ZENS Qi Wireless Charger

ZENS Qi Wireless Charger

ZENS Qi Wireless Charger

ZENS Qi Wireless Charger
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ZENS Single Qi Wireless Charger USB Overview

Qi wireless charging is making its way into the mainstream more and more with inclusion on a number of smartphones and other portable devices.

Even if your device doesn't have Qi built in as standard, it can be very simple to add wireless charging. Some manufacturers such as Samsung provide official Qi adapter cases.

The ZENS Qi Charging Pad with USB offers the ability to charge a Qi-enabled device. With embedded inductive coils, the pad provides fast delivery of power to your device when setting at almost any angle on the pad. 

You can also power the ZENS charging pad over USB from a PC or laptop, making it a great portable charging solution. The standby draw is also ultra-low so if you do decide to have it plugged in it at the mains, there's no need to worry about leaving it. 

Reasons to buy ZENS Single Qi Wireless Charger USB

  • Wirelessly charge Qi-enabled devices
  • Embedded inductor coils
  • Ultra-low standby power
  • USB powered for portability