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FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imager

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FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imager Overview

FLIR are rightly credited with bringing Thermal Imaging technology to the masses.

Once the preserve of serious industry professionals and hobbyists with large disposable incomes, FLIR's ONE range provided a much more affordable consumer product which allowed many of us to experience thermal imaging in a practical and versatile manner.

Now FLIR have decided to develop the FLIR ONE Pro. This takes the portability and ease of use of the consumer FLIR One and adds extra quality to bring it closer to a professional standard.

Professional quality. Consumer simplicity.

Using the same ethos of portability and connection as the standard FLIR One 3rd Gen, the Pro model is a tool that can be easily transported and works with a huge number of devices.

Should you not have access to higher grade thermal imaging tools, the FLIR One Pro should be the first choice as it can be attached and used with practically any modern smartphone.

Professional features include multiple spot temperature meters. There are also one-touch reporting capabilities to quickly interpret and share results.

The Pro unit also has double the thermal resolution at 160x120 (compared to to 80x60 on the consumer model). The horizontal and vertical fields of view (HFOV / VFOV) are also 5 degrees wider for a larger range of capture.

All of this is completely integrated within the FLIR Tools app so you can analyse data properly and in full detail.

About FLIR

FLIR stands for Forward Looking Infrared Radiometer. The technology uses specialised hardware to scan the surroundings, make sense of the radiation it receives, and display that on screen as temperatures that we understand.

Using the companion app, available from iTunes or Google Play, you can view a real time heat map of your surroundings on your phone screen, with a set of simple tools available to take images with a variety of effects.

MSX Technology

The FLIR ONE uses a unique combination of Lepton thermal camera and standard VGA visible light camera. This allows the software to produce a dual layer image.

You get the heat map and the visible outline of the subject you're looking at. The result is a highly detailed final image, with the option afterwards to separate the two from each other.

Non Contact Spot Measurement

Thanks to the versatile FLIR application, you can set pointers on the screen when viewing the thermal image.

This lets the you mark the specific temperature at an exact point in the image. This is at the same time as the software showing you the full range of temperature from high to low in the scene.

Temperature differences are recorded in discrete increments as small as 0.1° C. The temperature range on any spot can be between -4°F and 248°F (-20° to 120°C).


There are nine dynamic video palettes to choose from including Gray (White hot) / Hottest / Coldest / Iron / Rainbow / Contrast / Arctic / Lava / Wheel.


FLIR ONE attaches to any modern Apple or Android device.

The new OneFit connector system lets you swap out the correct tip (Lightning / micro USB / USB Type-C) then adjust the height if you happen to be using a case with the handset.


This lets you control the FLIR ONE Pro and take images / video.

Explore additional features like FLIR ONE Panorama™, FLIR ONE TimeLapse™, and FLIR ONE CloseUp™ functions.


FLIR ONE App allows you to share thermal images and videos to the social media platform of your choice.

Reporting and analysis

Images and video taken with FLIR One Pro can be analysed through the FLIR Tools app for full dissemination.

Reasons to buy FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imager

  • Proprietary MSX technology for unique dual layer imaging
  • New OneFit™ adjustable connector with all major smartphone tips
  • 9 dynamic colour palettes
  • Panorama & Time Lapse features
  • Ruggedised and shockproof for 1.5 metre drops
  • Keeps charge with phone battery

FLIR ONE Pro Thermal Imager Specifications


  • Scene Temp range: -20°C to 120°C
  • Accuracy: ±3°C or ±5%, typical*
  • Thermal sensitivity (MRDT): 150mK
  • Emissivity settings: Matte - 95%, Semi-Matte - 80%, Semi-Glossy - 60%, Glossy - 30%
  • Reflected background temperature is 22°C
  • Shutter: Automatic / Manual

*Percentage of the difference between ambient and scene temperature. Applicable 60s after start-up when the unit is within 15 °C – 35 °C and the scene is within 5 °C – 120 °C.


  • Thermal sensor: Pixel size 17μm, 8-14 μm spectral range
  • Thermal resolution: 160x120
  • Visual resolution: 1440x1080
  • HFOV / VFOV: 55° ± 1° / 43° ± 1°
  • Frame rate: 8.7 Hz
  • Fixed focus: 15cm - Infinity


  • Operating temperature: 0°C to 35°C (charging recommended at 0°C to 30°C)
  • Non-Operating temperature: -20°C to -60°C
  • Dimensions: 68 x 34 x 14 mm
  • Weight: 36.5 grams
  • Mechanical Shock: ruggedised to survive drops to 1.8m
  • Battery life: 1 hour
  • Battery charge time: 40 minutes


  • Video: Lightning / micro USB / USB Type-C
  • Charging:


  • Video / still image capture: 1440x1080
  • Stills capture: radiometric JPEG
  • Video capture: MPEG-4 (iOS - MOV / Android MP4)
  • Time lapse & Panorama options
  • Palettes: Gray (White hot) / Hottest / Coldest / Iron / Rainbow / Contrast / Arctic / Lava / Wheel
  • Spot meter: Off / °C / °F. Resolution 0.1°C / 0.1°F
  • Adjustable MSX distance: 0.3m – Infinity
  • Battery charge monitor: 0 - 100%


  • MFi (iOS version) / FCC / CE / RoHS / CEC-BC / EN61233

Device Compatibility


  • Micro USB connector / USB Type-C connector
  • At least Android Version 4.4.2
  • GPS, Location, OTG USB, Flashlight, and Microphone Capabilities
  • GPS, Location, Microphone, and Flashlight Permissions


  • Lightning connector
  • iPhone 7 / iPhone 7 Plus / iPhone SE / iPhone 6 / iPhone 6 Plus /iPhone 5 / iPhone 5s / iPad Air / iPad Air 2 / iPad Mini / iPad Mini 3 / iPad (4th Generation)



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