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Brodit Car Holder BlackBerry Classic

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Active USB, No Proclip, 521656 Buy
Brodit Active Holder USB BlackBerry Classic (holder only, no proclip)
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Brodit Car Holder BlackBerry Classic

This page will help you to choose the correct Brodit holder for your BlackBerry Classic. We offer an extensive range of Brodit products and can assist you in choosing the correct holder and ProClip to securely mount your Leap within your car.

In the 'Options' section above you can view the different Brodit accessories that we have available for the BlackBerry Classic. Clicking the buy button next to the holder that you want will add it to your basket.

We offer both Brodit Passive and Active holders for the BlackBerry Classic and these can be supplied with or without a ProClip. Where available we may also be able to supply Fixed Installation holders. Please see further information below about how the various Brodit accessories work and also the answers to some commonly asked questions. At the bottom of this page there is also a video that runs through the Brodit accessories.

Brodit Passive Holder BlackBerry Classic

Brodit Passive HolderThe Brodit Passive Holder for the BlackBerry Classic will provide a secure cradle for your device while you are driving. The Passive holder does not need to be professionally installed, so you will be able to mount it yourself upon receiving it.

A charger is not supplied with the Passive holder, however there is room for you to connect your own USB car charger should you need to.

The Passive holder is attached to a 'tilt swivel' mechanism, which means that you can adjust the position of your Leap to achieve the best viewing angle.

Brodit Active Holder BlackBerry Classic

Brodit Active Cigarette HolderThe Active Holder for the BlackBerry Classic will securely mount your device whilst charging it at the same time. You will be able to mount the Active Holder yourself - no professional installation is required - to create one of the sturdiest car mounting solutions available.

Power Adaptor Type

The Brodit Active holder is supplied with a power adaptor that you can connect to the cigarette socket on your car. This means that when you dock your smartphone within the Active holder, it will automatically begin to charge. This is a great way to keep your handset fully charged if you are out and about on the road a lot.

USB Type

Brodit Active USB HolderCertain Brodit Active holders are available with a separate USB cable and power adaptor, rather than the standard hardwired single connector. Choosing this option allows you to use plug the holder directly into a USB port on your dash rather than the cigarette socket, if this is available to you.

The BlackBerry Classic Active Holder is mounted on a 'tilt swivel', which means that the angle of the holder can be adjusted horizontally to an optimum viewing position. This is very useful if you need to use your handset as a sat nav.

Brodit Fixed Installation Holders

Brodit Fixed Installation Molex AdapterIf you want to keep your device charged whilst docked, but don't like the idea of having cables trail across your dash and into the cigarette socket, then the Fixed Installation option may be for you.

Using Brodit's Molex adapter system, the Fixed Installation holders are wired directly in to the vehicle's power behind the dash for a subtle and discrete appearance.

All the other benefits of Brodit holders, such as the tilt-swivel and option to choose a vehicle specific Proclip are all present.

Brodit and Clove recommend professional installation of Fixed Installation holders.

Brodit ProClip

Brodit ProclipYou can purchase your Brodit Active or Passive Holder with or without a ProClip. The ProClip is the official clip from Brodit that is used to mount the Active or Passive holder to the vent of your car.

ProClips are ordered on request due to the large range of vehicles that are supported. There is generally a lead-time of 7-14 days for these items. You will be informed of any extended delays.

The ProClip is specific to your vehicle - please see the instructions below for determining the ProClip that you require.

Proclips can be purchased on their own as spares or separates HERE.

Pipe Mount

Brodit Pipe MountThe Brodit Pipe Mount is a simple, low tech solution that presents a Brodit mounting platform, compatible with all Brodit Passive holders, from an available surface such as a pipe, handle or rail.

You can quickly attach and remove the Pipe Mount where it is required. With 4 pre-drilled holes, a handset-specific Brodit holder can be screwed into place creating a portable mounting solution around your offices, warehouse or site.

Alternatively, you can leave the Pipe Mount in place and combine it with the MoveClip, which allows for the quick and simple transference of diffrerent Brodit holders without the need for screwing them in place. Perfect if your workforce utiltise their own devices and holders or you have more than one of your own handsets in regular use.

Pipe Mounts are available in conjunction with a Passive Holder in the options above or as a separate product HERE.

Move Clip

Brodit Move ClipSometimes it may not be suitable to have your holder screwed directly onto the Proclip. Perhaps you have more than one device in regular use, or the vehicle is shared by others with different handsets.

In these situations, you should consider the Move Clip. This screw onto the Proclip just like the standard holders, and offers a secure platform for swiftly attaching and removing holders. You can even use the Move Clip with portable Pipe Mount for a truly versatile "on-the-move" mounting solution.

The Move Clip 215503 can be ordered separately HERE.

Choosing your Holder and ProClip

When you place your order on the Clove website you will be asked to state the item code of the ProClip Mount that you require. To determine the ProClip that you need, click here to visit Brodit's website on the link below and follow these instructions:

  • At the top of the Brodit website you will see two drop down menus. You can disregard the one on the left, which is to see Active/Passive holder options
  • Select Left Hand Drive (LHD) or Right Hand Drive (RHD) from the radio buttons
  • From the drop down boxes on the right, select your car, model number and year
  • A list will then be generated of the available ProClips
  • Make a note of the ProClip number that you require, it will be 6 digits. If you require more than one ProClip there will be a charge of £10 VAT for each additional ProClip.
  • Enter your ProClip number(s) at the checkout on the Clove website when completing your order

If you are unable to use the link you can just go to Brodit’s website and go onto their search page, or contact Clove Technology for assistance on 01202 200 or email

How do Brodit Holders work?

The ProClip is specific to your vehicle rather than your handset. The holder (Active or Passive) is specific to your BlackBerry Classic. When you purchase a Brodit holder, you can follow the instructions above to select the ProClip that is needed for your car.

Your Brodit holder and ProClip will be delivered together. The ProClip is securely mounted to the vent of your car and the holder is then attached to the ProClip. Your smartphone is then placed within the holder (it is quite a tight fit) which holds it very securely for even the bumpiest of journeys.

Do I need a ProClip?

If it is your first time ordering a Brodit holder, you will most likely need a ProClip. The only reason you would not need one is if you already have a ProClip installed from the purchase of a previous Brodit holder, or if you already have a similar clip in place that the holder could be mounted to.

Can these accessories be used with other handsets?

No, the Active and Passive holders listed above are specific to the BlackBerry Classic. However, if you install the required ProClip within your car and then change your handset, you can purchase a new Brodit Holder without a ProClip and use the one that is already installed.

What's the difference between the Active and Passive holders for the BlackBerry Classic?

The Active holder has a charger built into it and is supplied with a power adaptor that is plugged into the cigarette lighter socket of your car. When you place your BlackBerry Classic within the holder, it is connected to the microUSB connection and will begin charging.

The Passive holder is not supplied with a power adaptor and cannot be used to charge your phone - it simply mounts it to the vent. However, if you have your own car charger, it can be connected to the handset for charging - the Passive holder does not obstruct the charging port on your device.

Whether you are using an Active holder or a Passive holder with your handset, it is mounted to the car with the ProClip in the same way.

Can I use a case or cover with the BlackBerry Classic Brodit holders?

No it is a very snug fit between the Brodit holder and your smartphone so if your BlackBerry Classic has a case or cover on it, it will be too large to fit in the holder.




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