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Crystalusion Liquid Glass



Crystalusion Liquid Glass Overview

Liquid Glass is a revolutionary new product from Crystalusion. It provides protection from all types of harmful elements for almost any surface. Its formula, developed with nano-technology, protects surfaces from dirt, oil, dust, abrasion and bacteria for up to 12 months.

Due to its unique application method Crystalusion is guaranteed to provide a 100% bubble free protective coating that will not degrade viewing quality or affect touchscreen sensitivity

Crystalusion Liquid Glass is made of silica molecules, the main compound of glass and the most abundant mineral on Earth, suspended in ethanol. When applied to your device, the silica molecules naturally bond forming an ultra thin (100 nanometre) barrier against dirt, dust, oil, fingerprints, abrasions and bacteria. Each molecule is 500 times thinner than a human hair!

As Liquid Glass only uses Silica molecules it is great for humans having been certified as food safe and also for the environment, unlike other screen protection technologies that use non biodegradable plastics. The unique nature of the coating also provides antimicrobial protection as bacteria find it especially difficult to replicate on the surface. Hospitals in the UK have been using the technology and it has received the 'NHS Smart Solutions Award'.

Crystalusion is:

100% Invisible

Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection will not affect the viewing clarity or aesthetic look of any device. Because the Crystalusion layer is formed at the nanoscale it is completely invisible to the naked eye and because it is 100% light permeable it will not affect screen resolution or colour clarity.easy clean liquid glass screen protector

Easy Clean

Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is Superphobic, this means it is both Hydrophobic (repels liquid) and oleophobic (repels oils and grease), because of this oils and grease can’t stick to the surface, they just sit on top of the layer – this makes fingerprints and grease marks particularly easy to clean from the device.

Bubble Free

Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is particularly unique because it is applied as a liquid, because of this air cannot become trapped between the Crystalusion layer and the device giving a completely bubble free application over the entire device – not just the screen.
antibacteria liquid glass screen protector


Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is Antimicrobial, this means bacteria cannot live on the protective layer – helping to keep your device germ free. ASTM E2180 antimicrobial tests proved a 99.9% reduction in levels of organisms when tested with Salmonella, Staph. aureus and E. coli

Diamond Tested!

Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection is laboratory tested to ASTM C1624-05 Qualitative Single Point Scratch Testing using a 0.2mm tip radius Rockwell diamond and is laboratory certified to withstand up to 56N before showing visible signs of scratching – that’s 600% more resistant than a traditional screen protector!Antibacterial/Antimicrobial – which means it does not support the development of bacteria. When bacteria comes in contact with a treated surface it is not able to divide and therefore dies.

The box contains two sachets. Inside the first is an ethanol wipe to clean your device. The second contains the Liquid Glass wipe which should be used on your device until dry.

The fantastic thing about this is that Liquid Glass can be used on any device of any shape without the potential or bubbles like traditional screen protectors. It can also protect the casing, not just the screen of the device. You need not just apply Crystalusion to electronics, it can also protect items like glasses.

Once applied Liquid Glass is invisible to the naked eye and your device will only ever need the quickest of wipe downs to look like new.

Think of this like an invisible screen protector. It does the same job, with the need to re-coat every 6-12 months, like you would with a screen protector.

Crystalusion Liquid Glass Features

  • Nano thin Silicon Dioxide (SiO2) protective layer
  • Invisible to the naked eye
  • Quick and easy to apply
  • Bubble free
  • Provides antimicobial protection
  • Resistant to water and oil based substances (hydrophobic & oleophobic)
  • Visibly improves existing minor scuffs and scratches
  • Reduces finger marks, dust and provides an easy to clean wipe down surface
  • Resistant to acid and alaline
  • Average 12 month lifespan (dependant upon usage)

How to apply Crystalusion Liquid Glass

For the best results in applying Crystalusion to your device, please follow the steps shown below taking the following precautions fist.

