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Meet The Team

Chris Love

Chris founded Clove Technology in 1992 and has developed Clove to become a well known and respected supplier for high end mobile technology and himself become a well known figure within the industry. The Smartphone market has evolved quickly and Chris now finds it harder to keep pace with all the new devices (could be his age!) However he has a dedicated team than can.

A father of two Chris is a lover of fast cars, watching football and other sports. A keen road cyclist and likes to ski when the opportunity arises. Now also does a lot more walking especially with the help of the new smart devices and apps to track are record his progress. Likes his luxuries such a nice restaurants, luxurious hotels and of course the most upmarket Smartphone available.

Jill Love

Wife to Chris, Jill finds smartphones a bit boring and would prefer to sell flowers! However, like Chris, she's been here from the beginning and has taken on every role at some point, but these days, she pays the wages, does the accounts and most importantly, organises most of the social events!

Jill likes to go clubbing and socialising. When not on the dance floor with a glass of wine, Jill can be found on stage performing for a local amateur drama club, taking French lessons or zipping round town in her Mini Cooper (her new love).

Chris Ward

Better known as 'Wardy', Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is where his interest lies.

If you found our website through a search engine be is a specific search phrase or something more obscure the results and our ranking will have all been down to Wardy.

Whilst he now works remotely, often from sunny locations, Wardy is always chilled out. There is never a time when you see 'Wardy' stressed. A keen music follower, he knows his DJ's and how to mix a few tracks together. Always eating, he remains stick thin and is the envy of the rest of us! A very deep character, there are some suprising twists to what Wardy knows and you'll never meet a nicer bloke if you tried!

Richard Bennett

Keeps the computer systems running here at Clove, whilst dealing with the more technical queries that we receive from customers.

A keen PC gamer, Richard often spends his weekends beating the competition in online games or re-building his super computer. He's also in to kickboxing and salsa dancing, Richard is a man of many talents.

Lorraine Thackwray

Responsible for keeping us all on track and making sure stock comes in and goes out, Lorraine is vital to the everyday operation. She works like a trojan and is very precise and thorough, just as well someone is!

When not keeping us all in check she spends time at home with her husband, voluntarily looking after (and sometimes riding) horses.

Josh Bethell

Josh joined Clove part time a few years ago whilst studying Computing at Bournemouth University. Since finishing his studies he has remained at Clove in a full time position. He has been involved with both consumer electronics and software since the mid 2000s.

Easy going but never afraid to share an opinion, Josh can often be found listening to some heavy rock or at a local gig. He also spends spare time researching and playing with latest gadgets and video games.

Sharon Hope-Inglis

Sharon will most likely be the one to process your order with Clove and we're pleased to say that's one of the busiest jobs! Very methodical and experienced in what she does, she's perfect for the role!

A complete socialite, Sharon is always on the go! Always up for a laugh, very rarely will she say no to doing something. In love with George Clooney, Sharon isn't afraid of hard work and in her spare time, likes to go out for walks, shopping, cooking and like Jill, likes to have a dance (and a drink!).

Russ Love

Responsible for shooting and editing all the videos you see on the Clove YouTube channel along with the hands on photos you see in reviews and on our Instagram account, Russ is at home behind the camera.

Chilled out, Russ takes life as it comes and is always keen to get to the pub and into a club at the weekend. Aside fromt hat he spends a lot of time making his own music and undertaking 3D modeling.

Colin Housden

Albeit part-time, Colin is one of the longest serving Clove employees, he will most likely be at the other end of the phone if you should call. Having seen the evolution of smartphones, Colin has a knowledge that is hard to beat. He is to this day still a fan and user of the age old Psion 5MX.

He and his partner enjoy trips across Europe to the lakes of Italy or the South of France or taking a long weekend somewhere in the UK.