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Thinkware Dash Cam F800 Air Overview

Thinkware Dash Cam F800 Air UK CloveRapidly becoming a must-have item, Dash Cams is one of the biggest success stories in recent years of consumer technology.

Seeing similar advancements in tech that have helped smartphones become ubiquitous, Dash Cams are more affordable and full of far more technology than only just a couple of years ago.

Thinkware F800 Air Quick Features

  • 1080p Sony Exmor R STARVIS Image Sensor with Super WDR (Front & Rear)
  • Air Link (Parking Incident Notifications, Remote Live Streaming, Emergency Alert, Driving Report)
  • Super Night Vision 2.0 (Driving & Parking mode)
  • Time Lapse (parking mode)
  • Safety Camera Alert
  • Road Safety Warning System (LDWS, FCWS, uFCW, FVSA)
  • 140° Wide Angle (Front & Rear)
  • Advanced Video Clear Technology
  • Built-in Wi-Fi / Built-in GPS
  • Format Free 2.0
  • Mobile App (iOS & Android Compatible)
  • PC Viewer For Windows And Mac OS
  • G-sensor Incident Detection
  • Integrated Thermal Protection

CES 2017 Innovation Award

Hosted in Las Vegas every January, CES is the place to be to get a feel for the upcoming year of consumer technology.

Taking pride of place, Thinkware won an Innovation Award this year for the F800 Air. Redefining their design and build, Thinkware has also embraced smart connectivity and Internet-of-Things (IoT) level functionality.

With previous models such as the F770 & F750 gaining very positive reviews and fast sales, the F800 Air could well be the in-car accessory of choice in 2017.

All the features which have made earlier high-end Thinkware models will be available, plus the following new 3 features:

Emergency Alert

Have you ever worried about getting in an accident off the beaten track? Concerned you could be stranded or injured following an unexpected crash?

Using the onboard gyroscopes and sensors, the Thinkware F800 Air can work out when the vehicle it is installed in has been involved in an incident.

When this happens, predetermined contacts can be called or messaged, along with GPS location details. A dedicated SOS button the F800 Air can also complete the same process if held for a number of seconds.

Should you be involved in a crash, whether with another vehicle or alone, and suffer an injury that makes it difficult to move or communicate, the alert system will ensure those closest to you are aware of the situation immediately.

Parking Incident Notifications

Thinkware Dash Cam F800 Air UK CloveUtilising similar technology to the Emergency Alert, Thinkware F800 can also send push notifications or messages to your phone should your car be impacted when parked.

This feature will require hardwiring to ensure there is power to the unit and Parking Mode is enabled.

Previous Thinkware models would begin recording following an impact in Parking Mode, the F800 Air can now send you an immediate alert.

Geo Fencing / Location Based Service

Useful for those that may lend their vehicle to friends or family, Geo Fencing could also come to the rescue in the possible event of theft.

A set GPS radius can be set and should the Dash Cam find itself outside this ring, an alert can again be sent, along with footage from the camera.

Driving Report Service

Useful for your own analysis or for confirmation that others with access to your car are driving properly, the DRS can analyse driving patterns.

Similar to the "Black Box" technology employed by some car insurers, Thinkware's system can report on spot speeds, average speeds, and braking/acceleration patterns from the onboard G-Sensor & GPS.

Not only can you analyse your own or others' driving, such information can be used to show a pattern of responsible driving should an issue ever arise with insurance claims or court action.

Thinkware Cloud

New for 2017, Thinkware will introduce a full remote backup service. Previous models could already connect to the Internet via Wi-Fi, enabling wireless software updates.

The Thinkware Cloud service will be a complete online account system accessible online or through the smartphone app.

Should your F800 Air be connected to the Internet, you will be able to remotely view through the camera, as well as have automatic online backups of recordings to your account.

Thinkware Features

There is a lot of competition in the Dash Cam space, with many features being shared across manufacturers and brands.

Thinkware have received plenty of support due to the comparatively low cost of their cameras whilst maintaining top of the range units.

All of the features below are available on the previous F770 range and will be present on the F800 Air too.

Wide Dynamic Range

Useful for reducing glare and improving contrast between light and dark. The high-resolution Sony CMOS sensor has a wide dynamic range to compensate for quick exposure changes.

This is the sort of think that can occur as you emerge from a tunnel or turn a corner into direct sunlight.

Thinkware F770 Wide Dynamic Range

Thinkware F770 Automatic Exposure

Super Night Vision

There are plenty of times you'll find yourself driving in low light. Not just at night but perhaps in car parks or back roads without adequate street lighting. This can, of course, make a quality recording difficult!

Thinkware's own Super Night Vision technology is their own and greatly increases virtual brightness all without introducing noise, grain and other artefacts to the final video footage.

Thinkware F770 Nighttime Correction

Time Lapse

Continuous recording is useful but can be storage intensive if your vehicle is stationary for longer periods of time.

