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Moga Pocket - Android Game Controller

with free Sonic CD download code



Moga Pocket - Android Gaming Controller - Overview

Mobile gaming has been on the rise in recent times and the gaming industry has woken up to this fact. With many people owning smartphones, 'casual' gaming has exploded, the only downside to mobile gaming though, has always been touch screen input. While perfect for certain kinds of games, others such as racers and fast paced FPS have suffered with poor or inadequate touch controls. Moga Pocket is set to change this by offering a multipurpose and widely compatible controller for more advanced gaming.

With dual analog sticks, 2 shoulder buttons and 4 action buttons, Moga Pocket has enough inputs to map to the most advanced mobile games of today. Devices up to 82 mm (3.2 inches) wide can be held in the retractable clip, this also folds into the centre of the controller for added portability.

Moga Pocket connects to your device through the Moga Pivot App - your portal to all Moga compatible games. All Moga games are also available on Google Play. Just like any other games console, expect the Moga library to expand over time. Not all games currently work with the Moga Pocket - it is up to developers to ensure they support it and again, more and more games will feature support in the future.

If you are an avid mobile gamer or want to transition away from basic mobile gaming to something more advanced, the Moga Pocket is a great way to begin a new experience.

Moga Pocket - Android Gaming Controller - Features

  • Moga Pivot App offers an ever expanding library of games
  • Dual analog sticks, 2 shoulder buttons and 4 action buttons
  • Fits phones up to 3.2" / 82 mm wide
  • Support for all Android 2.3+ Bluetooth enabled devices
  • Includes Moga Controller, Moga Pivot App (Google Play download), soft case, Pacman & Sonic CD (via voucher code, downloadable through Moga Pivot App)


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