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Samsung Galaxy Nexus Case-Mate Screen Protector (2pcs)




Overview of Samsung Galaxy Nexus Case-Mate Screen Protector (2pcs)

A pack of 2 screen protectors for Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

Manufactured by world famous Case-Mate, these screen protectors fit exactly to your Galaxy Nexus screen.

Hard wearing the protectors assist in prolonging your device screen's life and help prevent scratches.

The kit comes complete with 2 screen protectors, a screen cloth and an applicator card.


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  • Tony 29/1/2012 Recommend to a friend? No

    Don't waste your money on this product as I experienced the same problem as Ben from South Africa. I explained this to the Clove staff and even sent in a photo, but they had advised that no one else has complained.

    Clove Response 31/1/12 - At the time we had not had any other complaints.  And the number we have had to date still is exceedingly low. We are monitoring the situation.

  • Ben 26/1/2012 Recommend to a friend? No

    I am not satisfied.

    This screen protector does not work on the Galaxy nexus at all. Not sure if it is the pentile matrix screen of the phone that is causing this but the film has a grainy matt texture that breaks up all whites on the screen into the basic colours, making it look horribly fuzzy. Don't get this one, it makes your eyes hurt.
    I can send pictures if you want.
    What else can you guys suggest Clove?

    Clove Response 27/1/12 - Some customers (small number in comparison to sales) complaining of this fault.  Case-Mate have not raised it as an issue.  Unsure at this stage whether affecting all or some protectors.  If concerned you may opt for a different protector.  An agreement has been made with this customer.

  • Igor 28/7/2012 Recommend to a friend? No

    I have the same problem as reported by other customers here. This screen protector was recommended by Clove sales team, but I tried it yesterday once received, and can confirm that is doesn't work for Samsung Galaxy Nexus.

    First of all I found scratches on both protectors I found in the package. That's strange because the package wasn't opened before. The material isn't scratch resitent. But the most problem is that once the screen protector is applied the screen looks bad on white backgrounds. Instead of white colors I can see millions of red dots over a screen that isn't good for my eyes. I don't see fuzzy colours, IMO it works OK with black backgrounds and it seems that colors aren't changed (i.e. protector is really clear). But it isn't confortable to use this protector because of these red dots on white backgrounds.

    It seems that CaseMate have the same screen protector for different devices, but Samsung pentile matrix is definately incompatible with this protector. So I'm not satisfied, it's waste of money. Clove team, please don't recommend this product to Galaxy Nexus owners!

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