  • Disconnect you device from any power source, turn the phone off and remove any cases, screen protectors, headphones and USB cables.
  • Be sure not to apply excessive fluid to headphone sockets, charging ports and other sensitive apertures since this may damage your device or possibly void the manufacturers warranty.
  • Do not apply Crystalusion when near a source of ignition, in direct sunlight or onto a hot device.
  • Crystalusion Liquid Glass used an organic ethanol propellant we suggest testing colour fastness on an inconspicuous area prior to application, this is particularly important on painted or rubberised surfaces.

Application Instructions:

1. Gently clean the device with the pre-treated microfiber cloth contained in sachet

2. Continue to clean the device until the entire surface area is cleaned (i.e. Front, back, sides, top, and bottom) and the cloth is completely dry.

3. Allow the device to dry for several minutes. Note: it’s essential that all dirt, grime, fingerprints, cosmetics and oil deposits are removed prior to moving to the next step.

4. Coat the device in Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection using the pre-treated microfiber cloth contained in sachet Continue to apply to the device until the cloth is completely dry – This will take approximately 90 seconds. Ensure the entire surface area of the device is treated (i.e. Front, back, sides, top, bottom).

5. After application allow the device to dry for at least 5 minutes before handling. After 5 minutes the device is touch dry and can be handled lightly but we recommend you allow a 12 hour drying time for the Crystalusion liquid glass layer to form.

Note: as the best performance is achieved after several hours has elapsed we recommend that you coat your device immediately before a period where your device is unlikely to be handled, just before going to bed is a great time.

Crystalusion Liquid Glass Box Contents

  • Crystalusion pre-treatment cleaning cloth
  • Crystalusion Liquid Glass cloth
  • Instruction document


Crystalusion_Diagram.pdf Crystalusion_Diagram.pdf (149KB)
Crystalusion_Application_Instructions.pdf Crystalusion_Application_Instructions.pdf (1991KB)



Does Crystalusion stop fingerprints from appearing on a surface?

Crystalusion is an Oleophobic coating which naturally resists the build-up of oils and fats and therefore yes it does reduce the appearance of fingerprints on a surface. After prolonged usage you may see finger prints on the device however these can be wiped off with ease due to the oleophobic properties of the coating.

Is Crystalusion able to repair existing scratches or dents in devices or any other product it has been applied on?

No, Crystalusion it is not designed to repair surfaces, it is a surface protector which enables surfaces to remain clean and abrasion resistant. Minor hairline scratches will appear less prominent after applying Crystalusion but it will not visibly improve deep ridgeline scratches.

How do I know that the product has been applied?

Crystalusion uses nanotechnology and therefore is invisible to the naked eye. The Liquid Glass Protection layer is 500 times thinner than a human hair however once applied, if you gently stroke the back of your hand over the surface you will feel the coating. You can also take a water dropper and carefully apply drops to the surface. By doing this you will see immediately that the droplets "bead" on the surface.

Smearing has appeared on my screen after applying the product. Have I applied Crystalusion correctly?

After completing the application process you may experience smearing or see residue appear on your device/screen during the drying process, this is completely normal. Continue to allow Crystalusion-Liquid Glass Protection to dry for the required 12 hours– do not clean your device during this time. After 12 hours have elapsed take a dry microfibre cloth and buff the device/screen removing any smearing and leftover residue – your device is now fully protected.

How long do I have to wait before the product has been applied?

Crystalusion will start to protect the surface of your device/product within 6-10 hours after it has been applied but full protection will take up to 24 hours.

Can I use the Crystalusion sachets to coat other products or items in my house?

Yes, however the Crystalusion sachets available today have been designed primarily to protect multimedia devices and glasses so performance on other surfaces will not be as effective.

Do I need to use gloves to apply the product?

Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection is 100% natural and chemical free and therefore will not harm you. It even carries a food safety certification.

What level of scratch protection will Crystalusion give my device/product?

Crystalusion forms a very hard layer of pure glass on the surface of the treated product. This layer is more efficient than traditional polyurethane protectors and can sustain a higher force of abrasion without marking or scuffing.