With time-lapse, you can record at 1 frame per second. This ensures passing vehicles and people will be captured, without filling up your storage card too quickly.

To help with the review, time-lapsed footage can be watched at up to 15x standard speed.

Road Safety Warning System

F800 Air's software includes a number of road safety technologies:

Front Vehicle Departure Warning (FVDW) - When stationary, FVDW tells you when the car in front is moving off.

Lane Departure Warning (LDWS) - F800 checks the lane markings ahead and sounds an alarm if you stray. Especially useful for motorway and dual carriageway driving.

Front Collision Warning System (FCWS) - F800 calculates how far ahead vehicles and objects are. You will receive a warning should you approach too fast.

Safety Camera Alert

A database of known safety camera locations is included with every F800 Air. This works out at over 18,000 locations in the UK!

Thanks to the built-in GPS, F800 knows if one is coming up.

This database is constantly updated, so if F800 is updated regularly, new locations will be added. Updates can be handled automatically and wirelessly if in the range of your home Wi-Fi or other public Wi-Fi access point.

You will also be informed when you are speeding excessively and in known areas of average speed checks. Overall, F800 can provide audible warnings for 5 types of road safety cameras:

  • Red Light Warning System (on traffic lights)
  • Speed Camera Warning System (traditional yellow box)
  • Red Light & Speed Camera Warning System (combination of the above)
  • Average Speed Warning System (used in contraflow systems)
  • Mobile Zone Warning System (Known short term deployments - keep software updated regularly to keep these up to date)

Extra Features

High-Temperature Protection System

The F800 has been built to withstand high temperatures - just the kind of thing that can happen on a hot Summer's day in a locked car left alone for several hours.

In the event of extremely high temperatures, the F800 will shut down. No recording will occur to avoid the system processor overheating, however, you might prefer that to a melted camera...

PC Viewer

This is companion software for PC and Mac. Through it, you can amend camera settings and update the firmware over a wired connection. You can also view GPS information, playback footage and complete basic editing.

Mobile App

Available for iOS and Android smartphones, the app allows for playback of recorded videos, as well as access to your online Thinkware account. Certain Thinkware cameras, including the F800 Air, can also have their settings updated through the mobile app via a direct connection.

Google Play | iTunes


The F800 has a GPS module built into the system so all videos can be location tagged. This also works towards proving elevation and speed.

Parking Mode

Hardwire the F800 Air to your vehicle's power supply and 'Parking Mode' will be enabled. With this, the F800 continues to receive power even where the car is stationary and off.

Having Parking Mode active allows the F800 to continue monitoring your surroundings. Footage can be recorded if the camera notices a collision or excess movement so you can catch a potential vandal or accidental damage even if you aren't around.

Thinkware Dash Cam F800 Accessories

Once the Thinkware F800 Air is available, there will likely be a number of additional components that can be purchased alongside it.

It's quite likely that some of the additional camera units for previous Thinkware models will be compatible; take a look at the range below:

Reasons to buy Thinkware Dash Cam F800 Air

  • Compact, slimline design - simple to install to dash or sun visor
  • New connected Internet of Things features
  • Emergency alerts for messaging or calling stored contacts
  • Location Based Geofencing - automatically begin recording and send alerts when outside of predetermined GPS radius
  • Driving Report Service for analysing driving patterns
  • Parking Incident Notifications - send alerts in parking mode if
  • High-resolution Sony CMOS sensor for 1080p Full HD recording
  • Several recording modes including night vision, time lapse and continuous loop
  • Wi-Fi connection to wirelessly update firmware, traffic and connect to smartphones
  • DUAL SAVE® (Internal Back Up Memory)
  • Thermal protection - designed to resist high temperatures in-car
  • Built in GPS
  • Optional rear camera (2 channel)
  • Hard wiring kit for continuous power and parking mode

What's in the box of Thinkware Dash Cam F800 Air

  • F800 Air Dash Cam Unit (optional rear camera if purchased)
  • TBC

Dash Cam F800 Air Specifications


  • TBC mm


  • TBC grams


  • TBC MP (Sony CMOS Sensor)

Viewing Angle

  • TBC degrees (diagonal)


  • Full HD (1920 x 1080), front & rear cameras


  • Micro SD supported - maximum size TBC

Recording Modes

  • Super Night Vision
  • Time Lapse
  • Continuous Recording Mode
  • Incident Recording Mode
  • Manual Recording Mode
  • Parking Surveillance Recording Mode
  • Capturing Still Image
  • Audio Recording

Recording Time

  • Recording data/bit rate TBC

Acceleration Sensor

  • 3-Axis Acceleration G-Sensor (3D, ±4G)


  • Built-in GPS with GLONASS support


  • Input Voltage: DC 12/24V (Max 35V)
  • Power Cable Port x 1 (3.5pi)


  • 1 x Video-IN (micro USB), DC-IN, Micro SD slot


  • Security LED
  • Operation Status LED
  • GPS Receiver LED
  • Wi-Fi LED



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