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Sony SmartWatch

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Product Code: SNY-SW-C1
Manufacturer: Sony
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Overview of Sony SmartWatch


We have all had occasions where we put our phone in our bag, in our pocket or it’s not within easy reach at all times, but you want to check if you have a message or a missed call or even an email.

You may be the active type, out walking, climbing etc and for safety you have put your phone in your bag, but you wish to periodically check to see if someone has contacted you. You may even want to check Twitter, Facebook or the speed at which you are running or cycling. With the Sony SmartWatch this is all possible.

The SmartWatch is an intelligent accessory that connects via Bluetooth to your mobile device and provides you with the information from your smartphone without the need to touch the phone or mobile device itself.

A safe, secure and convenient solution it takes the hassle out of many occasions for many people.

Scratch and splash-proof the SmartWatch clips to clothing, bags or can be worn with any 20mm wristband (coloured wristbands sold separately) to provide a versatile solution. So whether it is in the car, on a bike, when out for a run or when at the beach, the most important information is close to you whilst the phone is not.

There are lots of different applications available and being developed to expand the possibilities and the number or tasks that can be managed from the SmartWatch. With such variety you can easily customise it to make it personal or go one stage further with slim and comfortable soft rubber wristbands available in a range of colours (sold separately).

It might not be for everyone, but the SmartWatch could make things a bit simpler for yourself.

Features of Sony SmartWatch

  • Versatile accessory ideal for the active person
  • Connects via Bluetooth to your compatible device
  • Transmits key information from the mobile device to the SmartWatch without the need to touch the phone itself
  • Check email, messages, tweets and much more all from your wristScratch and splash-proofSlim and sleek
  • Can be clipped to clothing, bags or worn on the wrist
  • More applications being developed at all times to give greater personalisation and functionality
Overall Rating * * * * * 3 Stars Good

Alex 12th June 2012

Overall Rating
4 Stars Very Good

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"Not so good, but I like it."

Marco 21st May 2012

Overall Rating
3 Stars Good

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"Great watch, the only defect is the low visibility with the sun,and I think, it's a very important defect because it's almost unusable during the outdoor sport. So a very interesting app like endomondo in useless!"

Daniil 14th May 2012

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"Good watch"

Pat 4th May 2012

Overall Rating
4 Stars Very Good

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"Bought it for my Sony Xperia S, working flawlessly, no problem about disconnection at all, battery life is very good, but some more physical buttons for music control might be welcome"

Ross 28th April 2012

Overall Rating
1 Stars Poor

Recommend to a friend? No

"Great price for the watch, but it is really poor at keeping it's connection to the phone. My phone was one listed as supported. It keep try to reconnect but when it wanted to. Unreliable."

Faisal 18th April 2012

Overall Rating
5 Stars Buy it now!

Recommend to a friend? Yes

"I googled the whole internet but didn't get it cheaper than here so I decided to buy, delivery was really rapid and next day after dispatching I've received the watch!
I'm really glad with the Sony smartwatch. It has come with a Black wristband and a usb charger!"

Daniil 5th April 2012

Overall Rating
0 Stars Poor

Recommend to a friend? Yes


The set has at least some sort of wristbands?

Clove Respone - It comes with a black wristband


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Sony SmartWatch 2 due week commencing 15th July

UPDATE 8/7 - The release date of the Sony SmartWatch 2 has been put back to September and will not be launching week commencing 15th July as previously stated. The revised arrival date is week commencing 9th September. At all times we provide the most accurate information we can based on data we are supplied. […]

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