Motorola RAZR

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Overview of Motorola RAZR


The Motorola RAZR, also know as the Motorola Droid RAZR (in the US), is a brand new super-thin Android phone that not only offers a solid build and stylish design, but a range of powerful features and accessories.

Measuring just 7.1mm in thickness, the Motorola RAZR is one of the thinnest smartphones on the market. Slimmer than the Samsung Galaxy S II and Sony Ericsson Xperia Arc, which are slim handsets anyway.

So keen were Motorola to make the RAZR special, they have in fact made the back of the device with Kevlar (the material in bulletproof vests) fibre, to keep size and weight to a minimum but increase strength and rigidity in the phone. So that is the back protected, what about the front? Well Corning Gorilla Glass protects the Super AMOLED Advanced screen that sits below it. Super strong, this glass will protect the device against scratches and scrapes that would normally damage any other display.

Oh, and in case that was not enough, they have coated the RAZR with a nano technology which makes the device splash-proof. Spill water, coffee, beer or out in the rain the device will resist all of these. (Please note, the RAZR is not waterproof and is not designed for immersion in water. Ports are exposed and have no covers).

Pleasing to the eye, the RAZR is also extremely powerful. An evolution of Motorola's other dual-core device, the Motorola ATRIX, the lightening fast Motorola RAZR rocks a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, and with 1GB of RAM, it really does pack a powerful punch.

So what else is special about this top of the range superphone? It comes with a stunning display - 4.3" Super AMOLED Advanced with a 960 x 540 resolution. It also has Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G capability, an 8MP camera with 1080p video recording and a front facing camera for video calling.

Lots of features often equals a lot of power use, but with the RAZR, there is a massive 1780mAh battery that will ensure it lasts the whole working day (on average) - all of this in a device 7.1mm thick!

Record HD video content with the 8 megapixel camera in 1080p content. Sit your device in a HD dock (sold separatley) and control it using a wireless keyboard and mouse or Smart Controller (sold separately) and watch the content back on a HD display.

This new phone from Motorola runs Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) Operating System but will be compatible with the new version of Android 4.0 (Ice Cream Sandwich). However, not only does it offer the latest features of the Android operating system, but a range of features that have been developed by Motorola specifically for its own handsets.

MotoCast is a Motorola application that allows you to wirelessly stream content from up to 5 computers. Photos, videos, music or documents, it is all possible providing you have an internet connection and your PC turned on and appropriate software installed. Whatever the format, the RAZR and Motorola's MotoCast will convert it for use on the RAZR. No longer is there a need to regularly sync your phone and computer, do it only when you need wherever you are! Mobile media just got a whole lot better thanks to MotoCast. And for those security conscious individuals, no trace is left in the cloud.

Smart Actions is an app that helps you with everyday tasks to keep you and your life optimised. Using your GPS location Smart Actions can complete specific tasks based on your location. Going home, want your ringer silenced, a text sent or other settings changed? Smart Actions does just this. What's more, it learns and realises patterns of behaviour and offers you help to make the mundane but necessary simpler.

Connect the RAZR to the web-top enabled accessory (sold separately) and you get a desktop like experience thanks to webtop. Browse the web on a full Firefox browser or view media content on a HD display, the possibilities are quite unbelievable.

And finally, the RAZR has government-grade security encryption to make this perfect for work or personal use so should you be out an about and lose the device, remote management and control of the device is all possible. Your IT manager will be impressed. (Additional software may be required).

The Motorola RAZR. It may be thin, but it is by no means thin on features.


Features of Motorola RAZR

  • 1.2 GHz dual-core processor
  • Android 2.3.5 (Gingerbread) - Upgradable to Ice Cream Sandwich (Android 4.0)
  • 7.1mm thick
  • 4.3" Super-AMOLED Advanced display
  • Kevlar fibre back cover
  • 8MP Camera with 1080p video recording
  • Front facing camera
  • 1GB Ram
  • MicroSDHC memory card slot
  • 1780mAh battery
  • MotoCast - Wireless streaming of media from a pc to your phone
  • Webtop
  • Smart Actions for efficient task completion.
  • MicroSIM

What's in the box of Motorola RAZR?

