Dispatch will usually be made with UPS, although an alternative service may be used depending on stock location.
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    Clove Technology has over 2 decades' experience in international shipping.

    Every week we dispatch packages from our warehouse in the UK to destinations in every continent.

    Our checkout system will automatically provide shipping rates for available services based on your basket contents & destination country.

    We can ship with DHL Express, UPS or international post via UK Royal Mail. Please note not all services are available to every destination.
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    25+ years experience
    Founded in 1992 to target the emerging mobile computing market, Clove Technology has grown and adapted into what you see today.

    Staffed by a small, yet dedicated team, product knowledge and customer service have been paramount to our continued success for nearly 3 decades.

    Whether you plan on buying a £1,000 smartphone or a £10 case, for delivery down the road or to the other side of the world, we're here to answer any questions you might have.
    25+ Years experience
    Founded in 1992

    International Customers FAQ

    Whilst we are always happy to answer any individual enquiries that you may have, please find below a list of the most common questions that we receive.

    This list has been compiled to make it easier for you to find out the information you need.

    We offer shipments to most global countries/territories. We do regret that not all countries/territories are serviced. This may be due to international sanctions, import restrictions, excessive customs charges or a managerial decision at Clove based on historical package loss to that destination. 

    Answers to common questions

    1) Clove Technology is not liable for any customs duties that might be incurred when goods reach the destination country. If requested, we can provide you with an estimate of any charges you may incur, however we cannot guarantee the accuracy of this and any estimate may be lower than the final charges you incur.

    2) We will not reduce the invoice value to lower your customs charges. We are legally obliged to state the full value of all goods we export from the UK.

    3) We will not mark documentation to say the goods are a 'gift'. We are legally obliged to declare our exports from the UK as commercial goods. 

    4) In some countries, the import of some smartphones and devices may be restricted, or require an import licence from you, the buyer.

    5) It is the responsibility of you, the buyer, to make yourself aware of any customs duties or import restrictions applicable to the destination country. For some countries there are strict flight regulations relating to batteries in devices and this limits the quantity to two devices per shipment. Please check with us if you are unsure - it is not possible for us to regulate the number of devices at checkout, so we will need to contact customers for extra carriage payment if too many devices are added.

    6) If the import of the goods is refused and they need to be returned to the UK, this may incur further charges which have to be met by you as the buyer. If goods are returned to us and charges levied against our account by the courier, we reserve the right to withhold this amount from any refund issued to you. 

    7) If an order is required to ship to a friend/relative or a friend/relative is paying for the goods, then the payment option selected must be either PayPal (card payment can then be selected using this method if required and you do not need to have a PayPal account) or BACS Transfer. If any other method of payment is selected then the order is liable to be rejected and refunded for security reasons.

    8) If additional security information is required you will receive an email after the order has been placed (please scroll down for further details about this).

    Are all shipments insured?

    Packages are insured for loss or damage, with the exception of select countries and regions where an option for NO insurance may be offered.

    Should you receive a package with damaged contents, or suspect that your package has been lost, you should contact us immediately with any appropriate evidence (pictures, information from the delivery company) so that we can begin an investigation

    Are the devices unlocked?

    All our devices, unless stated on the product page itself, are SIM FREE and UNLOCKED. This means they have come from the factory unlocked and have not previously been locked for use on any network (never locked).

    As a result of the above, all of our devices, unless stated, do not have any branding other than the manufacturer's logo and images on the device. There will be no carrier/network operators branding. 

    Can a friend place an order for me or can I pay for a friend's order?

    We appreciate that sometimes due to the language barrier or particular personal issues, you may want to do one of the following:

    • Place an order in your name and ship it to a friend
    • Place an order in your name, but pay with a friend’s card

    We always try where possible to accommodate your requests, but due to security issues, we often cannot do this.

    It can be best if you cannot order or pay for an item yourself, to get a friend to help you.

    If you get a friend to do it they must order it in their name, pay with their card and ship to their address. They must also complete any communication with us.

    Communicating with us about an order a friend placed on your behalf not only becomes confusing for us when names and email addresses do not match but is a security issue and we can not operate in this way.

    If a friend does order and pay on your behalf, you should then sort out the payment and delivery locally – Clove is not responsible for this.

    What security checks do I have to do?


    If this is your first purchase of a high value product from Clove, then additional security information is usually required. Please respond if you receive an email and If you would prefer to share the information via Dropbox instead of attaching it to your email, just let us know.

    The security checks are implemented by Clove Technology in accordance with advice provided by leading Merchant Services, due to high levels of fraud in relation to the goods we sell.

