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Fobo Tire

Pressure Monitoring System (up to 350 kPa/50psi)


Fobo Tire Overview

"Have you checked your tyre pressure?" That's one of those questions Mum or Dad might have asked you (or might still!) before setting off on a long journey.

A decrease in tyre pressure can cause a number of performance related issues with your vehicle. Low pressure can make your tyres wear down faster, reduce fuel efficiency and also detract from the vehicle's handling. In a worst-case scenario, low tyre pressure can be a dangerous problem as it is a major factor in punctures or blowouts at speed.

The truth is though that many of us neglect to check our tyre pressure as regularly as we should. Mechanics recommend checking every 2-3 times you fill the tank - do you check that often?

Tyre Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS)

Many modern cars have a TPMS built-in with a display somewhere on the dash. These might give fair warning when an indivdual tyre is running on significantly low pressure, however they don't provide detailed data. This is also of little help to those driving slightly older cars before the technology was standardised.

Fobo Self Installation

Fobo Tire is deceptively simple to install. Each Fobo Tire Sensor is designed to screw into the tyre rim valve and replace the standard valve cap. If you're concerned about theft then optional locknuts are provided with a small wrench to physically keep them in place. On the hi-tech side of protection, each Fobo Tyre kit and included sensors are locked to your Fobo account so can't be re-used elsewhere if they are removed.

Fobo Tire Installation

After this turn on the in-car base station, install the relevant app to your mobile device, and follow the on-screen instructions. The app will get you to register each sensor in turn so you can receive independent updates for each tyre.

That's it! Now whenever you're in Bluetooth range of the car, you can check the app.

24/7 notifications

With Fobo Tire you receive real-time information on the tyre pressure directly to your phone. The system uses Bluetooth Low Energy protocols to communicate with your smartphone or tablet when in range of your car. You can check individual pressure as you approach the car and keep up to date throughout your journey - perfect if you're going cross country!

Fobo Tire Phone Statuses

The Fobo system is also designed to last. Each kit comes with batteries (2x AA for the in-car unit & CR2032s for each sensor) that should keep the system running for around two years and are easily replaceable. The sensors are also IP 57 rated to withstand dust, dirt and water from puddles or rain.

Share the system or monitor a fleet!

If you share your car then you might want others to be able to check in on the Fobo system. This option is built in to the app system, allowing your account to be registered with up to 100 unique app installs on different devices at a time. This is perhaps also useful if the vehicle is part of a company fleet that could be driven by many different regulars.

Each app account is also able to store information for up to 19 different cars. You can quickly check a whole fleet by approaching each car in turn and checking off each stored car in the app.

Fobo Tire Multi User Options

Fobo Tire App Links

Android (4.3+): Google Play

iOS (7.1+): iTunes

Fobo Tire Key Specifications

  • 24/7 monitoring of your tyre pressure
  • Monitor up to 19 cars on one app install
  • Install one shared account on up to 100 smartphones
  • Up to 3502 kPa (50psi)
  • Includes 4 tyre sensors and one in-car unit
  • Simple self-installation to standard pressure valve
  • Anti-theft locknuts included
  • Quick Bluetooth pairing and easy app set up


fobo-tire-quick-start-guide.pdf fobo-tire-quick-start-guide.pdf (404KB)
fobo-tire-user-guide-v1-8.pdf fobo-tire-user-guide-v1-8.pdf (935KB)



This FAQ is taken directly from the Fobo website and is correct as of 08/04/15

What do I get from this set of FOBO Tire?

  • 4 tire sensors (with CR2032 batteries included)
  • 1 In-Car unit (with 2 AA size batteries included)
  • Anti-theft nuts and wrench
  • Free "FOBO Tire" app to be downloaded from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store

What phone does FOBO Tire work with?

FOBO Tire only work with Android and iOS smartphones with Bluetooth 4.0. Please ensure you update to latest OS, at least Android 4.3 and iOS7.1.

How long can I use FOBO Tire?

