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Nintendo 2DS XL

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Nintendo 2DS XL

A new member of the Nintendo 3DS family

With its all-new colourful ergonomic design, the 2DS XL is a great addition to the 3DS family. It has a folding screen, offering an improved look which is easier to carry.

The improved controls, faster CPU and larger screen are also welcome benefits.

Enhanced processing power, with new features

The improved processing of the Nintendo 2DS XL means that you spend less time waiting for your favourite games and apps to load, like Miiverse. Download speeds are also quicker depending on your internet connection.

It is now possible to watch videos online using the installed internet browser. You can also transfer file data directly to a PC using a Wireless LAN. This is particularly useful when you are wishing to store the many photos, you will be taking with the updated camera. This is due to the camera now being able to take better photos, even in dim lighting conditions.

Finally, you will find that the 2DS XL now automatically adjusts the screen brightness for your surroundings.

Backward compatible

With the huge back catalogue of Nintendo 3DS and Nintendo DS software titles, it makes sense for the 2DS XL to be compatible with them. Not only is this the case, but you will find that games and apps will work without any problems. But, in the case of Nintendo 3DS games, you will be restricted to 2D viewing only.

Software from other regions cannot be used in a UK version of the Nintendo 2DS XL.

Extra control

With the Nintendo 2DS XL, you now have a C Stick and ZL/ZR buttons. This offers you more options and greater control. As the C Stick allows for sensitive controls depending on how hard you press.


If you touch your amiibo figures to the lower screen of the Nintendo 2DS XL. The NFC function will enable you to read and write data to the amiibo if you are playing a compatible game. Enhancing you’re playing experience.

Reason to buy Nintendo 2DS XL

  • New ergonomic, folding design – easy to carry
  • Faster processing power – quicker loading times
  • Large XL screen – more space to play
  • C Stick – enhanced control
  • Built-in amiibo functionality
  • Backwards compatible – all 3DS and Nintendo DS software.

Box Contents

  • New Nintendo 2DS XL system x1
  • New Nintendo 2DS XL stylus x1
  • microSDHC memory card (4GB) x1
  • AR Cards x6
  • Operations Manual x1
  • AC adapter x1


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