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Pama USB4S Car Travel Charger with 5x USB

(1x dedicated 2.4A & 2x dual-shared 2.4A)
£12.49 exVAT
£14.99 incVAT


Pama USB4SC Car Travel Charger with 5x USB Overview

Planning on a road trip? Chances are someone (or maybe everyone) has a mobile device with them that might need charging. With the USB4SC from Pama, you can keep everyone powered up and happy.

Smartphones, smartwatches, tablets, portable games consoles, laptops, iPods - almost all of these use the USB interface for power, which makes it much easier to keep everything together.

The USB4SC has been manufactured to be slimline and lightweight, so you can mount it in the glove box or in a more central position suited to all your passengers.

1 dedicated high speed port and 2x shared high speed ports.

Of the 5 available ports, one of them provides a dedicated 2.4A of current. This is perfect for powering the most recent generation of large-screened smartphones, tablets and even a new breed of USB Type-C enabled laptops.

I will also more quickly charge devices originally designed for lower power inputs, maximising the safe potential of their power circuits.

The other 4 ports are paired off in banks of two. Each of these pairs shares a potential 2.4A. So if you use just one of each pair, it can send out 2.4A if the connected device can safely use that.

Connect two products and the amperage will split, possibly to 1.2/1.2, although if there is a disparity in the products' power draw (perhaps one is fully charged or its circuit cannot draw up to 1.2A), then this may be split unevenly.


Don't worry if you put a device that only needs a few hundred mA into the dediacated high power socket. There's built in protection to stop overcharging - the sockets only deliver what the connected product needs.

Reasons to buy Pama USB4SC Car Travel Charger with 5x USB

  • Input: 12/24V DC 3.8A
  • Output: 5V DC / 7.2A 36W
  • 2 x shared 2.4A port pairs (splits current between ports as needed)
  • 1x dedicated 2.4A port
  • 10.2 x 3.4 x 1.6cm / 45 grams

  • Over current protection
  • Over voltage protection
  • Short circuit protection
  • Overheating protection


Pama-USB4SC-Manual.pdf Pama-USB4SC-Manual.pdf (132KB)


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