Samsung Ativ S

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Please be advised that Samsung have now placed region locks on all of their SIM FREE handsets.

Clove Technology only have access to the “European” models of new Samsung stock. The countries considered compatible with the device will be listed on the handset’s packaging. Currently this includes all members of the EEA and the following countries: Albania, Andorra, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia (F.Y.R.O.M), Monaco, Montenegro, San Marino, Serbia and Vatican City. This is subject to change at any time without notice.

This means that any SIM card from a network provider in those listed countries will be compatible with this device. You will also be able to use these SIM cards whilst ‘roaming’ outside of the listed countries.

If you insert a SIM card from a provider that was produced and intended for use in a region outside of the listed countries, then you will be unable to use the device.

For example; If you travel to the USA, be it for business or pleasure, you can use your UK / EU issued SIM card and ‘roam’ on the US networks, but you can not substitute your EU SIM for a US SIM card in this mobile device.

Samsung ATIV S Overview

The Samsung ATIV S was not only the first Windows Phone 8 smartphone to be officially announced, but is also the first Windows Phone to feature a dual-core processor.

The new desktop version of Windows will combine with Windows Phone 8 smartphones to offer better convergence across multiple devices than has ever been seen before. With devices such as the ATIV S, Samsung aims to be a part of that.

The Samsung ATIV S runs on a dual-core 1.5GHz processor, with 1GB RAM and 16GB internal storage. Unlike the previous iteration of the Microsoft OS, Windows Phone 8 also includes compatibility for microSD slots, one of which is included with the Ativ S and is compatible up to 32GB.

The simplistic metro design of the Windows Phone 8 interface is housed within the 4.8” Super AMOLED display of the ATIV S, which is equally simplistic in its design. It has s slim profile, measuring in at just 8.7mm thick and weighs in at 135g.

Samsung has been doing a lot to develop its camera technology in recent years and this results in an 8MP snapper being included with the Ativ S. Autofocus and LED flash are also included, as is a 1.9MP front facing camera for video calling.

Music and video playback compatibility are as you would expect for a new smartphone and the ATIV S also includes a 3.5mm port for headphones. In terms of connectivity there’s Wi-Fi, Wi-Fi direct, 3G and DLNA included, so you’ve plenty of ways to share various media types.

While there are not necessarily hardware features included with the Ativ S that will make it stand out from its Android competitors, its compatibility with the desktop version of Windows 8 gives it a different kind of sparkle to the range of smartphones that are already out there.

Samsung ATIV S Features

  • Windows Phone 8
  • 1.5GHz dual-core processor
  • 4.8" super AMOLED display
  • 8MP camera with autofocus and LED flash
  • MicroSD slot
  • 16GB internal storage
  • Wi-Fi & Wi-Fi Direct
  • DLNA
  • 3.5mm port

Samsung ATIV S Box Contents

  • Samsung ATIV S GT-I8750
  • Battery
  • 3 Pin UK Mains Adapter
  • MicroUSB to USB Cable
  • 3.5mm Headphones with Inline Microphone & Controls
  • Ear Buds
  • Quick Start Guide & Warranty Documents
Samsung_ATIV_S_GT-I8750_User_Manual.pdf Samsung_ATIV_S_GT-I8750_User_Manual.pdf (18122KB)

The following is a list of Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) about this product. Hopefully you will find the answer to your question, if not, use the contact form below and we shall answer it for you.

Do you ship internationally?

Yes - If you are located outside of the UK you may want to take a look at our list of FAQs for international customers on the following link:

Is this phone SIM FREE and Unlocked?

Yes, this phone is unlocked and can be used with networks around the world. Do check the specifications to ensure compatibility in your region with your network provider. No SIM card or contract applies to this phone.

Is this phone brand new?

Yes. Unless the description of the product suggests otherwise (I.e. EX-DEMO) then this product is brand new and has not been used before.

Is there any network/operator branding?

No - There is only the manufacturers branding.

What size is the SIM card?

It is a micro SIM

What languages are on the device?

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Overall Rating * * * * * 4.5 Stars Very Good

Vinod 10th July 2013

Overall Rating
3 Stars Good

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As usual, got prompt and fast and trustworthy service from Clove. Keep it up guys!! Well, this is my first Windows phone and til now was playing with Android. I was very much acustomed to beutiful Sense UI from HTC, liked Note-2 Touchwiz UI. But I guess MS needs to do much much more if they really wish to take on Android or Ios. Simple things like if i type first few letters of a name in phone list, Android would give me options to chose from a dropdown list. Same thing for accessing file. Theres no file manager like its there in Android. I can not access Office files from SD Card. Then whats the difference between Nokia 1100 and WM8? But again, the UI is simple, some features are really good. I purchased this from Clove only to see how this WM8 is like. Strongest point i experienced: Battery Life. With no data connection (4-5 times in day only) and moderate calling, i get battery jiuce almost for 1.5 days. Thats good. Screen is not that much rich in colors compared to other latest Androids or Apple units.
Anyways, a new experience but with some damage. No problem. I would wait for next big thing from Android or Ios.

Clove people are as usual supportive and responsive to the calls made for enquiry.


Andrew 4th January 2013

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

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"Perfect Windows phone."

Dina 28th December 2012

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"Fantastic service and a great product!!!"

Zhan 24th December 2012

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"Phone is just great!
Fast and with a good screen"

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