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Fitbit Charge HR



The Fitbit Charge HR has been discontinued.

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Fitbit Charge HR Overview

If you ever feel you need just a bit of extra help in maintaining your health and Fitness the Fitbit Charge HR could be the answer. It is a compact and stylish activity wristband which has the additional ability of being able to monitor your heart rate.

Every step you take whether you are walking or running is recorded giving you insight into your daily activity levels. So you know how much you are improving, and can see the change in yourself.

Fitbit Charge HR Sizing & Colours

The Fitbit Charge HR is available in two colours: Black & Plum. Each of these has two size options, Small and Large.

  • Large: Fits wrists 16 cm - 19 cm
  • Small: Fits wrists 14 cm - 16 cm

Monitor your heart rate

A benefit of the Fitbit HR, is that not only are you monitoring your steps and activity, you are also keeping a record of your heart rate with PurePulse. This means you are able to tailor your workouts to your individual needs.

PurePulse gives you the ability to more accurately track your calorie burn, maintain intensity during workouts and set heart rate zones. It also enables you over time to see how your health is improving with exercise. All of this without having to wear an uncomfortable chest strap.

Record all exercise, and, in real-time, check-out your stats including pace and distance. Then perform a wireless sync to your smartphone, or computer, and view your performance in more detail. With the assistance of informative charts and graphs you will be able to look at your improvement and keep motivated.

If you fancy being competitive you can complete against your friends and family using the Fitbit App and see who can do the most exercise. Or set yourself a goal to achieve and then have the exhilaration of completing it. All of this is possible with the Fitbit app, and you can even log your daily food intake, and see how it affects your overall health.

To be able to exercise to your maximum ability, you also need to get the right amount of rest and a poor night of sleep can really affect you. The Fitbit Charge HR monitors your sleep through the night, so you know if you are getting enough restful sleep. It also has a silent alarm which wakes you with peaceful vibration. So only you wake and not your partner.

If you thought the Fitbit Charge HR was only for fitness you would be wrong. It also has a handy ability to be wirelessly connected to your smartphone. So if your phone is close by you can see all incoming call notifications, and keep in contact.

Reasons to buy Fitbit Charge HR

  • PurePulse Heart rate monitor
  • Track daily workouts and activity
  • CallerId and watch functions
  • Long battery life 5+ days
  • Monitor your sleep
  • Silent alarm
  • Wireless Syncing



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