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Samsung Gear S3

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Frontier, Black Silicone Strap, WiFi & Bluetooth, EU Model Buy
Samsung Gear S3 - EU Model - Frontier - Wifi & Bluetooth
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Samsung Gear S3 Overview

Samsung Gear S3 UK | Clove TechnologyLast year's Gear S2 from Samsung was the wearable that showed the world how a smartwatch should be and further progress has culminated with the Gear S3.

Maintaining a similar traditional design, with a circular, always-on AMOLED display, the Gear S3 is what you want it to be. Watch, fitness tracker, notification manager and potentially even a full phone replacement, the Gear S3 is designed to be worn all day, every day.


Gear S3 is available in 2 designs - Classic and Frontier.

Classic is made to look like a traditional dress watch, supplied with a leather band, suitable for any occasion. Frontier comes with a silicone band and more rugged, outdoorsy styling.

The options are purely aesthetic however, as both Classic and Frontier Gear S3 models are built to be IP68 waterproof and have the same connectivity features.

Setting the Gear S2 apart from the crowd was a rotating bezel - this returns to the S3. And it's more than just for show; the bezel is used to navigate the screens and menus of the Tizen operating system.

Combined with the home and back keys, working through the Gear S3's features and apps is as intuitive as any smartphone interface.

Always on display

Samsung's AMOLED screen technology is unique when compared to traditional LCD displays in that it uses variable power. Black pixels require no power to display and only when pixels change is further power required to modify them.

Many of the standard Samsung watch faces will be primarily dark with only limited numbers of pixels changing to show the effects of 'movement'. This allows the 1.3" AMOLED display to use far less power over a given period of time than an equivalent LCD.

With the screen always-on, the Gear S3 looks just like a standard watch at a glance. The brightness is also controlled so the screen remains dimmer when at your side, only lighting up when raised for viewing.

Leave your phone at home

Samsung Gear S3 Hands Free CallingThe great promise of smartwatches was to move away from your phone. With the Gear S3 you could feasibly replace your phone, depending on your usage.

Both versions of the Gear S3 have Wi-Fi and GPS connectivity, plus the optional cellular models allow you to use a nano-SIM card to connect to 3G & LTE networks.

The built in microphone will let you make physical calls through the S3 interface. All you need is a voice call app from Gear App store and a pair of Bluetooth earphones. Even the Wi-Fi model can make calls when connected to the Internet.

If you're looking to get away from the world of always having your phone with you, the Gear S3 allows you to take and respond to urgent calls and messages when out and about. You can leave the phone, tablet or laptop at home or work for good.

With Samsung Pay you can even leave your wallet behind without worry! MST & NFC technology allow for secure contactless payments.

S Voice

Ready to listen to your searches and requests, Samsung S Voice is a powerful dictation tool.

S Voice can be used to perform web searches, set alarms and reminders and respond to text messages and emails.


Outside of the core contacts, messages and fitness applications, there are over 10,000 dedicated experiences for the Gear S3.

Big names in technology such as Spotify, Uber, Yelp and Here Maps all have dedicated apps with interfaces designed to work seamlessly with the S3's circular screen.

A small screen doesn't have to mean a lack of productivity on the move. You simply have a basic interface to get done exactly what needs doing at that moment.

Adaptable watch faces

There are 15 preloaded face designs and more available through the Gear App store.

Samsung Gear S3 Faces Collage

Reasons to buy Samsung Gear S3

  • Tizen Operating System - works with Android & iOS smartphones
  • Rotating bezel for navigation and text scrolling
  • Available in Classic or rugged Frontier designs
  • Optional embedded SIM for cellular connectivity
  • Heart Rate Monitor for activity tracking
  • Contactless NFC payments
  • Wireless charging
  • Swappable bands

Samsung Gear S3 Specifications



  • 46 x 49 x 12.9 mm / 57 grams


  • 46 x 49 x 12.9 mm / 62 grams


  • 1.3” (33 mm) Full Circular AMOLED
  • 360 x 360 (302ppi)
  • Corning® Gorilla® Glass SR+


  • Samsung Exynos 7270, Dual 1.0GHz


  • 768 MB RAM
  • 4 GB Storage


  • 380 mAh (3-4 days)


  • Accelerometer
  • Gyroscope
  • Heart Rate Monitor
  • Barometer
  • Ambient light


