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Zens Built-in Qi Wireless Charger



Zens Built-in Qi Wireless Charger Overview

Qi wireless charging is fast finding its way into many new smartphones and other mobile products. Integrated into major brands such as the Samsung Galaxy S6 and Google Nexus smartphone ranges, Qi wireless charging offers safe and simple powering of your products without any fiddly cables.

Qi charging pads are generally inexpensive standalone items and offer universal charging to all Qi enabled products. Zens specialise in making high-quality, reliable charging pads.

This built-in model is designed to be sunk into a wooden surface. When the work is finished, you should have an unobtrusive wireless charging station that looks like part of your standard furniture!

Included in the package is a specialised drill bit, designed to bore a hole to exactly the radius of the pad. You can then secure the pad in place on the underside with the included plate & 2 screws.

The split charging cable lets you then run the mains power in a manner suitable to your installation.

Reasons to buy Zens Built-in Qi Wireless Charger

  • Turn your desk, coffee table or other surface into a built-in wireless charger
  • Sink fit the charging pad into any wooden surface
  • Includes a boring drill-bit for an exact fit
  • Separated power cable for easier cabling
  • Qi wireless charging


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