Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller

Nintendo Switch Pro Controller
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Nintendo Switch Pro-Controller – Overview

Take your gaming to the next level, with this premium controller. Benefitting from premium grips and a semi-transparent casing. It has the same buttons as the Nintendo Switch in handheld mode, being designed to be held and operated more easily than the Joy-Con Controllers.

The main difference in the controls are in the directional controls of the Joy-Con (L) are made up of different buttons, the Pro Controller has a single + Control Pad, like previous systems.

The Nintendo Switch Pro Controller contains 2 linear resonant actuators, each with independent HD Rumble capabilities, creating a similar effect as with the Joy-Con Controllers.

The HD rumble function included in the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller creates an immersive gameplay experience that isn’t possible with images and sounds alone.

It is also possible to use your amiibo on your Nintendo Switch by tapping them onto the NFC touchpoint on the Nintendo Switch Pro Controller.