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Concepter IBLAZR 2 Wireless LED Flash



Concepter IBLAZR 2 Wireless LED Flash

This has to be the most versatile wireless LED flash for iOS and Android.

The iblazr 2 is the second generation of portable flash devices from Concepter.

The flash is designed for smartphones and tablets primarily, but has a variety of use case scenarios.

The compact unit comes in handy when taking photos, and even video, with smartphones, tablets, compact or even DSLR cameras.

Working with the native camera apps on your iPhone, iPad and Android devices, simply pair this wireless flash via Bluetooth and open the native camera app and make a double tap on the rear side of the iblazr 2 to activate the flash. The picture will then be taken automatically.

Lighting an image or a scene is not just a case of throwing light on a subject you might want a different light temperature to get the right affect, so whether you need a cold or powerful flash the colour temperature can be changed on the iblazr 2. You can choose from 3200K through to 5600K.

To strengthen the light or flash capability further you can actually use multiple iblazr 2.

A specially designed clip with silicon coating works with any mobile device that is 0.24" to 0.37" (6 mm to 9.5 mm) wide. For example it clips to both the lower edge of an iPad Air 2 and the upper edge of an iPhone 4. With multiple clips you can use an array of units to enlarge the total amount of light you require.

The Concepter Shotlight app is designed to provide a better experience using its primary options, including adjusting the brightness of iblazr’s LEDs (iblazr is 30% brighter within the app), changing the light colour temperature, and adding more flashes to an array of units (up to 10 devices). What is more, each individual unit can be single-tuned within the Shotlight app.

Want to improve your mobile photography or videography. The iblazr 2 is probably one of the best solutions given the size and cost.

Reasons to buy Concepter IBLAZR 2 Wireless LED Flash

  • Compact wireless flash for Android and iOS
  • Variable colour temperatures
  • Compact at 20 grams and 40mm x 28mm x 10mm
  • Can use up to 10 iblazr 2 together
  • Comes with clip to attach to smartphone or tablet

Box Contents

  • iBlazr 2,
  • USB charger
  • Mount clip
  • Key clasp
  • Silicon diffuser

Specifications of Concepter IBLAZR 2 Wireless LED Flash

Illuminance (power of light):
Shotlight App
Flash mode - up to 300 Lux at 1m
Constant light - dimmable 0 to 120 Lux at 1m
Native Smartphone camera App
Flash mode - up to 200 Lux at 1m
1st power mode - 20 lux at 1m
(similar to smartphone flashlight)
2nd power mode - 120 Lux

LED color temperature:
3200? to 5500?

Dimensions and Weight:
1.57” ? 1.1” ? 0.39”
(40mm x 28mm x 10mm)
0.7 ounces (20 grams)

Bluetooth smart syncing:
works with native camera apps
& Shotlight companion app

Battery capacity: 130 mAh
approx. equal to 300 flashes

Temperature sensor:
to prevent the overheating

Constant light duration:
1st power mode – up to 1 hour
2nd power mode – up to 30 min

How to charge:
Micro USB to USB charging



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