  • Bluetooth 4.2
  • Wi-Fi b/g/n
  • NFC
  • MST
  • Cellular (LTE models only)


  • IP68 water & dust resistant
  • Tizen Based Wearable OS 2.3.2
  • Microphone
  • SPK
  • Linear Motor


Overall Rating 5 Stars * * * * *
4 star
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1 star
  • TechTested 25/1/2017 Recommend to a friend? Yes

    I've used the Gear S3 Frontier every single day for just over 2 months now, and throughout my time with it, it's became a suprisingly useful part of my life. I've owned Android Wear smartwatches in the past, the first version of the Apple Watch, and the original Pebble, yet none of these devices remained on my wrist for long, often becoming somewhat of an inconvenience (eg disappointing battery life, missed notifications, lack of suitable connectivity, or simply not fitting my requirements). I feel this device, however, is far more suited to my demanding needs.

    First thing's first, it's important to state that this device is the larger and more rugged of the two in the Gear S3 series, ideal for those who use their watches everywhere they go, and are looking for a companion device that can be taken anywhere. The smaller of the two, the Gear S3 Classic, is slightly less rugged and comes with a lighter design and leather straps, more ideal for day to day life. Both variations of the product look very respectable; however it could be said that this model in particular could come across as too masculine.

    One of the key characteristics about this device is its rotating bezel, which can be used to navigate the interface fluidly with only one hand. For me, this feature stands out as one of the most impressive. Scrolling through articles on Flipboard was even smoother than doing so with the Apple Watch's digital crown, and with Tizen's silky-smooth, device wide animations, everything perfectly. In all honesty, I've never seen the device slow down or lag, ever.

    Focusing around sensors and connectivity, this watch also beats every single alternative I've tried. All editions of the Gear S3 include Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, NFC, GPS and a rather cool Altimeter/Barometer. In addition to this, Samsung also offers a cellular model which can make phone calls without the need to be tethered to another device. Quite frankly, Samsung really seems to have considered and included everything under the sun.

    Mobile payments can be made right from the watch via Samsung Pay, the watch can connect to wireless networks when too far away from the phone to utilize Bluetooth, the downloadable speedometer app can be used, just to name few common use examples. Another optional feature is an emergency mode - if the home button is pressed three times whilst this is enabled, the watch will automatically send a message to the pre-selected contacts, as well as send a link, which automatically shares the location of the device for an hour. This is perfect for so many different situations (eg day-to-day life, hiking, snowboarding, and many more), and I think far more OEMs should offer functionality like this.

    It's all too common nowadays for battery life to vary significantly from advertised figures - especially with so much connectivity and features, but to my surprise, the device genuinely achieved the 3-4 days of claimed battery life. I traveled to Berlin for weekend break over Christmas, and despite my demanding usage (maps, notifications, fitness tracking, ect) , I didn't have to use the charger once.

    Speaking of charging, the Gear S3 Frontier also makes this process a breeze. Included in the box is a Micro USB wall charger and a wireless charging dock, with a charging indicator light. The charging times really impressed me too. It hardly took me 3 hours to give the product 4 days worth of juice.

    Build quality is thankfully excellent, the buttons have a real tactility to them, and the vibrate motor has a real buzz to it. Thanks to this and the included loudspeaker, I found myself missing far fewer text messages, especially whilst running. The microphone also works perfectly for calls - my friend couldn't even tell I wasn't calling from my watch.

    Also, activity tracking is fully automatic - the S3 Frontier can automatically distinguish between walking, running, cycling and other activities and log them neatly in the S-Health app. Furthermore, sleep tracking is also included, and heart rates can be periodically taken in order to better identify a resting rate. The watch also reminds you if you've been sat down or inactive for too long (though this can be disabled), and I actually found it properly motivational. I even went on a few spontaneous runs, just to reach my step quota and stay moving. It can also be used when swimming thanks to its IP68 water resistance against the elements.

    My only real con with this device is the lack of Google services. As a frequent user of Google Maps, I was somewhat thrown back by the presence of an alternative in the form of Here maps. Unfortunately I don't feel this app is as good as its counterpart - public transit directions are currently missing, live traffic isn't quite as accurate as I'd have liked, and the GPS did take a while to pinpoint my location. I did, however, come to enjoy using the application throughout my stay in Berlin, where I commuted mainly on foot, and felt with a few updates in the future, it could well become a worthy contender.

