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Wisken Kit 4 X-Cable Magnetic MicroUSB



Wisken Kit 4 X-Cable Magnetic MicroUSB Overview

This is the accessory for your smartphone tablet or micro USB powered device that solves that problem of having to fiddle with connecting a power adapter each time. Simply roughly line up the cable with your micro USB port and magnets do the rest. Simple!

So how does it work?

This cable is made up of 2 parts.

The USB cable itself and a detachable micro USB tip.

Take the micro USB tip and fit this into the micro USB port on the device or product you want to charge. The idea is that this tip is left fitted to the product. Products like smartphones and tablets that need regular charging are ideal.

Then take the USB cable which connects to a USB port on your computer or laptop or to a mains adapter with a USB port on it. Line the non USB end of the cable up with the micro USB tip that is fitted on the product you wish to charge and the magnet inside the cable will attract and connect to the micro USB connector.

Such a design means you only need line the cable up roughly and need not be really precise as the magnets do the rest.

You can easily pull the cable away from the connector with no fear of damaging the port. The magnets are strong enough to hold but weak enough that should the cable be snagged or pulled it will detach, reducing the chance of accidents.

The cable is approximately 1 metre in length and has an LED indicator on the larger end of the connector (that contains the magnets) it so you can see when the power is running through the cable.

The cable is rated to carry and power devices drawing up to 2.4 amps.

An innovative way to make the process of charging your gadgets simpler, the Micro USB connector works with a wide range of mobile devices available today.

This cable cannot be used to data transfer between a computer and the product to which it is connected. For example you cannot use this cable to transfer photos from a phone to a PC.

Reasons to buy Wisken Kit 4 X-Cable Magnetic MicroUSB

  • Detachable Micro USB tip
  • Connects and disconnects with ease – held in place with magnets
  • Makes connecting and disconnecting power cables easier
  • Built in LED light to show power is running through the cable
  • Approx 1 metre in length
  • Supports devices drawing power up to 2.4amps

Box Contents

  • Wisken Kit 4 X-Cable Magnetic Cable
  • Magenetic micro USB tip
  • Instruction booklet


Overall Rating 3 Stars * * * * *
  • Yury 29/1/2016 Recommend to a friend? Yes
    The idea is brilliant! But instead of this one I would prefer to have deffinately universal kit with magnetic USB, micro USB, mini USB and iPHONE tips.

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