Does Crystalusion act as a water repellent and stop water from going into my products through any ports (mobile phone, watches etc...)?

No, Crystalusion is not designed to stop the ingress of moisture/water and therefore should not be considered to be a waterproofing agent.

What is the best way to apply the product?

For best results follow the detailed instructions that can be found on the back of the box and the instruction leaflet inside the Crystalusion box.

When do I need to re-apply the Crystalusion or how do I know that my device is no longer protected?

The Crystalusion layer will come off through daily wear and tear and abrasion. The coatings will withstand many tens of thousands of wiping actions but its longevity is dependant on the protected product's usage. We would recommend re-coating the surface when the easy to clean characteristics have reduced substantially or completely disappeared.

Are there any surfaces you wouldn't recommend applying Crystalusion on to?

Whilst Crystalusion Liquid Glass Protection is environmentally friendly for the application process it requires alcohol to clean your surface and the bonding process. For this reason we do not recommend applying Crystalusion on surfaces that are sensitive to alcohol. Crystalusion products contain ethanol which may cause damage to some types of acrylics and plastics. Check the surface of your device before applying Crystalusion.

When do I need to re-apply the Crystalusion or how do I know that my device is no longer protected?

The Crystalusion – Liquid Glass Protection layer will come off through daily wear and tear and abrasion. The coatings will withstand many tens of thousands of wiping actions but its longevity is dependant on the protected product’s usage. We would recommend re-coating the surface when the easy to clean characteristics have reduced substantially or completely disappeared.

Other competing products are available in bottles for a similar price, why is this?

It has taken us over 1 year of R&D market research and testing to devise the perfect application methodology for Crystalusion so that none of our customers can ever make a mistake and damage any of the internal components of their multimedia device. The existing packaging offers the maximum level of protection at an affordable RRP, and there is enough Liquid Glass Protection in 1 application to even coat a 50″ Television.

Will Crystalusion affect the manufacturer warranty in any way?

Crystalusion is a product of German engineered nanotechnology and once applied the protective layer itself is thinner than 100nm, (which is 500 x thinner than a human hair) and as a result completely undetectable and invisible. Therefore it will not affect the manufacturer’s warranty or alter the device’s look and feel. Furthermore our researched application methodology ensures that our customers cannot damage the internal components of their multimedia devices thereby completely remove the risk of warranty issues.

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3 star
2 star
  • Hagai 2/10/2013 Recommend to a friend? Yes
    Works fin on my Note II.
    Cleaned the device with the cleaning wipe, than applied the protector. Let it dry for 12 hours. The screen looks just as if nothing is applied, but feels much "smoother", and any fingerprints or grease just wipes off very easily. Like it much better than the conventional films.
  • Seghier 4/8/2016 Recommend to a friend? No
    nice product ; when i use the phone i can see traces of my fingerprints but not as before and i can quickly clean the screen
    but i think that exist better products in the market
  • Asha 23/7/2013 Recommend to a friend? Yes
    works rely well slippy after apply but finger marks come strait off. THX CLOVE!
  • Pete 12/9/2013 Recommend to a friend? No

    This product seems to get mixed reviews - some saying that it just left a 'streaky mess' on the screen. I thought that they probably hadn't cleaned the device properly before applying. However, after trying to apply it myself, I was also left with horrible streak mess all over the screen. The problem seems to be that the cleaning cloth doesn't clean the screen properly. Even after repeated attempts with the cleaning cloth a spotty grease residue remained on the screen. I assume that some form of pre-cleaning is required before use of the cloth as all the ethanol does is dissolve the grease on the screen, then when the ethanol evaporates, the grease remains on the screen........very frustrating...........

    I suspect I can't get my money back (only 7 quid or so anyway), but I do hope that the manufacturers look into how the product is applied and provide better instructions.

    Clove Response 16/11/13 - Peter we are sorry to hear that you have not got the results you expected with the product.  The general feedback has been positive.  Regretfully as the product has been used then we can not offer a refund but will certainly pass on your feedback to the manufacturers.

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