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Samsung SmartThings Connected Home Equipment

Samsung SmartThings

With Samsung SmartThings, any home can be turned into a Smart Home. With a central hub and connected equipment, you can monitor your home in real time, remotely controlling and securing areas and items.

The SmartThings Starter Kit is an excellent way to get started and contains everything you need to start exploring the world of Smart Homes.

Samsung's Hub is the centre of your new SmartThings network and handles the communication between all of the connected equipment (Things). This also send messages to your smartphone with the SmartThings app.

All of the connected Things in your Smart network talk to each other, and you can make actions happen at certain points. For instance if someone walks past a motion snesor, you could make a light turn on and get a notification to your phone.

The world of SmartThings grows as you grow with it, allowing you to potentially add hundreds of Things and actions to automate events and simplify your daily routines.