Motorola RAZR i

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Motorola RAZR i Overview

The Motorola RAZR i is the new edge-to-edge smartphone from Motorola. This impossibly compact Android smartphone also features a 2GHz Intel processor, making it further stand out from the crowd.

The RAZR i features the same 4.3-inch screen size as its predecessors, the RAZR and the RAZR MAXX. However, thanks to the new edge-to-edge technology engineered by Motorola, the RAZR i is a much smaller device to hold in your hand and pocket. Less bulk, but just as much screen.

It’s not only the RAZR name that the i makes use of, but also the rock-solid build quality that has becomes affiliated with the range. An aircraft-grade aluminium frame encloses the edge-to-edge display, which itself is made from scratch resistant Corning Gorilla Glass, while the KEVLAR coated back cover adds even further protection. There’s also a water-repellent nanocoating covering the RAZR i, all the way down to the internal electrical boards, so no need to worry if you get caught in the rain.

Thanks to the 2GHz Intel processor, the 8MP camera included with the RAZR i can load in less than a second; just hit the dedicated camera key whilst browsing your handset and you are good to go. If it’s an action shot that you’re capturing, the ability to take 10 shots in under a second will make sure you capture the best possible photo. High Dynamic Range (HDR) capabilities, plus an illuminated sensor on the back, mean that even in low light conditions you’ll be able to take great quality snaps.

The RAZR i runs on Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich, with an upgrade to Android 4.1 Jelly Bean in the works. This does of course mean that you have access to many apps, games, books and movies in the Play Store. This goes hand in hand with the 2000mAh battery, which provides you with 20 hours of mixed usage, so no need to recharge halfway through the day. This is further enhanced by a feature called SMARTACTIONS, which helps to automate various tasks on the handset, reducing battery drain and making your handset more efficient.

In terms of connectivity, the RAZR i has the works – NFC, DLNA, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and 3G. Its edge-to-edge display means that media playback is a superb experience on the handset, but the connectivity options are there if you wish to share on other screens. A 3.5mm headphone jack is used to connect headphones and a microUSB port is included for power and data transfer.

Motorola RAZR i Features

  • Android 4.0.4 Ic Cream Sandwich
  • 4.3" Super AMOLED Advanced edge-to-edge display
  • Intel Atom Processor up to 2.0GHz
  • 8MP Camera w. autofocus & LED flash
  • 5GB user accessible internal storage
  • MicroSD expansion slot
  • aGPS, standalone GPS, Google Maps
  • Bluetooth, Wi-Fi, 3G
  • 3.5mm port
  • MicroUSB port
  • 2000mAh battery
  • Up to 20 hours mixed usage time
  • 126g
  • 60.9mm (x) 122.5mm (y) 8.3mm (z)

Motorola RAZR i Box Contents

  • You can view our unboxing video of the Motorola RAZR i here
  • Motorola RAZR i
  • UK mains adaptor
  • MicroUSB cable
  • 3.5mm stereo headset
  • Documentation
SIM Free & Unlocked Yes
Operating SystemAndroid
Version4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich
Custom Skin
Dual Core
Quad Core
Make/ModelIntel Medfield Processor
Expansion Slot Yes
Capacity (Up to)
Internal Storage Yes
Capacity8GB (5GB user-accessible)
Touchscreen Yes
OtherGorilla Glass
Frequencies850/900/1800/1900 900/2100
Bluetooth Yes
Version2.1 with Enhanced Data Rate
WiFi Yes
VersionIEEE 802.11 a/b/g/n
DataMicroUSB (2.0)
PowerMicroUSB (2.0)
Video Out
Device Controls
Optical Trackpad
Hardware Buttons
Antenna TypeInternal
Built-in SoftwareGoogle Maps
Camera Yes
FlashAuto Focus and LED Flash
Camera Lens
Other15fps @ 1080p
Front Facing Camera
G-Sensor Yes
Proximity Sensor Yes
Digital Compass and Gyro Yes
Light Sensor Yes
FormatsAAC, AAC , AAC Enhanced, AMR NB, AMR WB, MIDI, MP3, PCM, WAV, WMA (v2, v7, v8, v9, v10), FLAC, OGG/Vorbis
Formats1080p @ 30fps for H.264/VC-1, 720p @ 30fps for MPEG-4, D1 @ 50/60fps for H.263
RecordingH.264 Baseline 1080p @ 30fps with AAC 44.1kHz audio
Near Field Communication Yes
FM Radio
Call Time
Standby Time
Dimensions60.9mm x 122.5mm x 8.3mm
Weight 120g