    The following information may be requested:-

    • A photographic image of the card used for this transaction
      (must show the cardholder name and last 4 digits of the card number – please hide the other digits)
    • A proof of identity image, showing the registered cardholder name/address
      (for example, a driving license or government-issued ID card)


    We reserve the right to refuse or cancel the order even if the above information is provided.

    Can I get a tax redemption form for use at airports?

    As a UK-based, online-only, mail-order company, we can NOT supply a VAT redemption form, even if you can prove to us that your country of residence is outside the UK.

    "Tax Free Shopping" is only available from participating physical stores who agree to provide you with a VAT 407 form.

    Full information is available on the UK's government website:

    Can I pay by wire/BACS?

    You can pay with wire or BACS transfer if you prefer.

    There is a BACS payment option on our online checkout. If you select this method you will need to email us please for details to enable payment. If we do not hear from you within 3 business days, your order will normally be archived.

    Your order will ship after we have received full payment into our account.

    If you want to pay by BACS but not use the online checkout, please follow these steps:

    1. Email us with a list of the items you require, which shipping service you would like and your full name, address and contact details.

    2. We will reply with the full amount to pay and the bank account details.

    3. You can then make payment into our account and let us know that you have made this payment. (Please note that you must pay all bank charges.)

    4. Once we receive the payment into our account we will dispatch the order via the shipment method requested.

    Can I remove VAT from my order?

    All orders shipped inside the UK must have VAT applied to them, even if the invoicing address is outside the UK.

    For UK business customers who are registered for VAT, VAT will be shown on the invoice and charged, but you can use the invoice to claim this back through the normal methods.

    If the shipping destination is not within the UK, VAT will not be charged on any order.

    Can I ship to an alternative address?

    We can offer delivery to an alternative address from the one registered to the payment card or PayPal account.

    For first-time customers, such a delivery address should be logged with your card issuer / PayPal and should usually be that of a workplace.

    Where possible please provide contact details, including telephone numbers, for the alternative address.

    Whilst we try to avoid this, it may be necessary to ship to the registered card address only. We will inform you if this is the case.

    For existing/returning customers, whilst we normally adhere to the above procedures there is a higher likelihood of us being able to ship to an alternative residential address.

    Can I track my shipment?

    Not all shipments can be tracked. Tracking will depend on the delivery method used. Low-value items will usually be sent via an untracked means. We still insure the package against loss or damage.

    More expensive and larger items are sent with services through which they can be tracked. Depending on the service used, there are different levels of tracking information that you can view. Couriers such as DPD, DHL and UPS provide the most comprehensive tracking facilities. If you want the package to be fully tracked then we suggest choosing one of these as the delivery method.

    If you have your tracking number click one of the appropriate link below to track your package:

    Royal Mail* -

    DPD Local -

    DHL -

    UPS -

    *For international shipments, please note that once an item has been passed to customs or your local delivery service, it is normal for the message on the Royal Mail website to remain the same until the package has been physically delivered.

    You may find it more helpful to use the following tracking website which provides further information for some countries:, or contact your local mail service provider with the international tracking number provided.

    You will need to put your tracking number into the box and select ‘Track with options’. If you then click on ‘Select Country’ (from the 2 tabs at the top left of the page) you will see a list of countries – just click on the delivery country and it will provide any available information about your package.

    Can you declare an item as a gift?

    As a registered exporter, we have a legal requirement to declare the full value of all goods that are being exported from the UK.

    Therefore all packages will be marked with their full commercial value, in correspondence with the commercial invoices supplied.

    We can not, nor will we, reduce the declared value of an item, or declare it as a gift.

    The only exception to this rule may be second shipments of products which have already been declared as exported and subsequently lost or damaged in transit, items with zero commercial value or items which have been discounted to have zero commercial value (and are otherwise sold at a cost).

    Can you reduce the value of the item?

    As a registered exporter, we have a legal requirement to declare the full value of all goods that are being exported from the UK.

    Therefore all packages will be marked with their full commercial value, in correspondence with the commercial invoices supplied.

    We can not, nor will we, reduce the declared value of an item.

    Can you use other couriers (UPS etc)

    UK packages will normally be sent with Royal Mail or DPD Local. However, if we send items directly from a UK distributor then they will use the courier of their choice.

    International packages will be sent by Royal Mail (for transferring to the destination country's postal service), DHL Express or UPS.

    We have business agreements and accounts with these companies where they collect the parcels from us.

    We do not offer facilities for mail to be sent with other couriers, unless you have an account with them and can arrange for them to collect the goods. In this instance, you will need to contact us to arrange this, prior to placing the order.

