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Fairphone 3 Protective Case Green
Sold out
£29.95 £35.94 (inc VAT)
Fairphone 3 USB-C 2.0 Cable
£14.95 £17.94 (inc VAT)
FairPhone 3 Protective Case Black
£29.95 £35.94 (inc VAT)
Fairphone 3 Screen Protector with Blue Light Filter
£22.49 £26.99 (inc VAT)
Fairphone 3 Screen Protector with Privacy Filter
£22.49 £26.99 (inc VAT)
Fairphone 3 USB Charger - UK
£14.95 £17.94 (inc VAT)
Fairphone 3 Camera+ Module (48MP)
£45.79 £54.95 (inc VAT)
Fairphone 3 Top+ Module (16MP)
£27.45 £32.94 (inc VAT)

FairPhone Accessories

Official Fairphone accessories include cases, screen protectors, spare parts and even upgrades. 

Caring about the environment and doing what is right is the aim of Fairphone. The smartphones they manufacturer, with consumer repairs being possible and even upgrades beyond the initial specification, shows a dedication to producing products which last.

They even received a coveted iFixit 10/10 score for their Fairphone 3, which is typically not something associated with smartphones.

Building a fairer world is a primary part of their business with material sourcing advocating workers welfare for the more sustainable electronics industry. Ensuring the planet is put first with a reduction in waste and the production of products that last.