DJI Spark - Fly More Combo
£600.00 £720.00 (inc VAT)

Drones and UAVs

At Clove Technology we stock a range of Drones, UAVs and associated accessories from industry leading global manufacturers.

At one point seemingly a passing craze, drones have become a massively popular gadget - not only among enthusiasts and hobbyists, but also among people using them to change they work.

Drones come in several shapes and sizes, with a huge variety of features either built in or able to be added later. Some include high quality grade cameras and extensive professional grade software. Others are more basic, allowing you attach your own camera and just manage the flight through a smartphone app. 

Recent increases in mass production and manufacturing quality mean that a drone that could have cost well into 5 figures a few years ago is now much more affordable. 

One of the main uses for drones is taking aerial photography - getting pictures of landscapes at angles that would otherwise be impossible. They can also be used for filming - extreme sports enthusiasts love them! You can even use a drone for basic deliveries!

Whatever your use for a drone, personal, professional or gift, Clove Technology are happy to help you answer questions and choose. We also range accessories. You can get in touch with us at sales@clove.co.uk or at +44 (0) 1202 556936