Microsoft Surface Dial

Microsoft Surface Dial

Microsoft Surface Dial

Microsoft Surface Dial
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Microsoft Surface Dial Overview

The Surface Dial offers a new way to interact when you are creating. Whether you are drawing, painting or designing. This all-new tool makes it easier and faster to access menus and features of your Microsoft Surface device. Allowing you to work without any interruptions.

With the Surface Dial in one hand and the Surface Pen in the other, you will be able to react and work in a natural way unhindered by technology.

It is easy to use, as the moment you place the Dial on the screen you can watch as a colour picker or a ruler magically appear. Then you can click and hold to display a radial menu of tools, which can be accessed instantly.

The haptic feedback provides helpful vibrations through the aluminium body into your fingertips, to help you stay in the moment and feel totally in touch with your work.

The Dial is not just about creating eye-catching designs and artwork, although this is its primary usage. You can also use it to simplify all your workflows as it makes browsing through news articles a breeze and adjusting the volume on your favourite Spotify track is easy. It is also possible to fly through your local city in Windows Maps zooming and panning as you go.

Reasons to buy Microsoft Surface Dial

  • Easy access to shortcuts, controls, drawing tools, and more
  • Adjust the volume on your favourite tracks in Spotify, Groove, and Pandora
  • Scroll through articles on your favourite news websites
  • Edit, rotate and manipulate your creations in a single turn
  • Compatible with Surface Pro, Surface Pro 4, Surface Book, Surface Book 2 and Surface Studio