Samsung Galaxy S10 Clear View Cover - Black

Samsung Galaxy S10 Clear View Cover - Black

Samsung Galaxy S10 Clear View Cover - Black
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Samsung Galaxy S10 Clear View Cover Overview

If you've purchased a Galaxy S10 smartphone, you might be looking for an attractive case to keep it safe.

Samsung has developed the Clear View Cover, from a tough polycarbonate material, for protection that also doubles as a functional accessory.

The flip cover over the screen is semi-transparent. This lets you see straight through for incoming calls, messages and other notifications.

That same cover folds back on itself to allow the S10 to stand at an optimal angle for viewing landscape content.

This is a genuine Samsung accessory, which means it will fit the Galaxy S10 perfectly. With a front flip cover, every edge, face and corner of the phone is protected from bumps and knocks.

Manufactured with thin polycarbonate, the case allows wireless charging and NFC payments to work without issue.

Designed by Samsung, access to the camera and ports are made available through perfectly cut windows.

Features of Samsung Galaxy S10 Clear View Cover

  • Genuine Samsung accessory
  • Designed exclusively for Galaxy S10
  • View notifications, time and incoming calls through the semi-transparent screen
  • Available in four colour finishes
  • Stand the S10 in landscape orientation
  • Qi wireless charging & NFC compatible
  • Access to all ports, connectors & camer