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HTC Touch Pro2

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Product Code: HTC-TP2
Manufacturer: HTC
Manufacturer Code: 99HHL006-00
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Overview of HTC Touch Pro2

The Touch Pro2 is equipped with a spacious keyboard that makes it easy to get your message out. But when the written word is not enough, it only takes one touch to respond to an email with the urgency of a phone call. As well as this, if they were in on the email, then simply tap next to their image icon to get them in on the call.

The Touch Pro2 is set to focus strongly on a conference call feature. Nothing ruins a conference call faster than not being able to hear what is said, or make yourself heard.

The HTC Touch Pro2 features Straight Talk technology which puts crystal-clear sound quality and voice reception at the core of its design. In fact, it is a palm-size professional conference phone with a loud speaker and dedicated noise-cancelling microphone that delivers superior quality conference calls. The speakerphone will also automatically activate when turn you the phone over and place it face down on a flat service.

Before today, the simple task of multi-party calling required the nimblest of manoeuvring around your phone menus. Now, HTC Touch Pro2 introduces a new worry-free interface that makes multi-party calling as easy as tapping on your contacts. That is not all, even if you are travelling and need to join a conference bridge back in the home office, the Touch Pro2 will ensure that you connect without delay.

Business aside, the HTC Touch Pro2 is also suitable for more than conference calling. Packed with features the Pro2 works as a lifestyle handheld.

A rich 3.6 inch display brings images and video footage to life. Pair this with the MicroSDHC expansion slot and the Touch Pro2 becomes a multimedia device.

On board 3G/HSDPA ensures the fastest in internet connectivity and wireless connection. In the era of mobility the Touch Pro2 compliments everything that you need in your daily life.

Emails, text message or document editing is a breeze with the 5 line QWERTY keyboard and tilting display.

A contact centric system ensures that all your communications from individuals within your address book are close to hand. Open a contact and with a simple tap you can access current and historic information including emails, calls and text messages, all from the one screen. No longer is there the need to search your inbox or call history. Open your contact and it is there.

Built to perform, but with a usable form factor and with a design that works, this device feels complete and is a pleasure to use.

Features of HTC Touch Pro2

  • Qualcomm 528 MHz Processor
  • Windows Mobile 6.5 Professional
  • Stylish design, with exceptional build quality.
  • Weighs just 175g with battery
  • Business and Personal User in mind
  • Conference call facility with Straight Talk Technology
  • 3.6-inch TFT-LCD touch-sensitive screen with 480 X 800 WVGA resolution
  • Adjustable tilt screen
  • Slide-out 5-row QWERTY keyboard
  • 3.2 megapixel camera with auto focus
  • MicroSD memory card (SD 2.0 compatible)
  • G-Sensor
  • FM Radio

What's in the box of HTC Touch Pro2

  • HTC Touch Pro2
  • Battery
  • USB Cable
  • UK Mains Charger
  • Additional Stylus
  • Stereo Headset
  • Case
  • Screen Protector
  • Documentation
  • Getting started CD
SIM Free & Unlocked Yes
Operating SystemWindows Mobile
Custom Skin
Speed528 MHz
Dual Core
Quad Core
Make/ModelQualcomm MSM7200A
Expansion Slot Yes
Capacity (Up to)
Internal Storage
Touchscreen Yes
TypeTFT-LCD Resistive touch screen
Resolution 400 x 800
OtherAdjustable tilt
Frequencies850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Frequencies900/2100 MHz
Speed2 Mbps up-link, 7.2 Mbps down-link
Bluetooth Yes
Version2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate
FunctionsA2DP for stereo headsets
WiFi Yes
VersionIEEE 802/11 b/g
DataHTC ExtUSB™ (11-pin mini-USB 2.0, audio jack, and TV Out* in one)
Video Out
Device Controls
Keyboard5 row slide-out QWERTY
Optical Trackpad
Hardware Buttons
Antenna TypeInternal
Built-in Software
Camera Yes
FlashAuto focus
Camera Lens
Front Facing Camera Yes
G-Sensor Yes
Proximity Sensor
Digital Compass and Gyro
Light Sensor
FormatsWMV, ASF, MP4, 3GP, 3G2, M4V, AVI
Near Field Communication
FM Radio Yes
Capacity1500 mAh
TypeRechargeable Li-ion
Removable Yes
Call Time
GSM510 minutes
3G390 minutes
Standby Time
GSM500 hours
3G750 hours
Dimensions116 X 59.2 X 17.25 mm
Weight 187.5 grams
SoftwarePocket Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, PDF viewer)
OtherNoise cancelling microphone
HTC_Touch_Pro2_Datasheet.pdf HTC_Touch_Pro2_Datasheet.pdf (294KB)

Haithm 2nd November 2009

"It's very nice phone. with nice desgin. For me it is the best one. however I would Htc change the pexal for the camera at lest to 5m"

Egon 11th October 2009

"Great phone, very happy. Straight talk worked a charm, I was driving up to my folks and it rang, didn't have bluetooth or mount yet. Asked my wife to press the bottom left button and turn the phone upside down.... My dad could hear me fine, nose cancelation made hearing me great and I heard him load and clear.. Rest of the stuff works great. Another top class HTC windows phone"

Lex 3rd September 2009

"The HTC Touch Pro 2 is jamming,I like it mon lot and i am planning on getting one.Very useful in many way although its for mostly business professional ,it can be useful for students also in my areas.I order and got a Motorola Z10 and had it for 2 days sending it back and order the HTC Touch Pro 2 ,Irie Mon."

