Apple iPad Pro 12.9 Inch (2021)
£924.99 £1,109.99 (inc VAT)
Microsoft Surface Pro X
£899.16 £1,078.99 (inc VAT)
Microsoft Surface Pro 6 Windows 10 Pro
£877.50 £1,053.00 (inc VAT)
Apple iPad Pro 12.9-inch (2020)
£802.50 £963.00 (inc VAT)
Microsoft Surface Pro 7 - Windows 10 Pro
£732.50 £879.00 (inc VAT)
Apple iPad Pro 11 Inch (2021)
£693.33 £832.00 (inc VAT)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7+
£665.83 £799.00 (inc VAT)
Apple iPad Pro 11-inch (2020)
£635.83 £763.00 (inc VAT)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S6
£586.38 £703.66 (inc VAT)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S7
£515.83 £619.00 (inc VAT)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S4
£485.00 £582.00 (inc VAT)
Apple iPad Air 10.9-inch (2020)
£482.50 £579.00 (inc VAT)
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active 3 - Enterprise Edition
£421.65 £505.98 (inc VAT)
Huawei MatePad Pro
£416.65 £499.98 (inc VAT)
Samsung Galaxy Tab Active2
£390.81 £468.97 (inc VAT)
Microsoft Surface Go 2 - Windows 10 Pro
£365.83 £439.00 (inc VAT)
Microsoft Surface Go Windows 10 Pro
£364.00 £436.80 (inc VAT)
Apple iPad Mini - Gen 5 (2019)
£332.50 £399.00 (inc VAT)
Samsung Galaxy Tab S5e 10.5"
£326.00 £391.20 (inc VAT)
Apple iPad 10.2 (2020)
£305.00 £366.00 (inc VAT)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A7 10.4"
£182.50 £219.00 (inc VAT)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 10.1" 2019
£182.00 £218.40 (inc VAT)
Samsung Galaxy Tab A 8.0 (2019)
£111.64 £133.97 (inc VAT)

iPads, Android and Windows 10 Tablets from Clove Technology

Tablets are one of our strongest ranges here at Clove. We are a UK specialist retailer, but we ship our products worldwide via reliable postal and courier delivery.

Over the last few years, tablets have risen in popularity be they running Android, iOS or Windows. Many people now prefer to use a tablet to a home computer - it's more portable and more comfortable to use in front of the TV!

If you've landed on this page your likely deciding which tablet to buy. We are happy to assist should you have any questions pre-purchase; many of us at Clove are tablet users ourselves and we have plenty of experience with the Android operating system.

Which size tablet should I buy?

The first step in choosing a tablet is deciding on the size - they come in quite a variety. Typically you will be choosing between a 7 inch and a 10-inch model, but there are other dimensions available as well. For example, the latest Nexus tablet is 9 inches. In terms of its practicality, we would consider this to be closer to a 10" than a 7" tablet, but read the descriptions below and decide which will be more suited to your needs.

7 inch

7-inch tablets are naturally smaller and more portable. This means they're great for taking out and about with you - many can still fit in a pocket if it's large enough. Those with telephone capability built in can even be used as a phone if necessary, although you may prefer to attach a Bluetooth headset than hold the tablet itself up to your ear.

The downside of a 7-inch tablet is that you don't have as much screen real estate for web browsing. However, their smaller size does make them slightly better for handheld games that make use of built-in sensors.

10 inch

If you opt for a 10-inch tablet, naturally you'll have a larger screen to play with. Most 10" tablets are now thin and light enough that they can be held one-handed, which leaves your other hand free for web browsing and playing games. Alternatively, you can connect accessories such as console gamepads if you want to have greater control.

Another advantage of a 10" tablet is that it will have a larger battery, which typically results in better overall battery life. A larger device is, of course, less portable, but the technology is such that these gadgets do not add a huge amount of weight should you opt to carry them or stow them in a rucksack.

What are the best Tablets at the moment?

Samsung are the market leaders and offer a range of devices at various price points. Their "Tab A" models are great all-round products, with the more expensive "Tab S" providing an excellent option for power users.

Consider Apple's iPads for style, app availability, games and ease of use. There are also Windows 10 tablets available for business users.

Help to choose a tablet

If you would like reliable, friendly advice when it comes to choosing a tablet, please call us on 44(0)1202 552936, or email We're experienced tablets users and will be happy to help you choose which tablet is best for you.