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Norton Mobile Security

For Android & iOS Smartphones & Tablets
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Overview of Norton Mobile Security

If you own a laptop or computer it is probably fair to say that you have some form of anti-virus software or internet security software on it to protect you against unwanted threats.

Do you do the same on your smartphone or tablet? Possibly not.

In June 2012 there was over 150,000 downloads from Google Play Store of 2 applications which were malicious, before they were removed. The application was designed to send SMS messages from infected smartphones to a premium-rate number before uninstalling itself. Imagine being a victim of such a scam. (Source: Mobile Security)

Here is where Norton Mobile Security (NMS) comes in. It would have scanned and picked up that the app was not what it suggested.

Norton Mobile security deliver powerful, effective protection for Android smartphones, tablet's, Apple iPhones's and iPad's.

Keep the stuff on your mobile devices protected. You store a lot of important content on your mobile device - email, contacts, photos and more. But bad things happen. You can protect your privacy, secure against online threats and even locate your mobile if stolen, by using Norton Mobile Security – giving you power against threats to your mobile life. What's more, it's easy to use and won't affect the speed of your mobile device.

Norton Mobile Security turns the prospect of all mobile related security a lot less daunting. A simple setup and configuration and simple on-going use.

Features of Norton Mobile Security

  • Protects your devices with one easy-to-use Web-based service
    • Secures your customers mobile devices from one convenient website.
    • Protects both Android smartphones and tablets.
    • Remotely locate and back up contacts from iPhone and iPad.
  • Helps you to safeguard the personal Stuff stored on their mobile devices
    • Backs up the contacts from Android, iPhone, or iPad and easily restores them in case they accidentally delete them or get a new device.
    • Remotely locks lost or stolen smartphones and tablets through Norton’s secure website, so strangers can’t use them or access their information.
    • Erases the information on the mobile device, if necessary, so private information stays that private.
    • Blocks fraudulent (phishing) websites designed to trick you into revealing personal information that can be used to steal your identity and money.
    • Instantly locks your phone if the SIM card is removed, so it can’t be used with another SIM card.
  • Helps you to retrieve your misplaced, lost, or stolen mobile devices
    • Shows you the location of your missing device on a map to help you find it fast. Now works for iPhone and iPad.
    • If you misplace your phone or tablet, you can set off a “scream” alarm to find it fast.
    • Lets you display a customizable message to anyone who finds their missing device, so you can make arrangements to get it back.
  • Prevents mobile threats before they can infect your Android device
    • Helps protect against viruses, spam calls and texts, and theft of your personal information.
    • Gives you the power to dramatically reduce mobile spam by blocking unwanted calls and texts.
    • Automatically scans downloaded apps and app updates for threats and gets rid of them.
    • Gives you the option of automatically scanning SD (Secure Digital) memory cards for threats when you plug them into their mobile device.

Whats in the box of Norton Mobile Security?

  • Norton Mobile Security Activation Code/Product Key
  • Download/Getting Started Instructions

System Requirements of Norton Mobile Security

Operating system:

Android: 2.2 or later

iOS 4.3 or later

Device requirements:

10MB of storage

Works with Android phones and tablets that have the Google Play App installed.

Works with iPad or iPhone


Norton_Mobile_Security_How_It_Works.pdf Norton_Mobile_Security_How_It_Works.pdf (3158KB)



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