    Delivery Information/Times

    We ship all over the world with different shipping companies based on the cost of the items, the weight, the location of shipment and the delivery time frame required. The main services we use are Royal Mail, UPS and DHL.

    If a package goes outside of the UK, the package will be handed to the standard mail services in your country or representatives of UPS or DHL in your region.

    Shipping times vary from country to country.

    We insure all shipments against loss or damage unless we state otherwise.

    For full information on delivery times and the services we use please visit our Delivery Information page.

    Do you accept PayPal?

    Yes - with some limitations.

    There is currently no price limit for UK or EU customers, however, we do apply a limit of £500 to some international orders.

    This £500 limit applies to orders being made for dispatch to some countries outside of the EU.

    There are also a small number of countries where we do not offer PayPal, however, the majority of customers can pay via PayPal.

    If PayPal is available to you, you will be presented with the option during the checkout process.

    If Paypal is not an option for you, payments must be made via credit or debit cards, or via bank transfer by contacting us directly.

    Do you take payment straight away?

    Unless you have ordered an item that is marked as 'pre-order' on the product page, you will be charged straight away for the products ordered.

    We will inform customers within 2 business days (Monday-Friday excluding national UK holidays) by email if the order has been dispatched, or if for any reason there is a problem or delay with the order.

    How do I pay?

    You will need to make payment using a credit or debit card (Visa & MasterCard) on our online checkout. This uses WorldPay merchant services for card processing.

    Alternatively you can check out via PayPal and use an account balance or credit/debit card on their site.

    We can also arrange for payment to be made by direct bank transfer (BACS/Wire) or cheque. To arrange to make payment by these means, you will need to contact us by telephone or email.

    We do not accept cash payments.

    *We are unable to offer PayPal to some countries. Some countries have a PayPal order limit of 500 GBP imposed.

    How do I place an order?

    You can order the items that you require, by navigating to and finding item(s) on our site and then adding them to the online basket.

    You add the items to the basket, by clicking the 'Buy' icon for each product. If you require more than one of an item, click the 'Buy' as many times as is necessary, or adjust the value in the basket. Repeat this as many times as is necessary.

    When you have added all the items you require, click the 'Checkout' button which is on the bottom of the basket, marked in green on the top-right of the hand side of the desktop web page.

    You will then be taken through to checkout, where we hope the rest of the process is well described and simple to complete.

    How do I register?

    A Register link is available at the top of our website or in the mobile navigation. You can enter your email address and other personal information to create an account. 

    If you do not have an account, one will be created for you during the checkout procedure using the email address supplied for the order. If you do not set a password at this time, the account will be dormant, waiting for you to set a password.

    I haven't received my order, what can I do?

    If you live in the UK and have not received your order, but have had confirmation of dispatch, you should allow the time period stated in the dispatch confirmation email to pass before chasing the shipment.

    After such times, if you cannot contact the shipping company locally, please contact us and we will investigate the delay for you.

    If you live outside the UK and have not received your order, but have had confirmation of dispatch, please allow 28 business days for delivery.

    We are unable to accept claims for lost or undelivered packages until 28 business days have passed from the date of dispatch.

    Of a 7 day week, 5 of those 7 are classed as business days (excluding UK national holidays). After 28 business days, if the package has still not arrived, we will ship a replacement package or offer a full refund, whichever is preferred by those who placed the order. If we can provide proof of delivery of a package, a refund or replacement shipment will not take place.

    If you have not received an email confirming dispatch, log in to your account to see the order status. If it has been dispatched, confirmation of this along with any tracking information that you require will be provided on screen. If it has not been dispatched and shows as any other status, then the order is being processed for dispatch and will be sent shortly, unless you are contacted to explain otherwise. If you want more information, you can always contact us.

    My card has been declined. Why?

    If you have received an email stating that payment has been declined, then this could be for number of reasons.

    1. Insufficient Funds. You may have exceeded the card limit or used all available funds. Please check your account or speak to you bank and contact us once the problem has been rectified. If you are an international customer, the value of you order in GBP may exceed your available funds after conversions.

    2. Card Blocked. Card issuers may block the payment when it is being deducted by a technology company if it is outside your normal spending patterns, or sometimes if it is not based in your home country. This is often a proactive procedure to protect you against potentially fraudulent transactions. In this instance all you need do is contact your bank, confirm that you are expecting a transaction from Clove Technology and ask them to remove the block. Having done this please contact us to let us know we can attempt to take payment again.

    3. Communication Error. From time to time, due to issues beyond our control, the automatic communication systems between our SagePay / PayPal checkout may not function correctly and cause the payment to be declined. In this instance please try again later or contact us by phone to place the order.

