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Brodit Adjustable Active (USB Type-C) Holder 521841

- Fits devices 62-77mm wide & 9-13mm thick
£58.33 exVAT
£70.00 incVAT


Brodit Adjustable Active Holder (USB Type-C) 521841 Overview

Brodit Adjustable Active USB Type-C Holder CloveBrodit Adjustable Active Holders are designed to securely hold a range of smartphones or PDA devices.

The arms on the holder can be loosened and tightened via the screws on the front, providing a range of widths.

Grooves are cut into the arms, which will allow the phone to rest neatly without movement.

Once installed, full 360 degree rotation is available, along with a wide angle adjustment. This lets you set your device at the perfect angle to suit your driving style.

Using the included USB type-C cable, you can keep compatible USB Type-C powered handsets topped up with charge on the move. This can be secured to the base of the holder, perfect for devices with a bottom-mounted USB Type-C port.

Also included is a 12V vehicle power adapter. This lets you charge the phone in the holder if you do not have a USB port fitted to the dash.

Adjustable holders can be mounted to Brodit Proclips. Simple to install, you can quickly fit a Brodit holder to your vehicle without professional help.

Brodit Adjustable Active Holder (USB Type-C) 521841 Specification

  • Fits devices with 62 - 77 mm width
  • Fits devices with 9 - 13 mm thickness
  • Suitable for devices with or without covers / skins
  • Includes USB Type-C power cable and 12V vehicle power adapter
  • Stay road legal - mount your smartphone or other mobile device safely and securely

Find the Brodit Product Code you need

If you know the specific Brodit part code you require, please type this in at the checkout after adding this product to the basket.

If you are unsure of the specific Brodit code, then try using our integrated tool to find the right holder.

Brodit Holder Configurator

Drive Legal

Once fitted you can drive legally with your phone clipped in place, the high-quality secure tilt-swivel mechanism allowing you to minimally adjust the viewing angle until you find the sweet spot that suits your driving style.

Each holder has a soft felt interior to avoid any scratches to your phone, with grooves cut exactly to its shape and securely hold it in place.

Passive holders do not charge the phone, although space is always left so you can run your own charging cable to the phone, alongside any other cables you may use for audio or external antennae.

Combine a Brodit Passive Holder with a Brodit Proclip to safely install into any one of thousands of supported vehicles on the dash, vents, center console or driver's side pillar.


Brodit Proclip | Clove TechnologyYou can buy a Brodit holder without a ProClip, although if this is your first Brodit product you will likely need one.

ProClips are made in hundreds of shapes, each one suitable for a mounting position in a specific vehicle. On Brodit's website, you can use the ProClip finding tool to work out which you will need.

Once the ProClip is installed, the Brodit holder mounts on top of it. This allows you to easily swap Holders if you get a new phone, without having to pay full price again.

You can also use a MoveClip to easily swap Holders between vehicles that have ProClips installed.

ProClips are cheap too, so if you get a new car you can just order the ProClip to fit, rather than a whole new holder.

ProClips can be purchased separately HERE.

Proclips are ordered on request due to the large range of vehicles that are supported. There is generally a lead time of 7-14 days for these items. You will be informed of any extended delays.



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