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Olixar High Power 2.4A USB Mains Charger (EU)

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includes USB Type-C cable, Buy
Olixar High Power 2.4A USB Mains Charger (EU) - USB Type-C
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Olixar High Power 2.4A USB Mains Charger (EU) Overview

Portable products are everywhere in our lives now - smartphones, tablets, games consoles, GPS units, e-readers - name something portable and electronic you use every day and it probably has a USB charging port.

Having similar charging ports is great but sometimes chargers for lower powered devices don't give any where near enough power to newer more powerful products.

For instance the charger for your old Nintendo might only just keep your flash new phone turned on without actually filling up the battery.

With a high power 2.4A charger, you know it can be used to safely charge any USB product at the rate it was meant to, or perhaps even faster! Intelligent charging circuits also ensure products aren't over charged and damaged.

This Olixar mains charger has also been designed to meet modern power consumption targets. With Level VI (6) Energy Efficiency, the Olixar Mains Charger uses much less power than other chargers when left idle and not connected (less than 0.1W).

Reasons to buy Olixar High Power 2.4A USB Mains Charger (EU)

  • Quickly charges any mobile product with USB charging
  • Compact and portable design
  • High power 2.4A output charges the latest smartphones/tablets and quickly chrges older devices
  • Energy Efficiency Level VI rating - reduced power consumption over other chargers


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