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Huawei smartphones

Clove Technology sell a wide range of Huawei phones, sim free and unlocked, as well as essential accessories. We offer exceptional customer service, great online prices, and can delivery Worldwide via our online store.

Why Buy Huawei Mobile Phones SIM Free from Clove?

Whether you are a first-time buyer or an experienced smartphone user, Clove provide a reliable and secure service online when shopping for Huawei unlocked phones. With friendly and independent advice, you can compare and choose the right handset for you, safe in the knowledge that you a buying from a company with over 20 years of experience.

As specialists in Huawei sim free and unlocked phone deals, you can be sure to find a competitive online price and the best deal for you. Shop now to buy online. If you need help or any type of query on a cell device, please contact us on 44(0)1202 552936, or email

Huawei Phones SIM Free & Unlocked

Every time a new device is launched, you can be certain that Clove will be one of the first online retailers to be able to ship and deliver.

Currently we range the entire Huawei mobile phone (sim free) range including the popular P8, P10, P20 models and more from the P Series.

The older P10 models are excellent phones, but for the latest smartphone device we would recommend you take a look at the P20.

For a cheaper option, the P Smart would be an excellent choice, with the Y6 coming up close behind.

Why Buy a Huawei SIM Free Phone

Huawei Sim Free Smartphones are a great choice for smartphone users they have a large range available to suit all needs and budgets. Apart from having a large range of models available allowing you to get a huge amount of smartphone for your money whatever your budget. There are even more great reasons that the Huawei is a great choice for you.

These phones have been designed with the user in mind and where many other brands fall short, Huawei smartphones excel.

The first area is the phenomenal battery life with the latest model having a 4,000 mAh lithium-polymer battery with some users reporting a full two days of usage without the need to recharge their handset.

Along with the long battery life, Huawei also have the SuperCharge tech which has been independently tested and charges your phone to 50% within 30 minutes.

This is a great benefit for many smartphone users and is paramount in the ever-growing popularity in the Huawei brand.

Huawei are leading the way in technological advances in the smartphone space with their latest model being jam packed with features that many smartphone users have been crying out for a long time.

Other areas where the Huawei smartphone really excels is it processers which allow the Huawei smartphones to be fast and this provides you as the user with a great experience. The Huawei Mate 10 pro is also set up with the future of mobile technology with the Kirin 970’s NPU built in.

This piece of software is set up to work with the mobile devices need for local AI processing and machine learning.

Are Huawei SIM Free Phones a Good Choice for Business Owners?

SIM free smartphones are a great choice for business owners, as it is normally the most cost-effective route. Buying the handset and then opting for a sim only package provides you with a cash flow friendly approach to providing the latest technology to your team.

Huawei’s latest phone, the Mate Pro 10 comes jam-packed with features that are perfect for business users these include:

Simple Projection:Y ou can connect your Huawei Mate 10 pro to a projector using a USB and then add a Bluetooth mouse and keyboard and you have a desktop on your pocket. Perfect for presenting on the go to new prospects.

Easily Managed: MDM Support on the Huawei Mate 10 Pro comes with MobileIron, VMware, and air watch allowing your IT department to easily log in and manage your device this is great for protecting your security and installing updates quickly and efficiently.

LinkedIn Directory: LinkedIn is the biggest Network for professionals the Huawei Mate Pro 10 this feature allows you to quickly sync your contact with your LinkedIn profile and you can then see profile photo and a quick link to the contacts profile is available. This feature is a great advancement for business users migrating their online and offline contacts.

Whichever you choose, you will have the peace of mind in knowing that you’re buying an exceptional android smartphone.

As a brand, they are starting to challenge the more established names on the market such as Samsung, and on a global basis, are now selling more units than Apple.

Shop now for Huawei unlocked mobile phones and see what great deals and prices you can get from Clove Technology.