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U|Karbon Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Skin

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Cabon Black, Full Skin Buy
U|Karbon Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Skin - Carbon Black
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U|Karbon Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Skin Overview

We like to protect our mobile technology products from scratches and other damage that may occur in day to day use. We do to wish to make ours stand out from that other other people may own.

Putting a case on the Lumia 950 XL may be an option to achieve protection and personalisation, but it can add bulk and detract from the design.

Have you ever considered a skin?

A skin is an adhesive piece of material that measures just 0.2mm thick and fits your 950 XL thanks to precision engineering by the team at U|Karbon who produce a range of skins for your 950XL.

Available in an array of colours all with a ‘Carbon Fibre’ look the skin not only protects the 950XL but it also gives you the opportunity to personalise it.

Being so thin, it does not add any bulk or weight to the device and is,in many instances, considerably more cost effective than a case.

Made from the highest quality materials, DI-NOC is a high quality PVC film from the 3M Architectural Finish range that is flexible, simple to apply and can be cleaned.

With the 3D texture, when applied to your Lumia 950 XL you get the look and feel of Carbon Fibre, without the cost.

Decide you no longer want the skin on? Unlike many other cheaper vinyl’s, 3M DI-NOC does not leave any sticky residue on the 950XL.

All skins are precision crafted here in the UK and do not affect the operation of the 950 XL in any way. All the ports, controls and sensors work without issue; nor does the skin have a detrimental effect on the cooling of the device.

When buying a U|Karbon skin for your Lumia 950xL you have several options.

  • Back – A skin just for the back of the 950XL
  • Front – A skin designed to fit just the front of the phone
  • A full skin - Covers the front and back of the Microsoft Lumia 950 XL

Fitting of the skin is fairly simple and when purchased a guide is provided, but patience and a steady hand can be helpful to get the perfect fit. Thankfully the material is fairly resilient so if you get it wrong, it is possible to peel it off and start again.

Once fitted not only will your device look different to many others out there, it will now be considerably more resistant to scratches and damage from change, keys and other objects the Microsoft Lumia 950XL may come into contact with.

Reasons To Buy U|Karbon Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Skin

  • Give your Microsoft Lumia 950 XL that Carbon Fibre look
  • Made specifically for the 950XL
  • Various fitting options, front, back or full skin
  • Made from high quality 3M DI-NOC adhesive PVC film
  • Easy to fit
  • No residue left when removed
  • Protects and gives a personal style to your device
  • Just 0.2mm thick
  • Made in the UK

How To Fit/Install U|Karbon Microsoft Lumia 950 XL Skin

Each device varies in the best way to fit the skin to your device but there are a few key steps which are important when fitting a skin irrespective of device.

  • Make sure the environment you are working in is clean and as dust free as possible, this includes your hands.
  • Clean your 950 XL thoroughly before installing for the best application. A cloth is supplied, but a cleaning solution could assist.
  • Have a hairdryer or hot air gun on hand for a quick blast of heat to make the skin more malleable when fitting a skin to certain contours on a device.

For a detailed guide, please watch the video below (to be used as a guide - Not specific to this device).

Please note: Depending on the device and the skin chosen, skins may come in multiple parts. For example front skins often come in 2 pieces, whilst full skins can be made up of 3 or more pieces including a skin for the edges of the device in some instances.


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