Jamal 6th August 2009

"1 thing to say ........ the screen is Gorgeous and Very Sharp. The speakerphone is good indeed and the device is very snappy :) The delivery was fast and my unit came with an HTC branded .......... credits to Clove for the great service :)"

Hassan 1st July 2009

"I recently had da voyanger frum verizon...I waz so excited when the Touchpro2 waz cumin out.But i found out it waz cumin to verizon untill october.So i switched to sprint...And when it cums out im changin mi cell to the pro2.......I heard so much gud stuff.And i cant wait to get the hero when tht cums out. But tht will be cumin out latar on.=)cheers to touchpro it rocks more then the I-Phone even though i adore it.It may be even bettar then blackberry storm.=)"

Simon 23rd June 2009

"Grate device, excellent size display and futures for price. Wish better sound in earphones and better headphones. flash is a must. :) however its good "

DM Zhu 20th June 2009

"The HTC Touch Pro2 is so good, my iPhone 3G is not getting any love lately, to the extent of me ignoring the latest 3.0 software upgrade. How incredible is that? Overall, I like the keyboard, the ultra-crisp display, and yes- I do love the very confident feel of the heft. It's a pleasure to use and hold. As for the OS, HTC has done a remarkable job patching up the glaring deficiencies of WM6.1 to the extent, that one does not need to interact with the "old OS" anymore. Short a few upcoming enhancements to further streamline the experience (SMS, Contacts, Emails being key) the HTC rendition of WM6.1 may be the best one yet! I am still in awe of this device's overall beauty, speed and user-friendliness, and for someone who's tried literally every device to come off the belt, that's saying a lot..."

Jonathan 12th June 2009

"Just got teh Touch Pro2 as an upgrade to my Diamond2. Reason for the change was that the Diamond was too small for mt. The quality of teh pro2 is very good. Build is top rate. i think i will add the SBP Shell to the system as it rounds off the whole package. For heavy mail and sms use the Pro2 is a star and I would recommend it to all."

Iphone Sucks! 5th June 2009

"This phone destroys Iphone anytime. I have HTC Mogul and my phone been doing great but I have to upgrade with this one has I like the features and use for my business. I wish they made size like the diamond. Well at least it not has fat has original HTC Pro. I am glad I did not get HTC Pro yet has I knew they will make a upgrade and waiting for it is worth waiting. Once I get it I will watch live TV using my Steaming from my home. Iphone can even do that. LOL.... Windows Mobile Rules!!!!"

Charles 5th June 2009

"It would be very nice if HTC would release a version of this phone that is not carrier branded, and is made worldwide 3g capable by adding the 850 data band, as with the original TyTN. "

Chris 1st June 2009

"This is seriously good - much better than the Touch Pro mark 1; the screen is brilliant, battery life very good, keyboard very easy to use. Only negative so far: headphones connect via mini usb not 3.5 jack. Highly recommended and thanks to Clove for supplying so quickly."

Oybeck 26th May 2009

"It is really a great one. looking forward to having it asap. "

Pooya 26th May 2009

"I ordered this bad boy couple of hours ago.. hope to get it really sooooon... really cannot wait to get my hand on it."

Jonathan 26th May 2009

"Oh my! I keep dreaming of it since they talked about it back in february. It's finally out! Enough waiting! I'm buying it already! :-D"

jesus 19th May 2009

"nice pda"

anthony 5th May 2009

"Can't wait to have that phone. It will be a great phone made for personal and for professionals alike. "

Kanye Lowe 2nd May 2009

"currently have HTC Tytn II great phone now upgrading, Ordered 2 Cannot wait going to be a great phone :D"

Yigit 18th April 2009

"Beutiful, can't wait to buy one. Oh no, please dont tell me TP2 does not have a FLASH!!! The flash is a must!!"

Terry 15th April 2009

"It does look amazing but the specs arent as impressive as I was hoping for and I still haven't heard if they've fixed those graphics card issues, I might hold out for the HTC Superstar which has a 600Mhz Nvidia chipset, now that sounds amazing!!"

Fahad 30th March 2009

"yeah looks nice even beated the idea that i would exchange my Touch Pro for omnia... but now I know what it looks like but i have to wait for the arabic keyboard...*sigh*"

Vladislav 30th March 2009

"This phone is looking great, almost perfect. Well, the only thing that isn't so positive is the absence of jack connector. Ok, i can use the USB adapter, but that isn't it."

Ali Coskun 21st March 2009

"I currently use an N95 and HP iPAQ hx4700. I'm waiting desperately for this so as to finally retire my aging PPC. The features are what I have been waiting for. Good to have for work and play!"

Malcolm 23rd February 2009

"This new HTC Touch Pro II looks amazing! Even though I have only had my Touch Pro for 5 months I can see me changing for this one. When is it due to arrive?"

Stephen 23rd February 2009

"I too think this new HTC Touch Pro 2 will be a great device. Not sure about the conference facility but perhaps this is useful to some. Other features look brilliant and that screen will be stunning. Would like to wait to see the new Acer smartphone but think this may not arrive in time."

Ian 18th February 2009

"Arriving "early summer" according to the press release, on paper looking like a slightly reduced Touch HD (screen diagonal down from 3.8in to 3.6in) with a TyTnII-style tilting keyboard slapped on the back. Looks gorgeous, too. :) "

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