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Sony Smart Wireless Headset Pro



Overview of Sony Smart Wireless Headset Pro

The number of different headsets available for smartphones and mobile devices is unbelievable, but finding the right one can be hard.

You may have a specific requirement, you may want quality, you may like a particular brand or you may want something that is a bit more intelligent.

This Sony Smart Wireless Headset is a Bluetooth headset that does more than most.

Premium stereo sound, MP3 player, FM radio and an Android remote that displays messages, caller names, media titles and more. You can even call a contact from the recent call list. It even has a microSDHC memory card slot for additional storage of music.

An official Sony accessory you can be assured by the brand and the quality of workmanship and the parts. There may be better headsets but can they do all of the above at the same price?

The headset connects via your phone by Bluetooth and the display module clips onto your clothing, whilst a premium in-ear stereo headset connects via a 3.5mm jack to the display module.

Listen to the radio, play music or other media on your phone and listen to the sounds through the headset.See who is calling, make a call or check a new message or see who the music you are listening to is by all from the headset. Your phone could be in your pocket or bag but you can still check what is going on.

Because it is a wireless headset with a 3.5mm jack, you can even connect up your own headphones if you choose. Get the great technology of the display but wear your favourite headphones still.

A slightly different, but more intelligent and versatile headset for the demanding or style conscious user.

Features of Sony Smart Wireless Headset Pro

  • Bluetooth wireless headset with stereo in-ear headphones
  • Make and receive calls
  • See media titles
  • Read text messages
  • Listen to FM radio
  • MicroSD card slot
  • Clip it to your clothing
  • Use your own 3.5mm headphones


Sony_Smart_Wireless_Headset_User_Guide_EN_MW1.pdf Sony_Smart_Wireless_Headset_User_Guide_EN_MW1.pdf (604KB)



Overall Rating 3.5 Stars * * * * *
4 star
2 star
  • Giuseppe 24/6/2012 Recommend to a friend? Yes
    it's amost perfect, it's useful, light, allows you to listen to your favourite music from micro sd card as well as wireless from your phone... it reads out loudly your e-mails and your texts. the sound is perfect. it is also an F.M radio.
    the only bad aspect is that you can pair with just two devices...just 2 slots so if you have many devices you would like to be paired with, you need to keep on pairing
  • Krisanu Pramanik 26/8/2012 Recommend to a friend? Yes
    Hi frazer,
    I understand your problem, B'coz same problem happened with me. If You delete ".jpg" image from songs with any "MP3 TAG Editor software" available in the market and then songs write to your SD card, it should work. Also write all files which given with original sony SD card.
  • Krisanu Pramanik 1/8/2012 Recommend to a friend? Yes
    Hi, I just brought this product. This is very useful for android user & also other smart phone user. It's *LiveSound* headset is rock for music listener.
  • Dvy 14/8/2012 Recommend to a friend? Yes
    great, but same problem as frazer ! Can't read music from micro-sd card :-(
    And pair with only 2 devices. Hope an update, will solve this problems.
  • frazer 5/8/2012 Recommend to a friend? No

    it doesnt work, cannot store more than 2gb of music on it refuses to access music on bigger cards, known problem, dont buy untill they fixed it, im so annoyed i bought it now, pointless

    Clove Response 7/8: We have tested and had no probelms.

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