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Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit



Clove Technology are no longer able to obtain Samsung SmartThings products. For alternative equipment, please view our full Smart Home range

Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit Overview

The Internet of Things (IoT) has been an industry buzzword for a few years now. What it really boils down to is having lots of equipment at home that you can communicate with over the Internet.

You might already have a smartwatch, fitness tracker or something else at home that you can locate remotely, log in to or check via a smartphone app or on your laptop.

Samsung's SmartThings range takes this idea and provides a number of connected Things to install around the home AND a simple app to talk to them.

SmartThings uses the industry standard Z-Wave protocol. This means that you can integrate other manufacturers' equipment into your SmartThings set up OR add SmartThings to a network you have already started creating.

SmartThings Hub

Samsung SmartThings Hub CloveThis is the control unit for your SmartThings network. This box connects to your home internet connection so it can send messages to your smartphone and other authorised equipment in the wider world.

The Hub can be run on mains power and also has a battery backup (4x AA included). This allows it to stay active for up to 10 hours if you experience a power cut, or just happen to be moving it from one position to another.

Samsung's Hub connects to all of the connected SmartThings by using the Z-Wave protocol. This is a low power, short range wireless 'mesh' network that doesn't intefere with other wireless systems you may be using.

Z-Wave allows all of the connected Things to communicate with each other, so if something happens to one of them, all of the others know about it.

The SmartThings Hub is the brains of the operation and is responsible for issuing commands to other units or sending notifications out via the Internet.

So if the Motion Sensor spots a person at the front door, the Hub can send a push notification to the SmartThings app on your phone, and tell other connected Things to act - turning on a light indoors perhaps?

Power Outlet

Samsung SmartThings Power Outlet CloveDo you often find yourself wondering if you've left something on? Maybe its the iron, or your hair straighteners. Perhaps you're away from home but still want to make sure no-one is up and watching TV at 3am?

This is where the SmartThings Power Outlet comes into play.

With this unit you can remotely turn connected electronics off and on. You can also have the them power up and down based on a fixed schedule throughout the day.

Motion Sensor

Useful as both a security measure and a trigger for other events, the Motion Sensor monitors both movement and temperature.

If the Sensor is triggered, you can receive an immediate notification to your phone, as well as setting up routines to have other connected equipment react.

You can also be informed if the surrounding temperature reaches a certain point This could alert you to a potential fire, or just let you know that it's getting hot inside on your way back from work!

Multi Sensor

Samsung SmartThings Motion Sensor CloveDiscretely positionable in a variety of locations, the Multi Sensor is a two-piece gadget that can detect when it has been moved.

Best placed on windows, doors, drawers and other places that can 'open', the Sensor is able to provide a notification when it has been 'broken'.

By individually naming sensors, you can know if the front door has been opened, or if someone has got into the liquor cabinet!

The Multi Sensor can also be configured to monitor temperature and vibration for finer security detail.

Presence Sensor

This convenient gadget is a passive, battery powered tag.

Easily attached to a keyring or secured to a vehicle, the Presence Sensor reacts when it comes back into range of your SmartThings network.

Again you can receive notifications about these evnts, or have specific routines triggered for different people!

Samsung SmartThings Collection

The SmartThings collection includes a range of products that can all communicate to cxreate your personalised network.

Remember, Samsung SmartThings are also compatible with hundreds of products from other manufacturers. Check offers & compatibility with the SmartThings app.

Reasons to buy Samsung SmartThings Starter Kit

  • Remotely monitor equipment and occurences at your home
  • Starter Kit include Hub controller, Power Outlet, Motion Sensor, Multi Sensor & Presence Sensor
  • Receive notifications and control from the SmartThings smartphone app (Apple / Android / Windows)
  • Interact wirelessly with connected products
  • Compatible with 100s of products from other manufacturers
  • Open to modifications and enhancements through the SmartThings Developer Program



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