you can see here! :D"

Adrian Polglase 8th January 2010

"Bought this phone as a replacement for my HTC S620 which hooked me onto Windows Mobile. I wanted a phone which could better the iPhone and basically be my organiser, MP3 Player and phone all in one. What I got thorugh the post after ordering it was a beast. The HTC HD2 does everything you could want it to do with extreme multimedia, organisation, practical capibilities and is very fun to use with the immense power that is Windows Mobile. In my opinion beats the iPhone hands down and sets a high bar for all other smartphones on the market with its innovation, UI (HTC Sense) and speed (thanks to the Snapdragon processor). Easy to use, fast, a great piece of kit resulting from convergence. One word. Brilliant"

Irvine Watson 17th December 2009

"Had this phone a month now. Great phone/pocket pc/pda/iplayer and great service from Clove. Lots of 's. Here's a couple of -'s. 1. The touch screen is very sensitive and I find myself having to continually correct typos. Maybe it's just practice I need however, HTC are to introduce a stylus compatible with this screen which will be a major . Writing to Notes and Word will be much easier and quicker. Get a move on HTC. 2. Having a problem with text messaging (Vodafone) The phone says the text has gone but doesn't actually leave the phone it hangs about in the outbox (traditional view) you know it hasn't gone but there is no menu option to resend. Anyone else experience this problem? "

Steve 16th December 2009

"Another moment of brilliance from HTC. Since I got my hands on a TyTn II I decided HTC will forever be my phone brand. Forget the iphone I think its overated but well marketed. Am now seeking to upgrade to HD2 though I will miss my quarty keyboard. Was planning to go for Touch Pro 2 but HTC gave me no choice with the release of HD2...Am surely going for this Gizmo!"

H 14th December 2009

"Had mine about a week now. Initial thoughts "just another windows PC/phone" Having said that, the more I use this beast the better it gets. Previously I had a Garmin PDA and separate phone. Worked (still works) great but decided to combine the two. Take the time to learn and get the beast set up to your preferences and she's great. As others have said, sometimes Windows shows through, but that is a minor niggle. 3rd party apps? Haven't a clue. Still learning. Enjoy "The Beast". Clove, thank you for your prompt service, notifications and delivery."

Kashif 13th December 2009

"Bought mine off ebay. very happy. Just hope PDF reader gets better and sky fire could rotate in landscape."

SH 12th December 2009

"Clove is 100% reliable store. This is the 3rd phone I've purchased here (had bought 2 HTC Touch HD before). I'm VERY IMPRESSED by the performance speed of the HD2. Beautiful interface too. Needs much fewer tweaks than HD to customize it to my taste (thnx to xda developers forum :))).Will get the official capacitive stylus, and I'm pretty sure that'll fulfill my needs."

Abuwajd 9th December 2009

"This is the cell phone that serve me what I realy needs. the drawback was only the Battery but with daily sync you will forget it."

Zero 7th December 2009

"I think it is very good phone with very high spec.s comparing with the others, I order it already"

Zhanik 5th December 2009

"I've ordered it yesterday and looking forward to get it!"

Hussain 2nd December 2009

"I dont know if this phone is coming to Bahrain but ill order it from here CLOVE cant wait to refill my online card and get it"

nalonizi 1st December 2009

"first HTC smashes all window opr. sys. mbls. and now surpasses Iphone W/HD2, nokia better have good reason to delay N900."

Reehan 29th November 2009

"These aren't really reviews are they - just people who 'Can't wait to get their hands on it'. "

M.S 29th November 2009

"I received mine more than a week ago and all I can say that it is an awsome device with all one can dream about and a whole day battery on a heavy use. "

Amr Abdalla 28th November 2009

"I will buy it it is very powerfull"

JAMAL 28th November 2009

" was waiting for the descent of this device eagerly grinding down and when I discovered that the camera spot Rdi Vsrvat consider temporarily But it is definitely going to buy the device in the near future,"

Agai 26th November 2009


Danny 23rd November 2009

"Just order my with O2 and arrive in 2 days. cant wait to try out the best smartphone in the world"

khalid 21st November 2009

"It is my dream Phone even no TV-out. really big secreen siz 4.3 inches <<<< i like it ,, and remmber with a 1 GHz processor ,, 448 MB RAM ,, wow "

John 21st November 2009

"Had this phone a week, it is superb, was listening to bluetooth headphones while surfin the web. Buy it now!"

BJ 21st November 2009

"Just got it 5 days ago. It is totally awesome and well worth not having 3G in the US. Still learning some of the features. The weather changes automatically to your location. BTW, the Clove Tech people are the best!"

Treefitter 19th November 2009

"Got mine last week. Nice Screen! even for Big clumsy fingers like mine!"

FARRUKH 18th November 2009

"This phone is yummy ,i love it ,far more superior looks than a routine apple iphone, ordered mine form clove will be receiving my shipment tomorrow ,very exited can,t wait to lay my hands on it. "

Rodney 17th November 2009

"i just have to have this device, after seeing the review on youtube i was soo impressed that i pt in on the top of my wish list for santa to get me lol..."

Paul 16th November 2009

"This phone is superb. Beautifully engineered. I had reservations about a capacitive screen but I am transitioning easily to it from 7 years of owning resistive touch screens. Thank you Chris for the prompt delivery(got my HD2 this morning via DHL) and competitive price. This is my 3rd phone from you."

sultan 15th November 2009

"Super leo (:"

Salaskar 14th November 2009

"This phone realy looks nice. What we need every thing is there which we realy required except Battery which should be at least 1500 mah."

Michael 13th November 2009

"Yes I ordered it, its a great phone for sure! But no TV-out?? That's a considerable problem."

