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Fibaro Smoke Sensor FGSD-002

(Battery Powered Only)



Fibaro Smoke Sensor FGSS-002 Overview

Fibaro Smoke Sensor DimensionsThe humble smoke detector is one of the most important pieces of safety technology in our homes, however it's also one of the most underappreciated and under-developed.

For something which has the job of informing us of a dangerous situation and potentially saving lives, smoke detectors have undergone very little change or adaptation in our modern connected lifestyles.

The FGSS-002 Smoke Sensor from Fibaro seeks to change that. In a stylish, lightweight and long-lasting design, the FGSS-002 not only sounds an alarm when smoke reaches a certain level but can also be connected into part of a wider Z-Wave network to trigger other user-defined events.

All this while pasively collecting air quality data for alaysis throughout the day.

High design - simple performance

The Fibaro Smoke Sensor is designed to be installed in any room of a modern home. The sleek circular build has a very small profile; just 6.5 cm diameter & 2.8 cm deep.

The grille is polished with electrochemically shaped holes - this makes for a sturdy construction while still letting in the smallest amount of smoke for accurate analysis by the sensor chamber.

The sensor can accurately detect fine smoke particles in air to a high level, allowing you to set allowances for different positions in the home. You can set the alarm level very low in bedrooms for instance, while pushing it much higher in the kitchen so frying dinner doesn't cause a false alarm!

The FGSS-002 also doubles a temperature detector. Not everything gets hot and smokes, so by default the unit will raise a custom alarm at 54°C even if there is not enough smoke to usually trigger. The Smoke Sensor is resitant to heat too, still able to operate at around 200°C.

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Fibaro Smoke Sensor UpdatingIntelligent communication

The Fibaro Smoke Sensor can work independently, however it is also completely compatible with a full Fibaro network or other Z-Wave installation.

Not only will the Smoke Sensor then sound, it can also send you an email whilst opening doors & windows and turning on particular lights. If it's connected in your home then it can be triggered. With a full Fibaro network and Home Center, an emergency safety routine can be programmed and run at the push of a button after receiving a notification.

Smoke Sensor FGSS-002 will also check in with your Home Center 2 every hour. If the connection drops for whatever reason or the battery is low, you'll get a notification to let you know straight away. Additionally, attempts to turn the detector off or remove it will result in the information being recorded and messages being sent.

Sensitivity Calibration

You're frying a piece of steak or forgot to clean the grill pan before using it this time round - 5 minutes later the smoke alarm goes off... It's a common occurence with older sensors without fine calibration.

With the Fibaro Smoke Sensor you can manually adjust what you consider low to high priority levels of smoke and when an alarm goes off. This is particularly useful if you have sensors in more than one room. There shouldn't ever be smoke in your child's bedroom for instance, so you can set one here to be very low compared to the kitchen.

Fibaro Smoke Sensor TestingTesting

"Test your smoke alarm once a week" has been the campaign from the Fire Brigade on many occasions. This is still true of the Fibaro Smoke Sensor - even if it does have an automatic check in feature with the Home Center.

If you're using the Smoke Sensor by itself, you can manually check operation by pressing the center button and waiting for the signal light. The test is also regularly performed internally and checks battery level as well as sensor efficiency.

Constant smoke detection

Even if it's not enough to set off an alarm, the Smoke Sensor is constantly monitoring air quality and recording the smoke levels in a room.

This data is sent through to the Home Center and available through the Fibaro apps. If someone's lit up a cigarette or perhaps even burnt something it will be recorded. You can check the exact time and location of which snesor recorded the smoke.

Finally, if you have a Fibaro Home Center set-up the software checks for automatic updates and installs them wirelessly, making sure the best algortihms and calculations are at play.

Reasons to buy Fibaro Smoke Sensor FGSS-002

  • Detects smoke & heat, compatible with all Z Wave networks or standalone
  • Small profile: 6.5 x 6.5 x 2.8 cm
  • 100 grams


  • Sensors: Smoke and Heat (temperature)
  • Power: CR123A Battery (included)
  • Dimensions (diameter x height): 65 x 28mm

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