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Brodit Car Holder Moto G4

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Brodit Passive Holder Moto G4 without ProClip
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Brodit Car Holder Moto G4

Looking for the best possible mounting solution for your Moto G4? Brodit are the market leaders in safe, secure and easily adaptable vehicle mounting solutions.

Here at Clove we offer an exhaustive range of Brodit products. These range from device-specific holders, chargers, mounts and other accessories.

If you're looking for advice, we can also help you out if you have any questions. Not sure the most affordable way to swap the same phone around 3 different vehicles you drive regularly? We've got you covered.

Brodit holders are available as Passive, Active and sometimes Fixed Installation. All options can be provided with or without a ProClip.

The choices listed above are the most common products purchased for the Moto G4. We do though have a much wider range to look through:

View the full range of Brodit Holders at Clove Technology

We have a tool for choosing the exact Brodit holder for your device.

If you are looking for a version we do not have listed above, such as the hardwire installation models, click the link above or the image below to be taken to our picking tool.

All you need to do is select the make and model of your phone and all the available options will be provided.

Brodit Holders | Clove TechnologyBrodit Accessories

In addition to holders, we also have a huge range of Brodit accessories. This includes mounting adapters and plates, moveclips, multistands and pipe mounts.

Brodit Accessories | Clove Technology

Brodit Passive HoldersBrodit Passive Holder

Passive Holders provide a secure cradle for your device while you are driving. These do not need to be professionally installed, so you can mount them yourself.

A charger is not supplied with the Passive holders. There is though room for you to connect your own USB car charger should you need to.

Each Passive holder is attached to a 'tilt swivel' mechanism. This lets you adjust the position of the cradle to achieve the best viewing angle.

Brodit Active Holders

Active Holders provide a mounting solution with the ability to charge at the same time.

Brodit Active Cigarette HolderLike the passive holders, these do not require professional installation so you can fit them yourself.

There are 2 types of active holder, listed below:

Power Adaptor Type

This type is supplied with a standard hardwired 12V power adaptor with a coiled cable.

The correct docking connector is moulded to the holder so your phone sits straight into it. When the power adaptor is plugged into the cigarette socket, the phone will begin charging straight away.

USB TypeBrodit Active USB Holder

Similar to the type above, this version comes with a separate USB cable and 12V adaptor.

Newer vehicles have USB ports directly on the dash, so this option is perfect for those layouts. The phone connectors are moulded in the same way as the standard power adaptor types above.

All Active Holders are mounted on a 'tilt swivel' mechanism. This allows you to adjust the angle to perfectly suit your driving position and style.

Brodit Fixed Installation HoldersBrodit Fixed Installation Molex Adapter

Fixed Installation requires professional hard wiring. Each unit is provided with a Molex adapter and ample cabling so it can be wired directly to the vehicle's electrics.

This creates a subtle and discreet appearance, without excess cabling around the dash and driving area.

All other benefits of Brodit holders, such as the tilt-swivel and option to choose a vehicle specific Proclip are available.

Brodit and Clove both recommend professional installation of Fixed Installation holders.

Fixed Installation Holders can be found on our configurator tool.

Brodit ProClip

Brodit ProclipEvery Brodit holder can be purchased with or without a Proclip.

Proclips are specific to each vehicle, with hundreds of options available.

Some clip to the vents, others to the dash edging. Proclips are designed to be a secure mounting platform.

They can also be easily installed and removed, without leaving any marks or having to drill holes.

If you know the code for your required Proclip, you can add this in the checkout.

If you don't already know which Proclip to get, then use our configurator to get the perfect mix.

Pipe Mount

Brodit Pipe MountThese are simple, low tech solutions, designed to present a platform to install any Brodit Passive holders. With a strip latch mechanism, they can be attached to pipes, handles or rails.

Pipe Mounts and associated tilt-swivel plates are available HERE.

Pipe Mounts are useful where a device needs a sturdy platform, but can also be quickly attached and removed several times.

With 4 pre-drilled holes, a handset-specific Brodit holder (or mounting plate) can be screwed into place, creating a portable mounting solution around your offices, warehouse or site.

Move Clip

Brodit Move ClipIf you regularly change devices, or more than one person uses a single vehicle, directly attaching a holder to a Proclip or Mounting Plate may not be the best option.

With a Move Clip, one piece is left on the mounting surface, and the other on the holder. This allows you to quickly slide the entire holder in and out.

With Move Clips installed to the back of several holders, you can easily chop and change different holders to the same mounting surface.

Move Clips are available in various sizes and can be ordered separately HERE.



What is a ProClip?

ProClips are specific to your vehicle rather than your handset or device. They install on the dash, vent or pillar without the need for screws or adhesive.

The ProClip provides a flat surface to mount the Brodit holder on. Once installed, you can screw a holder into the surface provided by the ProCip.

Do I need a ProClip?

If you have not purchased a Brodit holder before, it is recommended to get a ProClip.

If you need a ProClip but aren't sure which one to get, use our configurator. This has been designed to help you pick out exactly which holder and clip is right for your phone, vehicle and driving style.

You might not need a ProClip if you already have one from a previous Brodit purchase, or if you have a similar clip or clear surface to mount the holder to.

What's the difference between the Active and Passive holders?

Active holders will charge your device. They have a charging connector built in that matches the device. Power comes from the 12V adapter. Some active holders have a hardwired power adaptor, others have a separate one with a USB cable.

Passive holders simply hold the device in place. They do not charge. Space is left at the bottom of the holder, so if you have your own car charger, you can use that.

Whether you are using an Active or Passive holder with your handset, it is mounted to the car with the ProClip in the same way.

Can Brodit Holders be used with other handsets?

All Brodit holders currently sold from Clove Technology will be made for specific products. You can only use that device with the holder.

Brodit do manufacture some adjustable holders which can be used with a variety of devices. You can view these on Brodit's website using the link s below.

If you would like to purchase any of these holders, please contact us with the 6 digit Brodit part number and we will respond with pricing and availability

Adjustable Holders

Can I use cases or covers with Brodit holders?

Not with device specific holders.

It is a very snug fit between the Brodit holder and your device so it will be too large to fit with a case attached. We recommend the adjustable solutions above if you need to keep a case on your device and would like a Brodit Holder.

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