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Unlocked Rugged Phones: UK Sim Free (+ Worldwide Shipping) 

Are you interested in purchasing a rugged smartphone? If so, then you might have some questions about why these are a good purchase, and how they might suit you and your needs. 

Firstly, rugged mobile phones will have a level of Ingress Protection (an IP rating) and are generally resilient to drops, falls and potential damage. They should be able to withstand a lot of the punishment that active and outdoor users can throw at them, even in the wildest of environments. 

Secondly, some of the rugged smartphone models are even designed for extremes of temperature and pressure. 

Thirdly, where’s the best place to get buy rugged Android phone deals? It’s Clove Technology. We stock a wide range of sim free and unlocked rugged smartphones from the major manufacturers including as Cat, JCB, DeWalt, Panasonic and Zebra. 

In fact, we believe that with our competitive (and cheap) rugged mobile phones for sale, combined with our excellent customer service, you won’t find a better deal anywhere else online. 

We constantly check our prices to remain competitive, and also regularly ship to worldwide locations, not just the UK. 

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Rugged Android Phone: SIM Free & Unlocked Deals 

Clove Technology specialises in sourcing and listing some of the best prices and deals you will find anywhere in the UK on rugged Android phones. 

Above you can choose from a rugged smartphone from a variety of manufacturers, all of which come with the same day shipping guarantee. 

Whether you are based in the UK, or worldwide, we will look to ensure that you receive your SIM Free and unlocked rugged Android phone as quickly as possible. 

So no matter where your next adventure or work will take you, have the peace of mind you will have one of the most rugged mobile phones in your pocket to help you along the way.

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