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LG Rolling Bot

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LG Rolling Bot Overview

Have you ever wanted a personal robotic friend, just like in classic sci-fi film or animé? We might still be a good few years away from having an artificial intelligence that can bring you a cup of tea in the morning, but we're certainly moving (or rolling) in the right direction with LG's new Rolling Bot.

The Rolling Bot is a compact sphere complete with 8 megapixel camera, speaker, microphone and even a laser pointer! They connect to your home Wi-Fi connection and you can log in with a dedicated smartphone app wherever you have Internet access.

With the app you can make the ROlling Bot patrol your home, relay your speech so you can have a conversation (or just spook your partner or kids!) and even have a full view of what's happening at home with the camera. Plus we all know cats love laser pointers, so you can get your lazy moggy to have a little fun while your away for the day.

The two hemispheres either side of the central column propel the Rolling Bot; the app gives you full orientation so you can move forwards, back or swivel. The central section stays in place thanks to gyro technology, so the camera is always pointing forward.

Reasons to buy LG Rolling Bot

  • Remote control robot
  • Connects to your home network and controllable via smartphone app over the Internet
  • Built in speaker & microphone - hold remote conversations through the Bot
  • Built in laser pointer to play with your pets!
  • 8 MP camera - use as a configurable and manoevarable IP camera
  • IR blaster to remote control home appliances


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