    That's honestly the only flaw I found with the device after two months. Before I received the watch, I assumed through my past experiences that step and heart rate tracking would be inconsistent, or that the processor would lag whilst performing day to day tasks (as happened all to often with my experiences of Android Wear devices), but I was truly impressed. Coming from a tech fan, I'd consider that remarkable.

    Whilst this is by no means a cheap device, I consider the Gear S3 Frontier to provide outstanding value for money. I don't think I could ever use all the features which it offers, and there's definitely bound to be something here for everyone. Overall, I'd strongly recommend this watch to practically anyone who's technically oriented, or who's looking to upgrade from an existing smartwatch. In short, I'd consider this the best smartwatch I've ever used, without a doubt. That really is quite a statement.

  • Imzee007 12/1/2017 Recommend to a friend? Yes
    I’ve owned a number of smart watches from the apple watch to a number of Android Wear watches in the past few years. This is my first experience with the Tizen operating system and so far I absolutely love it. I find that the Tizen operating is more intuitive for me than Android Wear when it comes to usability. Using the Gear s3 feels natural and simpler to use.
    It’s not larger than any of the G-Shock watches I own. The Gear s3 size may be a downside for some but I personally think the larger size is a step in the right direction for these watches. Yes, they should have another version for women and men with smaller wrists. This larger size might look large at first, but then again...if you absurdly big did the original Samsung Galaxy Note phone look when it came out? Now, phones that size are the norm. It's not too heavy either. It's heavy enough to feel like a solid, well-made time piece, but light enough to easily forget you're wearing it.

    The design, though big, is more attractive than the Apple Watch. Both Gear S3 models put on a good show thanks to the combination of its fitness features like on the Gear Fit2 and smart watch functions as on the Gear S2, wrapped up in one single device. This Frontier model definitely looks more rugged than the classic and comes with a rubberised strap as standard, while the more comes with a premium black leather strap as standard. However, both models can accept any 22mm standard watch strap. It's rated to be able to take a beating and the IP68 rating means it can be survive being dropped into 5ft of water for 30 minutes. The face has a lot of matte surfaces so it doesn't draw too much attention, but there are enough shiny accents that keep it looking sharp.

    This thing does everything I would want from a smart watch. It's quick and responsive, the interface is pretty simple, and you can add on whatever widgets you need to keep things quick and smooth. Calls are clear on both ends, making hands free pretty literal. All notifications are nice to look at with response options available on the screen. If the watch doesn't have a compatible response, it will open the specific app on your phone as soon as you unlock your phone. Altimeter and barometer are both accurate when comparing to external instruments. Pedometer is also relatively accurate. The heart rate monitor also works flawlessly. Plus, the wrist vibrations are fantastic, unlike my Huawei watch which was so weak that I would often miss notifications.

    One of the most annoying parts of owning a smart watch is the "pouring coffee" arm manoeuvre you have to do just to see the time. I'm over that. It works great on the gear S3 and is responsive when done correctly. But sometimes you can't pour that coffee because you're holding something or whatever, and you suddenly realize this smart watch is more dumb than smart at times. I was carrying a big box recently and someone asked me the time, I glanced at my watch and it was a blank screen. But I couldn't do the manoeuvre. So I pathetically said, I don't know what time it is. I now always use the watch with the Always-On mode turned on and I can actually get close to 3 full days of use with Always-On on... that's a huge practical step in the right direction. This is after all, a watch.

    Battery life:
    As I mentioned above, I’m really impressed with the battery life. With the Always-On feature enabled I can get close to 3 days of usage. The watch will get 4 full days of usage when Auto- On screen mode is enabled. As for charging, the Gear S3 comes with a charging cradle which is really convenient. When charging, the device sits sprung up on a vertical panel, held in place by magnets. This allows you to monitor the charging process easily and even use the Gear S3 as a night watch by your bed.

    Ambient light Sensor:
    It's interesting how Samsung doesn't really advertise this feature and yet you have Motorola leaving their infamous "flat tire" on their watches just so they can have that same feature. For a watch, this feature is an essential and practical feature that a surprising number of smart watches don't have. It's a small feature, but makes the user experience better and I think worth noting here.

    Overall, I believe Gear S3 is the best smart watch money can buy right now.

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