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Fibaro Home Center Lite

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Fibaro Home Center Lite Overview

Fibaro Authorised DealerThe Home Center Lite is the gateway to your connected-home items. Working through your home computer network and able to communicate seamlessly with any number of Fibaro modules installed around the home, the Home Center Lite is the control centre of your security and comfort for many years to come.

At home in any modern setting the Home Center is manufactured with a simple aluminum casing and can be installed anywhere in the home, although it is recommended in a central location. The Home Center 2 requires a power source and a wired Ethernet connection to your home router.

The hardware has been specially designed with the Fibaro network in mind. The system uses a Cortex A8 processor on acustom board for efficient response to user commands. With 128MB of RAM the Home Center Lite can control up to 230 items at once.

A recovery disk is also included, capable of storing a complete system backup. This also helps to prevent unauthorised access, verifying users and connected devices with the historical record.

Installation is a breeze and mostly automatic. The Home Center Lite should be automatically ssigned an IP address from your home router, otherwise follow the included instructions to make it static and log in to the user interface.

Fibaro Home Center Lite Features

There are a number of home entertainmnet products that Fibaro can connect to by default. With Fibaro integration you can control audio, home cinema and more right from your phone.

The power management feature in Fibaro monitors the power consumption of every connected item. Using the built-in tools you can spot devices that consuming the most power and isolate them. Everything is presented in clear colour coded graphs that display usage over time. You can use this as a great way to analyse power consumption and save money.

Fibaro has also been designed with safety in mind. By linking the sensors to power and motor products, you can be informed of fire, smoke, flood, gas or unauthorised entry and respond with alarms, camera feeds, ventilation, notifying authorities and any other measures you deem appropriate.

Integrating a sprinkler system to your home network might seem like an arduos task but Fibaro can get the job done easily. Using temperature, humidity and other environmantal sensors you can create personalised scenarios to turn control sprinklers or other garden equipment connected to mains power.

With the Fibaro Mobile app, you can also make use of geolocalisation. As long as the target smartphone has GPS and a data connection, you can request their location and have it displayed on a map.

Monitoring isn't just about dangers, it's also nice to know when things are being used. The Fibaro system keeps a full log of every connected item, so if power sockets are being used at 3am or someone comes in far later than expected, you'll know about it! You could even see for how long a device, such as a games console, is being used for in one session.

Linked Devices

With a Fibaro system you can control any number of Fibaro modules independently, or set up scenes where they react based on other occurences. Updated in the Fibaro Home Center 2 is the capability for "Linked Devices".

With Linked Devices you can group multiple modules into one virtual module, making it easy to select and modify them all at once. For instance group two thermostats, a relay, temperature sensor & humidity sensor. You can reduce the number of icons in your interface if you always want these products to work together.

The Home Center 2 also intelligently groups your devices into panels such as Heating, Air conditioning, Garden etc. This keeps your interface simple and allows for quicker scheduling of operations.

Please note

The Home Center Lite does not allow for advanced scene creation through the Lua coding or graphical interface. It also cannot run VoIP traffic due to the limitations of the processor and hardware.

The Home Center Lite is designed to be a slave to the Master Home Center 2, or act as a bridge for extending the network. It cannot act as a master controller in its own right.

Mobile App

The Fibaro mobile app is available to download for both Android and iOS devices.

If you require support for your Fibaro Home Center Lite or other Fibaro products, please visit the Fibaro support pages for manuals, firmware downloads, apps and desktop software.

Reasons to buy Fibaro Home Center Lite

  • Automate your home and get clear reporting
  • Connect up to 230 sensors
  • Compatible with the full range of Fibaro sensors, motors and electricals
  • Compatible with some 3rd party products and various IP cameras
  • Uses modern Z wave technology to manage multiple connected devices simultaneously
  • Simple graphical interface through web portal or phone app
  • Simple set up and configuration
  • Low energy consumption

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Fibaro Authorised Dealer


Fibaro-Home-Center-Lite-Manual.pdf Fibaro-Home-Center-Lite-Manual.pdf (2937KB)
Fibaro-Home-Center-Lite-Standards-Declaration.pdf Fibaro-Home-Center-Lite-Standards-Declaration.pdf (411KB)



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