  • Motorola RAZR
  • UK Plug
  • USB Cable
  • Headset
  • Documentation
SIM Free & Unlocked Yes
Operating SystemAndroid
VersionGingerbread 2.3.5
Custom Skin
Speed1.2GHz Dual Core
Dual Core Yes
Quad Core
Make/ModelTI OMAP 4430
Expansion Slot Yes
Capacity (Up to)32GB
Internal Storage Yes
Touchscreen Yes
TypeSuper AMOLED Advanced
Resolution 960 x 540
Frequencies850/900/1800/1900 MHz
Frequencies2100/1900/900/850 Mhz
Bluetooth Yes
FunctionsLE EDR
WiFi Yes
VersionIEEE 802.11 b/g/n
Video OutMicroHDMI
Facebook Yes
Device Controls
Optical Trackpad
Hardware Buttons
Antenna TypeInternal
Built-in SoftwareGoogle Maps
Camera Yes
FlashAutofocus and LED flash
Camera Lens
Other1080p HD Video Campture
Front Facing Camera Yes
G-Sensor Yes
Proximity Sensor Yes
Digital Compass and Gyro Yes
Light Sensor Yes
FormatsAAC, AAC , AAC Enhanced, AMR NB, AMR WB,MIDI, MP3, RA v10, RA v9, WAV, WMA v10, WMA v9.
FormatsHD Video, DivX, H.263, H.264, MPEG4, RV v10, RV v9, WMV v10, WMV v9.
Near Field Communication
FM Radio
TypeLithium Polymer
Call Time
GSM450 minutes
Standby Time
GSM250 hours
Dimensions130.70 x 68.90 x 7.1mm
Weight 126g
SoftwareGoogle Services, Gmail, GTalk, Maps, YouTube
OtherMicroSIM, Corning® Gorilla® Glass, diamond spun aluminium accents, KEVLAR® fibre on rear of device, splash guard nano technology coating. Security: Full corporate security with remote wipe, pin lock, and data encryption.
Warranty12 months

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about this product. Hopefully you will find the answer to your question, if not, use the contact form below and we shall answer it for you.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes - If you are located outside of the UK you may want to take a look at our list of FAQs for international customers on the following link:

Is this phone SIM FREE and Unlocked?

Yes, this phone is unlocked and can be used with networks around the world. Do check the specifications to ensure compatibility in your region with your network provider. No SIM card or contract applies to this phone.

Is this phone brand new?

Yes. Unless the description of the product suggests otherwise (I.e. EX-DEMO) then this product is brand new and has not been used before.

Is there any network/operator branding?

No - There is only the manufacturers branding.

Does the phone have a standard SIM card slot or a Micro SIM slot?

It has a micro SIM card slot

Does the phone have a Micro SDHC/memory card slot?


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Overall Rating * * * * * 4 Stars Very Good

Andrey 12th March 2013

Overall Rating
4 Stars Very Good

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"I pre-ordered the phone in October 2011 and have been using it since then. I still think it's pretty good, but Android 4.0 ICS update made it slower and affected the battery life quite seriously. Still waiting for Jelly Bean. All in all the phone has good battery life, acceptable screen, nice and tough case etc. The glass still looks like new after 1.5 years of usage. Waiting for Motorola Project X phone to be revealed to change my RAZR. Motorola sure do nice phones."

Matthias Cauchi 12th December 2012

Overall Rating
1 Stars Poor

Recommend to a friend? No

"Updated Review: Whilst the phone still performs relatively well, the speaker has now developed a very irritating crackle when using skype, games etc, only a month after the guarantee has ended. Calls on loudspeaker do not always work. The screen's Gorilla glass developed its first scratches after a couple of weeks of use, and is now full of them. No intentional damage was inflicted upon it, just normal day to day use (kept in my pocket with keys etc).

Not a phone that I would recommend buying now, and it is a pity that both the Sensation XE (which I returned to CLOVE prior to purchasing this phone) and the Motorola Razr have been more troublesome than pleasing. Such a shame. "

Rabie 1st June 2012

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"I had this brilliant for few months now from a local retailer, it's just amazingly powerful and beautiful inside and outside. It's still too long waiting for the ICS update but the current OS is doing fine.
The battwery is much more than acceptable for an Android device; having switched from an E-Series Nokia i still demand more battery life-time to complete a whole day with no charger; so i have just ordered the MAXX version from Clove, should ship in a couple of days. Will definitely return to leave my impression.
Overall, the most masculine android phone in the market. "

bigben 25th April 2012

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"Is good. Not enough batteries. I will be ordering another version of MAX.
- Wait a long time updates
I love Motorola.
Be prepared that if you order in Russia you can steal it in the EMS."

