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Fibaro Flood Sensor FGFS-101




Fibaro Flood Sensor FGFS-101 Overview

Fibaro Flood SensorBeing able to remotely monitor your home used to be the reserve of those with very deep pockets who could afford incredibly expensive technology and brand new designer homes.

Not so anymore. Fibaro's range of safety sensors are not just affordable, they are also designed with aesthetics in mind, capable of working by themselves, or as part of a larger network that can be added to over time.

The Fibaro Flood Sensor will activate whenever liquid touches its sensitive 24-karat gold sensor prongs (or additional wired probe), as well as doubling as a temperature and vibration detector. Best of all it can be installed and set up in minutes without the need for professional help.

The sensor itself is small and discreet, measuring just 7.2 cm in diameter and 2.8 cm high. Just large enough to house a CR123A battery (included) for power up to 2.5 years, you can also wire it mains power if to be installed in a hard to access area. Rather than have the sensor prongs touch the floor, you can instead mount the sensor in a more visible area and use the optional wired probe.

Multiple features in one sensor

More than just a flood sensor, the FGFS-101 has a number of additional features. There is a built in siren/alarm for if liquids are detected, the Flood Sensor will also integrate with other Fibaro products in your network to send notifications or trigger events (turn off water supply etc.)

Fibaro Flood Sensor Remote Probe InstallationA tilt sensor is included - should the FGFS-101 be moved over 15 degrees alerts will be sent for suspected tampering. There is also an internal 'tamper-button' pressed when the unit is opened which can also send alerts.

The gold probes which form the sensor are also telescopic, meaning the Flood Sensor can be rested on uneven surfaces.

A temperature sensor is included. A two-fold use, this can warn you of rapid changes in temperature but can also be used simliar to a thermostat - if installed under your flooring, you could use the temperature feature to control underfloor heating. It can also be placed outside, ready to turn on driveway heating mats in icy conditions.

An output terminal on the sensor also allows for direct wiring to a home alarm sensor should you require this.

Finally, the Flood Sensor has an RGB LED display mechanism so it can inform you of environmental changes by sight. Try certain colours and pulses/flashes for water, connection issues and temperature changes.

Connect the Flood Sensor to your Fibaro network via the Home Center 2

Fibaro Authorised Dealer

Install in hard to reach areas

Fibaro Flood Sensor ProbeSometimes small leaks occur that can later turn in to more dangerous situations. Perhaps a pipe is starting to leak or there is an internal crack in a built-in bath or sink fixture? Months after this first occurs, preventable damage could occur when the problem gets worse - however how are you to know if you can't see it?

Fibaro Flood Sensors can be installed where you can't see - or where you can with a probe down to where you can't - and give you an early warning of liquid in places where there shouldn't be any.

Notifications to your phone, emails, and coloured displays on the Sensor itself can alert you and let you get someone in to take a proper look.

The FGFS-101 is also very difficult to submerge, being designed to float. Should a flash flood or burst occur, the Flood Sensor will continue to work and warn you, unlike many other older-style sensors.

Reasons to buy Flood Sensor FGFS-101

  • Detects liquid, temperature & vibration
  • Small profile: 7.2 x 7.2 x 2.8 cm
  • 100 grams


  • Power: CR123A Battery
  • External Power: 12-24 VDC
  • Output Terminal Voltage: 40V (AC or DC) max.
  • Output Terminal Current: 25mA max.
  • Measure Temperature: -20 to +100°C

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FGFS-101-Flood-Sensor-en-2.1-2.3.pdf FGFS-101-Flood-Sensor-en-2.1-2.3.pdf (1998KB)



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