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Philips Hue Iris

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Philips Hue Iris UK
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Philips Hue Iris Overview

Interested in Philips Hue equipment but want to start off small? The Iris lamp is a great introduction to the world of smart lighting.

The Iris is a simple plug-and-play smart lamp that you can have up and running in minutes.

The transparent base of the Iris allows for light to be dispersed in almost every direction, filling a room or space with minimal effort.

In order to control the Iris, you will require an existing Hue Bridge to communicate via the Philips Hue app for iOS and Android devices. Through the app you can then remotely select you colour and brightness level to create a wonderful ambient hue to any environment, indoors or out.

If you don't have a Hue network already, you can purchase a Bridge at the same time as the Iris to start.

What is Philips Hue?

Philips Hue is now one of the most accessible and popular global options to create a personalised lighting suite in your home.

Developed using the smart Zigbee lighting protocol, all you need to get started is a Philips Hue Bridge and the Philips Hue app for your iOS or Android device.

The Bridge acts as a controller. Place it somewhere central and accessible, and it will talk to any of the Philips Hue bulbs, lamps and accessories you choose to plug in around your home.

Through the app, you can then control the connected equipment, either individually or in groups. If you connect your Bridge to your home router via an Ethernet cable, you can also use the app to remotely control your lighting from anywhere in the world when connected to the Internet.

As the system uses the Zigbee protocol, items can be automatically updated with new software and can also integrate with Zigbee equipment from other manufacturers.

Reasons to buy Philips Hue Iris

  • Get started with Philips Hue lighting
  • Includes full colour Iris lamp
  • Control Iris manually or set timers and triggers

Discover the Full Philips Hue Range

There are a wide range of Philips Hue bulbs, lamps and other lighting equipment. Choose a select combination of fittings to suit your personal style and homespace.

Starter Kits

Starter kits are designed for the first time Philips Hue user. Each kit comes complete with at least two bulbs, plus a Philips Hue Bridge.

The Bridge is the controller; all of your installed Hue equipment talks through it. It's also what your smartphone is talking to when you make changes. The Bridge can be connected to the Internet to allow remote control when you are out of range of your home network.


Individual bulbs can be added to your Philips Hue network at any time. A single Philips Hue Bridge can control up to 50 unique bulbs simultaneously.

Most bulbs are available in one of B22 bayonet, E27 screw or GU10 spotlight options. White and Colour / White Ambiance models are dimmable, standard White are not.


Alongside the standalone bulbs, Philips also offer plug-and-play lamps and LED tracks. These items are provided with a wired mains power adaptor.

They can also be controlled directly via smartphone apps, rather than going through a Philips Hue Bridge, although they can be included with a Bridge network if you wish to integrate them with other Hue eqipment.


Looking to remotely control or add some automation to your Philips Hue network? A few controllers are available to assist you. Motion sensors can be added and programmed with IFTTT, alongside remote control switches and dimmers.

Philips Hue Starter Kit Iris Specification


  • 12,000 hours
  • 10 W
  • 16 million colours
  • 210 lumens
  • Instant-on
  • 220 x 150 x 165mm
  • IFTTT compatible
  • Upgradable software
  • Operational temperature - 0°C - 35°C
  • Operational humidity - IP20 suitable for use in indoor application

What's in the box

  • 1x Hue Hue Iris lamp
  • 1x UK power adapter

Supported mobile OS



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