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Bargain Smartphones

Customer Returns and Ex-Demonstration devices

Clove Technology sell a range of bargain smartphones, reduced handsets, wearables and other accessories.

Some of these phones have been used by the staff at Clove, usually for when we write reviews for our blog, or just so that we can all get a feel for the technology.

Other times customers return phones to us. We run a 14 day no-quibble returns policy and sometimes people just decide they don't want their purchase. In these instances we take the phones back and sell them on at a discount. Often they have only been used for a few days.

Sometimes they haven't even been turned on but the box has been opened!

Lastly, the occasional product goes back for repair to the manufacturer, and in the interests of service, we give our end customer a replacement or refund. The repaired phone comes back to us, so we sell it here at a discount.

The reason for any phone being in this section will be given in the description, alongside details of the physical condition, included accessories and manufacturer's warranty.


Non-pristine phones are sold at Clove with a grading system. If you see "Grade ~" at the end of the product title, this indicates the phone is not pristine (brand-new from the manufacturer).

The highest grade outside of a brand-new, pristine phone is Grade A. This is a phone which is in perfect physical condition, however is not 'new'. This may be because the box has been opened and the phone handled.

Almost all of Clove's non-pristine phones are Grade A

Grade A

These mobile phones are just like new, and have minimal, if any signs of use and are fully functional.

The difference between a Grade A phone and a new phone is usually just that the box has been opened and the phone handled.

Grade B

This grade is given to used mobile phones that carry signs of regular use.

There may be significant cosmetic issues, such as abrasions and small scratches to the screen and casing. This is though a fully functional phone and will be in full working order.

The retail box will be supplied (unless otherwise stated in the product description), although some accessories may be missing (stated in the product description).

Sometimes Grade B phones have been refurbished at a repair centre - if so this will be declared in the product description.

Grade C

This grade is given to phones with signs of heavy use.

Cracks or dents to casing may be present, as long as the phone has been tested and they do not affect the phone's operation.

This may also cover issues such as port covers or plugs being missing and deep scratches (not cracks) to the screen.

The retail box and accessories may be missing from a Grade C phone (details stated in the product description).

Grade C phones will have been tested to ensure they are in full working order despite the cosmetic issues and signs of wear.

Contact us

If you have questions about any of the products you see in the bargain sections, don't hesitate to contact us.

Whether you are a first time buyer or an experienced smartphone user, Clove provide reliable, friendly, independent advice when it comes to comparing and choosing a new handsets. As smartphone users ourselves, with over 20 years experience, we understand the importance of finding the right device for you. Contact us on 44 (0) 1202 552936, or email