Santhosh Mathew 13th November 2009

"This is an excellent machine. Best MOBILE OFFICE Companion.Its a NANO laptop..!!"

Edwin 12th November 2009

"Thanks Clove for the prompt delivery. 3 happy new owners...kids with new toys."

Thomson 11th November 2009

"This is phone is not available in the US until 1st Q2010. Guess what, I couldn't wait 2 or 3 months to get here so I pre-ordered mine here at Clove. I'm an HTC loyal fan, bought the 1st generation HD about this time last year. This is an AWESOME phone!!! Clove sales folks, please hurry up and send mine"

yoo 10th November 2009

"Nice device. It is a pity because WM. I will wait for Android version."

Ivan 10th November 2009


waqas 9th November 2009

"I've ordered mine already, can't wait to feel it in my hands :) "

Sultan 8th November 2009

"Just bought one!...I've been doing a massive research on the best PDA available...HTC HD2 is the only one that has it all (BIG screen, GPS, powerful processor, great cam, multitasking, versatile, and smart)...can't wait to get my hands on it..."

Diaa 8th November 2009

" love it,much better than iphone 3gs which I had for two months "

Osamah 6th November 2009

"with a Processor of 1Ghz, 4.3inch TFT-LCD touch-sensitive screen,high resolution(480 X 800 WVGA) display,and the multi-touch thing all make me forget about the vido-call! can't wait to get my hands on this phone."

Ahmed 3rd November 2009

"They need to add more three things to make this smart phone perfect 1- Front cam 2- Xenon flash light(instead of the Led) 3- Bigger internal storage capacity (512 is too small)"

Mohamed 3rd November 2009

"it would 've been a great phone if it was not for the lack of 2nd camera its a very serious and stupid mistake"

mhmobile 3rd November 2009

"I have been wanting a device like this for years, just had to wait until the technology caught up. Once I got used to a 4" vga screen with my old hx4700 I never wanted to go back. This device has so much more than a standard PDA, it's incredible. Glad I already ordered mine, even if I'll only be able to get EDGE speeds in the US, it's well worth the price and I won't have to wait until it gets bundled up with a US telcom..."

Khaled Aljameely 3rd November 2009

"All this and No TV-out!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! No 2nd cam (video call cam) "

Charles 1st November 2009

"They got everything right except for the most important (FRONT CAMERA) why, why do they do that, they give you everything except 1 thing, the most important and now you seriously have to consider giving up the CPU speed for front camera and get the DIAMOND2!"

Carsten 30th October 2009

"The most badass phone I've heard of. And when people start to have it it'll be that same effect the Iphone had on people. They'll be like 'Wow, I love that phone'"

Anthony 30th October 2009

"Great phone... the HTC HD2 is the best of the best for 2009. To first time buyers on this site. Don’t worry they are legit; I got my HTC TOUCH HD here last year. "

Sushil 30th October 2009

"Have been using the Touch HD, since it was launched, want to lay hands on this HD2 now. I love HTC phones"

Super-XL 29th October 2009

"I was about to get iPhone 3GS, after I checked this out, I really think this what I need. I just need to enlarge my pocket to get it in.. Have a nicy day"

Taiseer 26th October 2009

"Just joined the party, can not wait for the delivery "

Ashfaq 24th October 2009

"canceled my idea to buy Iphone 3GS, just waiting for HTC HD2"

nabster 24th October 2009

"I already pre-ordered right here....waiting to get my hands on this smart guy"

lindsay 22nd October 2009


pp 22nd October 2009

"After 4 years with my WM5 I'm still not convinced that WM desearves to suck my euros again. I hope Android can put some pressure on WM with a 1GHz device also, before I fall for this great phone :)"

Ian 21st October 2009

"Mixing the gloriously big and bright capacitive iphone screen with the configurability and power of Windows mobile, and pushing the limits of each further with a super-size screen, HTC's own WM front-end and a hefty faster processor, this should make for a fascinating device. Although not cheap, if it saves me from packing a Diamond2 and an iphone into neighbouring pockets, it's a bargain."

fi8 20th October 2009

"The HTC Touch HD was the iPhone's best competition. The HD2 however, will simply crush the iPhone into a million pieces! This is THE phone to own! Already ordered mine and cant wait for it to arrive"

sherwin 20th October 2009

"with such power...would like to see how the battery can keep up. surely gonna get one for myself. "

Al Askary 19th October 2009

"I was going for Nokia E 72 but since I knew abotu HTC HD2, surely that is what I was looking for. years have been passing by since last mobile I bought and now I will buy HTC HD2 can you see how lucky I am."

Johnson 18th October 2009

"Once again no TV-OUT!"

Bub 16th October 2009

"I love it,much better than iphone 3gs which I had for two months and I'll got red of it for the new HTC HD2 . Sure I'll sell my iphone for £200 so I can buy this one."

skul_hed 15th October 2009

"yes i do it looks like a great phone!.....the interface look goregous!.htc has raised the bar in technology!.n with this hd2 they pushed it even more!.u iphones users better look out bc this baby has it all n then some!....wow!!!!!"

edson 10th October 2009

"Ouah!just amazing!such power in an acceptable weight and a thin size. Once again Htc shows us is incredible talent in making mobile phones.Now,with this real beast, windows mobile users will increase drasticly. So,are you gong to buy it? For me,I'd say go for it and you will enter in a new world of technology like never before. As always,the best place to have it quickly and surely is Clove technology. So come on let's have it. Thanks HTC and Clove!!!!! "

Tony 8th October 2009

"THIS is the PHONE TO OWN! The sequel to the touch hd! I get in when its out!"

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