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    Founded in 1992
    Thinkware Dash Cam F200

    Thinkware Dash Cam F200

    (UK Consumers)
    ex. VAT (Rest of World)
    Version: Front & Rear Infrared - 12V Lead
    Channels: 2 Channels
    Memory: 16GB
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    • Thinkware Dash Cam F200 - Overview

      Like the roads we drive on have become increasingly busy, dash cams are now more popular than ever.

      They offer the ability to capture evidence which can be vital in the event of an accident. Whether you are driving, or your vehicle is parked. Giving you peace of mind and confidence when driving.

      Some insurers even offer lower premiums, if a dash cam is used in a vehicle.

      With the extent of options available it can be difficult to choose which dashcam to purchase. As they range dramatically in price and features.

      The F200 is an entry-level camera with optional GPS capabilities, and the ability to connect a separate rear camera. The front camera provides a high-quality full 1080p, while the optional rear one being 720p.

      Image enhancements, including wide dynamic range and automatic exposure, ensure you can clearly capture content both day and night.

      Thinkware F200 Features

      Video Enhancement Technology

      To ensure you can capture high-quality content, the Thinkware F200 features video enhancements. These ensure you can obtain vivid and clear videos even in challenging conditions.

      Wide Dynamic Range allows the dash cam to adapt to the conditions around you. So, when you are coming out of a tunnel or moving behind a tall building. You don’t encounter excessing bright spots which can affect the colour balance of your recording.

      Night time quality correction uses sensors to improve the look of your videos recorded at night. Offering better brightness, colour controls, and noise cancellation.

      Energy Saving

      To save power an energy saving mode is available. This consumes up to a 1/3 less power and offers up to 3 x longer video recording than normal parking mode. It is the ideal way to protect your car while you are away on holiday, or not using it for an extended period.

      When active the dashcam will go into sleep mode. But will wake up within a second of the built-in G-Senor detecting movement and starting recording. After 20 seconds the recording finishes and the camera goes back to sleep.

      Autonomous Recording Modes

      F200 has a few dedicated recording modes to choose from depending on how you'd like to use it.

      Continuous Recording Mode is activated automatically when you start the engine. Recorded videos are saved in one-minute segments with an auto-looping mechanism.

      The Active Impact Monitoring System will automatically store the video recorded ten seconds prior to and after any collision registered by the 3-axis G-Sensor.

      There is also a Manual Recording Mode to simply record at the push of a button until you decide to stop.

      Thinkware GPS Recording

      If you use the optional Thinkware GPS Module (sold separately), the F200 can record additional data such as your vehicle's speed and precise location for later use on maps.

      Format Free Technology

      The Thinkware F200 utilizes the TAT (Time Allocation Table) save system. This differs from the traditional FAT (File Allocation Table) system.

      By using TAT, Thinkware can employ their proprietary Format Free Technology when recording to a microSD memory card. This eliminates the need for regular formatting of recorded video files from the card. It also helps extend the life of your memory card.

      Another benefit is that you can view recorded video files on any PC without having to worry about converting files.

      PC Viewer

      Use the companion PC and Mac application to change the camera settings and update the firmware. You can also view GPS information and playback footage.

      Thermal Protection Mode

      The F200's integrated thermal sensor can trigger a self-protection mechanism under extreme temperatures. This shuts down the device to avoid damaging the internals.

      Be aware of where you park your vehicle, as this mechanism may take effect when the car is left parked in direct sunlight in hot environments.

      Fail-Safe Recording

      If the power to the dash cam is disconnected after an accident. The fail-safe recording will continue to operate and store recordings in progress. Due to the Super Capacitor offering backup power.

      Reasons to Buy Thinkware Dash Cam F200

      • Simple, lightweight, discreet design
      • ON Semiconduction CMOS sensor – 2.13
      • 140-degree wide angle view
      • Image enhancements – ensure you capture clear recordings
      • Energy saving mode – uses up to 1/3 less power
      • 16GB internal memory
      • Add micro SD cards up to 128GB extra for recording capacity
      • Thermal protection - designed to resist high temperatures in-car
      • Optional GPS with an additional module

      Box Contents

      Contents below are for the main F200 dash cam. When purchased with a rear camera unit(s), these will each be supplied in a separate box with a connecting cable for power.

      • Main F200 Dash Cam Unit
      • Mount with 3M tape (1ea)
      • Cigar Jack Adaptor
      • Adhesive Cable Holder (3ea)
      • MicroSD memory card with adapter
      • Quick Start Guide
      • Guide/Warranty Card
      • Spare 3M Tape (1ea)

      Thinkware Dash Cam F200 Specifications


      Front Full HD 1080P (1920 x 1080) / (Optional Rear HD 1280x 720)


      ON Semiconduction CMOS 2.13MP
      Triaxial acceleration sensor (3D, ±3G)

      Viewing Angle


      Dimensions (WxDxH)

      98.5 x 34 x 22mm


      54 grams


      Can be added via an external GPS unit

      Recording Capacity

      16GB SD Card - 124 min Recording time
      32GB SD Card - 248 min Recording time
      64GB SD Card - 496 min Recording time

      Recording Modes

      Continuous Recording
      Incident Recording
      Manual Recording
      Parking Recording
      Audio Recording