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about this product. Hopefully you will find the answer to your question, if not, use the contact form below and we shall answer it for you.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes - If you are located outside of the UK you may want to take a look at our list of FAQs for international customers on the following link:

Is this phone SIM FREE and Unlocked?

Yes, this phone is unlocked and can be used with networks around the world. Do check the specifications to ensure compatibility in your region with your network provider. No SIM card or contract applies to this phone.

Is this phone brand new?

Yes. Unless the description of the product suggests otherwise (I.e. EX-DEMO) then this product is brand new and has not been used before.

Is there any network/operator branding?

No - There is only the manufacturers branding.

Does the phone have a standard SIM card slot or a Micro SIM slot?

It has a micro SIM card slot

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Overall Rating * * * * * 4.5 Stars Very Good

Oleg 18th April 2013

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"Really nice phone with perfect design and materials.
And it doesn't look as yet one clone of iPhone."

Andrey 12th March 2013

Overall Rating
4 Stars Very Good

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"I've been using my RAZR for 1.5 years and have been pretty-happy with it. My wife's Samsung died, so she wanted a replacement. After visiting a few local stores she was shocked how huge the phones became and she didn't find a single phone she really liked (apart from iPhone 5, but 700 EUR is not OK for a phone if you ask me). So, noticed Razr i and ordered its white version. Chose this one since the screen takes so much space and overall the phone is pretty-much the same size as iPhone 5 (which is max for female IMO). My wife likes the phone, especially for how it looks. I played with it a bit and noticed a few performance issues, but these were really tiny. The camera, however, is ready to start working in less than a second after you press the button. All in all it is a very nice phone. Could have been a bit better, but let's not forget its price - for this price it's a bargain!"

Andre Eloi 20th December 2012

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes


Wonderfull Phone, it has all like a big phone but in a smaller hand size.
It feels realy small in the hand but with a great screen, battery and superb performance.


Lawrence Yip 18th December 2012

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes

""The BEST PHONE I'd have...""

Junaid 5th December 2012

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes


I purchased Razr i a month ago. Reason i wanted to test how Android would behave with Intel's X86 architecture.Was waiting to see if the phone passes all my expectations and it did very well indeed. I have used ( and still using ) S3,iphone 5 and also had the honor to own HTC ONE X and ONE S and almost all top end phones which have come out this year. But for some reason Razr i gave me the feeling which i havent felt from a phone in a long time. Its hard for me to explain this strange feeling but i will try to be as brief as possible and see if i can put my message across.

Pros :

1. Excellent Battery life ( the best i have seen on any phone and that includes the S3 which also has a decent battery life ). With average use it can last you more then a day easily.
2. High build quality covered with kevlar at the back adding a neat finish to the overall asthetics of the phone.
3. Nice AMOLED screen with crisp quality. Films and pictures look decent on it.
4. The size of the phone is just cleverly designed. Its a 4.3 " screen but it just fits into your hand perfectly as its an edge to edge screen ( wider from the top and gets narrower as you get towards the bottom ). I had a S2 ( also 4.3" ) and it wasnt as easy to hold in your hands as this one is. This point relates to the feeling that i mentioned earlier in my review. When you hold the phone in your hands it gives you a feeling of a phone and a proper phone ( a phone which is fairly big to many people on paper but the classic desgin just eliminates the need to stretch your palm or thumb to reach across the screen. Turst me what i am talking about here is from experience and 1000s of hours of mobile usage with almost all brands and sizes that ever existed lol. I hope i am able to explain here that feeling that i mentioned earlier.

