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Samsung Gear VR 2016

SM-R323 (2016 Edition)
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Samsung Gear VR R323 2016 Overview

Samsung Gear VR R323 2016 Clove UKSamsung have been pushing the boundaries of affordable consumer VR since the original Gear VR Innovator Editions.

Last year's Gear VR refined this concept into something that could showcase the concepts of VR to a wider audience of Galaxy smartphone owners.

The new 2016 R323 edition has a wider field of view and is compatible with the Galaxy Note7 and future USB Type-C phones, while still being comaptible with the existing range of Note5, S7, S7 Edge, S6, S6 Edge and Galaxy S6 Edge Plus.

It's also important to remember that the content library for VR has grown massively in the past couple of years. There are now more games, applications and videos than ever before.

If you own or are planning to purchase one of the compatible Galaxy smartphones, the Gear VR is the ultimate accessory.


With redesigned foam padding around the eyes and a universal nose bridge, the Gear VR has been developed to be a comfortable fit to as many people as possible.

The focus wheel at the top allows you to adjust the VR's output. Users with prescription eyeglasses may be able to put them aside and match the focal length to their own eyesight - if not then contact lenses are recommended.


Once you have locked your smartphone into place via the micro USB or USB Type-C connector, you can control the Gear VR with a combination of the touchpad, back and home buttons.

With the Gear VR correctly placed on your head, the 4-way directional touchpad will sit around your right temple. The back and home buttons are just above this, with a volume rocker in front.

As standard, sound will be played from your smartphone speaker, so for a more immersive VR experience, headphones (not included) are recommended.

Oculus Home

Samsung Gear VR R323 Oculus HomeOculus are the company responsible for making VR related headlines in the tech industry for the last few years. Their standalone VR headset is due to be available in 2016, however for now their imaging expertise and software is at work in the Gear VR.

Oculus Home is an application for your Galaxy smartphone that allows you to access and load a variety of VR content. The app launches automaticlally as soon as the smartphone is placed into the Gear VR (or you are prompted to install it).

The Oculus Home app has been custom designed to be suitable for viewing in a VR environment, providing an immersive, landscape-oriented interface with a 3 dimensional depth of field.

Apps and Content

There are now hundreds of individual apps and games ready to download from the Oculus Store. More are added every week!

Some are free and some are paid, and every one introduces you to a new immersive world.

Games such as Land's End, Eve:Gunjack, VR Karts: Sprint and Adventure Time: Magic Man's Head Games all put you directly in the action in a way never before imagined, as your movements are tracked in a fully realised 360 degree environment.

Settling down at home to watch a movie on Netflix has never been more appealing as you can see a story unfold right in front of your eyes.

Samsung Gear VR Content Collage

Samsung Gear VR R323 2016 Technical

Optical Lens

  • 101° Field of View


  • Accelerator
  • Gyro
  • Proximity

Motion to Photon Latency

  • < 20ms

Focal Adjustment

  • Covers Nearsighted / Farsighted Eyes

Interpupillary Distance Coverage

  • 55 ~ 71 mm

Physical User Interface

  • Touch Pad
  • Back Button
  • Home key
  • Volume Keys
  • Focus adjustment wheel


  • Interchangeable Multipurpose connector (connects to microUSB port or USB Type-C port on compatible Samsung Galaxy smartphones)

Dimension (Headset)

  • 207.8 (W) x 122.4 (L) x 98.6 (H) mm
  • 345 grams (without smartphone)


Gear_VR_2016_FINAL.pdf Gear_VR_2016_FINAL.pdf (3605KB)




Before contacting a Samsung Service Centre, please attempt the following solutions. Some situations may not apply to your device. If the tips below do not solve the problem, contact a Samsung Service Centre.

The Oculus Home screen does not appear when the mobile device is connected to the Gear VR

  • Ensure that the mobile device is properly connected to the Gear VR
  • Ensure that the mobile device is turned on
  • Ensure that you install the software for the Gear VR on the mobile device
  • Ensure that the mobile device’s battery is fully charged

The mobile device is hot to the touch

When using apps that require a higher amount of power than normal or when using apps on your device for an extended period, the mobile device may feel hot to the touch.

When the Gear VR detects a high temperature, a message appears on the screen warning you to stop wearing the Gear VR and to wait for it to cool down.

Stop using the Gear VR until the mobile device cools down, and then resume use.

This is normal and should not affect the mobile device's lifespan or performance.

The image on the screen looks tilted or skewed

Remove the Gear VR and place it on a flat surface with the lenses facing forwards and the Focus adjustment wheel at the top.

Wait 5–7 seconds before using it again.

The image on the screen is moving randomly

The Gear VR can be affected by magnetic interference created by items, such as computers, TVs, or electric cables.

Avoid using the Gear VR in areas affected by magnetic interference.

The screen is out of focus

  • Ensure that the Gear VR is correctly placed on your face
  • Rotate the Focus adjustment wheel until the screen looks clear

The image on the screen is shaking

  • Disconnect the mobile device from the Gear VR and then reconnect it
  • Restart the mobile device

A game controller or Bluetooth headset is not connected

  • Ensure that the Bluetooth device is connected to the mobile device
  • Ensure that the mobile device and the other Bluetooth device are within the maximum Bluetooth range (10 m)
  • Ensure that the battery of the Bluetooth device that you are connecting to is fully charged

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