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Fibaro Door-Window Sensor FGK-10

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Fibaro Door/Window Sensor FGK-101-UK - White
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Fibaro Door-Window Sensor Overview

Fibaro Door Window Sensor Door FrameWant to know if doors and windows have been opened when they shouldn't have? Perhaps you'd like to set lights or other appliances to automatically switch on or off as people enter and leave rooms?

However you'd like to use the Fibaro Door and Window Sensors is up to you, which is why they've been designed with versatility and re-use in mind.

When included in a Fibaro or other Z Wave network, you can make use of the basic Reed sensor for understanding when the sensor pieces are together or apart, plus you can also add an optional temperature sensor or take information from binary inputs such as switches.

The permutations are many for a seemingly simple little unit, plus deep integration in your network allows for the Door-Window sensors to be included in more complicated scenario management.

Reed Sensor

The reed sensor is the basic component in the FGK-10x range. The main body of the sensor is aware when its smaller counterpart is moved away, creating a binary output that can be used to trigger other events.

The most obvious use of the reed sensor is for doors and windows, as well as other entry points - the liquor cabinet perhaps?

With an FGK-10x sensor on your front door for instance, triggering it could run a self-programmed 'Return Home' scenario, turning on particular lights, the television or even the kettle, whilst adjusting heating and air conditioning.

Fibaro Door Window Sensor ReedWireless Entry Sensor

Using simple binary input such as a wall switch, you can send commands to the Door-Window sensor. In combination with the Home Center 2, this can control other devices in your network.

This could allow you to add switches in your home for particular tasks without the need to run or amend the existing wiring, which can be an expensive and time-consuming task.

Fibaro Authorised Dealer
Temperature Sensor

With the help of the Fibaro DS18B20 temperature sensor (sold separately), the Door-Window sensor can become a trigger point for environmental change.

Adding the sensor to the 3 input screws your Door-Window sensor becomes enhanced. You can plan ahead and set up individual scenarios based both on the temperature and whether the window is open/shut.

Pre-programmed scene switch

By taking binary input from a switch or similar, the Door-Window sensor can run pre-programmed scenes.

This means you don't just have to trigger the sensor by moving a door or window to run a complex scenario - just click a switch a few times.

Fibaro Door Window Sensor Installation

You can also store multiple scenes for various sensors, each with their own switch triggers. Two clicks in the lounge could mean dim the lights for a movie, whilst two in the kitchen turns on extractor fans.

Quick and simple installation

Fibaro Door-Window sensors are up and ready to use in a matter of minutes. The small size makes them a discreet fit in a huge array of environments, plus you can pick from a variety of colours to match surroundings.

The low power consumption results in around 2 years of life and you can keep updated from the Home Center 2 configuration panel.

Fibaro Door-Window Sensor Technical

  • Sensors - Reed (movement), Temperature and binary input
  • Temperature measurement requires DS18B20 sensor.
  • Push-button: Inclusion, exclusion to Z-Wave network
  • Battery-powered (1-2AA) with Low-battery warning
  • Dimensions (HxWxD): 76 x 17 x 19mm

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FGK-101-107-Door-Window-Sensor-en-2.1-2.3.pdf FGK-101-107-Door-Window-Sensor-en-2.1-2.3.pdf (1541KB)


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