Mark 7th February 2012

Overall Rating
0 Stars Poor

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"WIFI on for 8 Hours, Checking E-mail & some web browsing - Lost 20% battery.
It's a little large in the hand but nothing too bad.
If you like your music audiophile it's a cracker. Far better than the Galaxy Nexus, I have both.
It's plenty quick enough & I'm happy with it.
The battery life is spot on for me.

Ilya G. 18th January 2012

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"Amazing slim device! Strongly recommend it to everyone.
Clove support service - just great!"

AK 15th January 2012

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"Overall - Excellent phone..
Looks great, responsive.. performs well..

Only bad thing.. it's battery. A few hours and you'll need to re-charge.. or keep it plugged whenever possible."

marco 6th January 2012

Overall Rating
4 Stars Very Good

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"Excellent phone, fast, responsive and beautiful. Build quality is solid and premium, only issue is battery life, you can go through a full day if it is mostly on stand by with gps sync wireless on and screen set to automatic brightness but start web browsing and playing music and video and so on and battery life becomes abismal I can go for 4-5 hours with a mix of the previously mentioned activities before the battery drops to 30% from a full charge. Other than that I have no regrets."

does it matter? 4th January 2012

Overall Rating
1 Stars Poor

Recommend to a friend? No

"Don't buy! This phone is a joke...

I was dumb enough to purchase my 10th Motorola product but that's it, this is the last one and after 2 weeks of ownership I'm selling it. Continuous freezes, unresponsive factory widgets, terrible battery life, poor final assembly, oh yes, and this android os is a joke. I'm really sorry I've spent my money on this product. Never ever Motorola again. Don't be a fool like me, spend your money on something better.

Ravshan 19th December 2011

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"Yes, I got it today,very nice device, just smell it and you will feel the really good quality,hehehe
so Iam very glad with my purchase, thanks CLOVE, I'll back to you soon,:))) "

Rod 10th December 2011

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"Love it, first time doing business with Clove and it was great. Delivery, shipping... faster enough and the phone just rocking hard... Waiting for ICS update and Thanks Clove.."

Margad S 27th November 2011

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"5 Star! Fast reliable service, will order again from Clove Technology. I love this phone better then any phones out there! Fast responsive CPU, has nice loud speaker! Love the Keyboard easy to type! Touch screen very sensitive! Material is premium and expensive feel. Probably first Razr in Mongolia hehe. People are amazed by the look. Better then GS2 with cheap plastic. Screen cant tell difference between Galaxy Nexus HD screen their both Pentile anyway. I have Korean GS2 HD LTE to me screen looks almost same. So overall I think its much better looking GS2, but Motorola Quality! Thank you Clove!"

Ward 26th November 2011

Overall Rating
4 Stars Very Good

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"Very nice device. The screen is wonderful and the core is powerful. Everything works smooth.
Although I confirm the crackle problem, I haven't decided yet whether to return it or not. It's not really too annoying.
The UI is not the best (I prefer SE's), though not very complex and rather attractive. The thing that annoys me most is that it comes with pre-installed apps, some of which you can't remove and some you can't use. And they start themselves whenever they want. But that's not really about the phone. I still like it. The majority of users wouldn't even notice it. Motorola just should have published some info about what we should expect the phone to be stuffed with and how the apps might behave.
In general, one of the best phones in the market."

Naga Appani 24th November 2011

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"The RAZR Beauty The DROID beast = Motorola RAZR
It is outstanding, have it ordered from Clove and have been with now already 2 weeks. I love everything that RAZR has brought to me and I have been watching better battery life day by day, a very strange to me. This is the best smartphone I have ever come across in battery life, kudos to Motorola SW Engineers for bringing Smart Actions app. Overall, this is a must have gadget."

Huw Davies 17th November 2011

Overall Rating
4 Stars Very Good

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"Hey, Had the phone within 3 days of ordering Bournemouth to Sydney...!

The Razr is a lovely phone, you just need to ignore the US reviews regarding battery as it doesn't affect this model (XT910). I was getting 2 days use.

I say was as I had to return it due to a audio crackle on the internal speaker and issues with the video camera.

Motorola authroised me to request clove to arrange a return for the phone.

I must say clove provide excellent service.

Whilst I'm annoyed I have had to return the phone, it is without doubt a great light and powerful smartphone.

I just wish the user interface was as sexy as the phone. :) Maybe fixable in the Ice Cream Sandwich update next year."

Matt 13th November 2011

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"This phone is brilliant! Super fast, sleek, great build quality (way better than the Sensation XE which I had to return), camera is very good, screen is vibrant and bright, speaker is surprisingly good, loud yet crisp! Could not have never asked for a better phone! Thanks Clove!!!"

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