    My package is lost or damaged, what can I do?

    If you think that your package has been damaged in transit, irrespective of the delivery location, please contact us by telephone ( 44 (0)1202 552936) or email ( as soon as possible to discuss the next step.

    If you think your package has been lost in transit and you are located in the UK, please contact us by telephone ( 44 (0)1202 552936) or email ( as soon as possible to discuss the next step.

    If you are located outside the UK, and you think your package is lost (it has not been delivered after 28 working days) please contact us by telephone ( 44 (0)1202 552936) or email ( as soon as possible to discuss.

    My product is faulty, what can I do?

    If you feel that your product is not functioning correctly please follow these procedures:

    1. If available take a look at the manual, read and act upon any of the help/troubleshooting tips provided.

    2. Contact the manufacturer directly to discuss the problem and take note of their advice. If this does not work, book it in for return with them.

    3. Contact Clove Technology by phone, email or log an online return from your account and we will provide assistance on the fault. If necessary we will issue a returns authorisation to arrange the product's return.

    For complete information on Clove's return policy for faulty goods, please click HERE.

    What currency do you charge in?

    We accept payments in the following currencies GBP, AUD, CAD, DKK, EUR,HRK,ILS,JPY, KRW,NOK,SAR,SEK, USD and ZAR.

    If you do not bank in one of these currencies, your card issuer will make the conversion to your local currency against Great British Pounds Sterling (GBP). The exchange rate on which this is completed will be set by your card issuer and we have no control over this.

    What happens if my device breaks or stops working?

    If your device stops working or something goes wrong as a result of anything other than user damage, it can be sent back to the manufacturer for inspection and repair.

    You should if the device is still within the warranty period, contact the manufacturer and book it in for repair.

    If you are unable to book it in directly with the manufacturer due to your location, please contact us or log an online return and we will assist you.

    The procedure is the same even if the product is outside of the warranty period, please contact the manufacturer first.

    What is the warranty period on the device?

    Each device or accessory will have a different warranty period. Please refer to the product page for the warranty period for the particular product you are inquiring about.

    If the warranty is not shown on the page or in the technical information, please contact us and request the information.

    What network can I use it on and can you confirm it will work?

    Most of our devices can be used globally on most major networks and it is likely that you will be able to at a minimum make calls and perform low speed web browsing on the device.

    We cannot however confirm 100% compatibility with your network provider in your country (unless in the UK/EU). Therefore please take a note of the frequencies for which the device will work and contact your network provider to confirm compatibility.

    Whilst we will happily advise by email or phone where possible of compatibility, the responsibility on confirming compatibility lies with you as the purchaser.

    Where do you ship and how much does it cost?

    We ship to almost every country on the globe, subject to there being at least a registered mail service provider.

    For a full delivery destination list and costs of shipping to each country, please add your required items to the basket, proceed to checkout and select the delivery destination.

    Shipping options and relevant pricing will then be provided.

    Which payment cards do you accept?

    We accept all major credit and debit cards.

    Visa, Visa Electron, MasterCard, Switch, Maestro, Solo and American Express are all included.

    There is no surcharge for processing American Express.

    Why do I have to complete the security checks?

    The security checks have to be completed for certain items, order values and delivery destinations.

    These checks have been implemented by Clove Technology, in accordance with advice provided by leading Merchant Services. These have to be completed due to the risk attached to sending products abroad without having a face-to-face transaction.

    Whilst the card details you provide offer a level of security for international orders (items being sent outside the UK), we require further checks to be completed due to the nature of products we sell and the high fraud risk attached.

    Whilst there are other checks that we can do, these incur a large cost and time. This would end up making our products more expensive and be detrimental to the service we offer, which is why we ask where possible for you to assist us in completing what we deem to be simple procedures.

    Once completed, it would be rare to have to complete these again for future orders.

    Will I have to pay customs duties? Are there import costs?

    Outside of the UK, your local customs duties and legislation for importing goods will apply. Often the import fees are related to the type of item and its' value. 

    If you require more information on import fees, you will need to contact your local authority or use an online duty calculator as a guide to costs you may incur.

    The majority of the goods we dispatch are Smartphones, Tablets and other cellular equipment. These should be imported with HS Tariff code 85171200.

    Some courier services such as DHL & UPS may pay the customs duties in advance to expedite the shipment. If so, they will bill you this amount before releasing the package to you.

    If you have been billed customs/import duties/tax and refuse to pay, the package may be returned to Clove Technology. The return charges will be billed to Clove Technology and Clove Technology reserves the right to withhold this amount from any refund you would otherwise be due.