Cons :

1. Single core on Moto Blur was laggy at times. So i ended up installing Go Launcher and now it runs smoothly.
2. Sometimes the phone can be a bit laggy but then its understandable as there is a single core processor inside. But day to day tasks like Facebook,whtsapp,emails,youtube,surfing the internet,watching films and listening to music wont be an issue at all. This is me talking after owning S3,iPhone 5 , HTC ONE X, HTC ONE S and all top end phones of the year.The phone doesnt slow down unless you aggressively multitask and expect a Quad core performance from a 2Ghz Single Core processor.
3. It cant handle 1080 P videos. Tried copying some and i guess it was too much for the processor and the GPU. Normal films like Divx and avi formats ( upto 2 gig ) were fine and ran smoothly.

Overall i am happy with my purchase. It puts the iphone 5 to shame when it comes to battery life. All these benchmarks that you read about iPhone 5's battery being better then all other phones is a laugh seriously. This phone beats iPhone 5's battery by a mile ( and iphone 5 is in my pocket right now as i write this review ). Both phones get used everyday and battery life is definitely a plus on the Razr i.

IF YOU ARE THE SORT OF PERSON WHO IS SICK OF ALL THESE DUAL AND QUAD CORE SPEEDS AND BATTERY IS THE BIGGEST OF YOUR CONCERNS THEN I WHOLE HEARTEDLY RECOMMEND THE RAZR i. I think it fits in my life easily as it has the best battery life on any phone with a reasonable and admiring performance. I am a heavy user and was getting sick of battery life issues on top end phones. Razr i just fills that gap and its not going no where for a while.

In the end i would like to thank Clove for a quick delivery and top class customer services. Keep up the good work TEAM CLOVE :).


John 3rd November 2012

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"If you're after a massive phone this isn't for you. If you're after a slim phone that looks and feels great, and has a fantastic screen then it may be.

I love the look of the Razr i. The 3 screws on either side give it a masculine look, it is slim and very light. The screen fills most of the front with very slight edges and is so bright I have the brightness turned down to minimum which is good enough in all but direct sunlight.

The home screens are simple and come with few pre loaded icons which I like. A lot of phones come with so much "junk ware" on them the screens look messy. This one doesn't. I do however love the 3 information circles which can be customised. A great idea from Motorola.

I find the phone is quick and responsive and I can get 2 days easily from the battery. Call quality is also good and the camera is brilliant.

Gripes? Yes, but so far only two.

The wifi signal can be temperamental but I've tried this in various locations and I believe it to be something to do with the BT wifi signal as the phone operates perfectly on other companies wifi.
Secondly, the Internet web pages do not render fully and so I find myself having to scroll left and right to view the pages I've zoomed in on. Honestly, it may be that I haven't set the thing up correctly but it's a small annoyance.

All in all I love it. It really is a great little phone!

By the way Clove are great. Quick delivery and good communication. Way above the level of some tech companies, so an added bonus.


Ali 31st October 2012

Overall Rating
0 Stars Poor

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"I purchased Motorola Razr i as soon as it became available. I find it a reasonably good phone. Good build quality. nice screen. Intel 2 ghz processor kinda disappointed me, it is definitely slower than other dual and quad core processors available in similar category phones. Battery good for one day, or day and a half at max, i would term it average. Clove Tech is the best, I would give 5 stars only to Clove, and 4 stars to Razr i. "

Greg 8th October 2012

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"The BEST PHONE I'd have..."

James 5th October 2012

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"If your thinking about buying this phone then get it you won't regret it! I've had iPhones Samsungs ect but this phone out performs all of those. I haven't even got into the full details on the phone but first impressions are its awesome. Also I've never used Clove before but there customer service and dispatch times are top class and of course it's hard to beat there prices. I will definitely be using clove again and I will also stick to Motorola's. "

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