FOBO Tire uses 2xAA batteries for In-Car unit and CR2032 battery for sensor units. These batteries are easily available from local stores and would last up to 2 years on normal operating temperature. Operating in extreme cold climate may reduce the battery operating life.

How to ensure my FOBO Tire sensors not stolen?

FOBO Tire comes with theft deterrent feature. FOBO Tire units are not re-usable if stolen, thus discouraging potential thieves. The package also comes with anti-theft nuts and a small wrench to mechanically lock the sensors.

Can FOBO Tire work without a smartphone?

You will need a smartphone in order to install FOBO Tire and change settings. Once installed, FOBO Tire will work even without a smartphone, in case your smartphone is not with you. The In-Car unit will alert with different alert tones in case of tire problems.

Can FOBO Tire work in all weather conditions?

FOBO Tire is designed to operate under extreme cold and hot climate. And it's tested for water proof (IP57) and ability to sustain high impact (350N spot pressure intensity) to ensure long durability and reliability.

What if I rotated the position of my tires?

FOBO Tire app is so easy to use. To identify position of FOBO Tire sensors installed in your car, just move around your car and place the smartphone close to each FOBO Tire sensor according to the instructions in FOBO Tire app. It is just that easy.

What if there is more than one person driving my car? Can they use the FOBO Tire in my car?

You can share FOBO Tire in your car with family and friends (up to 100 smartphone users). Key in their e-mail address that will be used to login to their FOBO account and it will be synchronized with FOBO cloud via our CrossPair technology.

How far away can I detect FOBO Tire readings?

FOBO Tire uses Bluetooth low energy (Bluetooth 4.0) to send out signals. Typical range of Bluetooth 4.0 is 30 meters line of sight without anything blocking the signal.

Will FOBO Tire work for trucks or big vans?

FOBO Tire works on four wheel vehicles with tire pressures below 50psi (350kPa).

How can FOBO Tire work when my car engine is turned off?

Your smartphone will pickup signals from FOBO Tire sensors via Bluetooth 4.0. You can check your car tire pressures any time knowing that they are working 24x7 round the clock continuously monitoring the tires for you.

Does FOBO Tire affect tire balancing?

FOBO Tire sensor weight is 10 grams each but extensive testing has shown a maximum deviation of 5 grams on the wheel balancer. Typical wheel balancing equipment in the market has a resolution of 5 grams as well. The deviation of 5 grams are to be considered acceptable and there is no need to rebalance the wheels after installing FOBO Tire. This is in line with our tire experts.

How do you turn on and off FOBO Tire sensors?

FOBO Tire sensors will “wake” up whenever pressure is applied and will go into sleep mode when it doesn’t sense any pressure. There is no need of any manual intervention to turn on and off the sensors.

How to set FOBO Tire sensors into pairing mode?

FOBO Tire sensors will go into pairing mode for 1 min when it senses a change in pressure from “0” to the car tire pressure (i.e. sensor are screw on to the tire valve)

What should I do if FOBO Tire sensors cannot be paired?

As the sensors are activated through pressure, please check if your tire valve is jammed or faulty. Another variable is the stability of phone Bluetooth, kindly turn off and on your Bluetooth to reset before you start FOBO Tire pairing process. If the above two conditions are acceptable, please contact us as you may have a rare case of faulty sensor. FOBO Tire sensors are 100% extensively tested in the factory to ensure top quality.

Can I calibrate FOBO Tire sensors?

GE sensors used in FOBO Tire does not need calibration.

Does FOBO Tire read absolute pressure or gauge pressure?

FOBO Tire sensor report absolute pressure and has an internal formulation coupled with Absolute Pressure reading to display readings as if users are at sea-level, even though FOBO readings are taken at ANY altitudes.

Fobo Tire readings should match the placard pressure and user should inflate their tires according to FOBO Tire reading instead of handheld pressure gauge in the event there are differences between this two readings due to altitude factor and gauge accuracy.

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