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    25+ Years experience
    Founded in 1992

    Can the Samsung Galaxy S9 Go Underwater?

    One of the more common questions that people ask about the Samsung range of phones is whether or not they are waterproof, and if so, to what extent can they be exposed to water.

    To answer this question, we wanted to start off first with the Samsung Galaxy S9 as only last week we had a question come in from a customer as to whether or not it could go underwater.

    Galaxy S9

    The Samsung Galaxy S9, like many from the Galaxy range, has an IP68 water resistant rating and this is something that is often highlighted in the reviews of the phone as being impressive when compared to rival handsets.

    So, it’s understandable that people looking to buy it will see this rating being highlighted and could think that means the phone will be ok to use underwater.

    But is it really the case?

    We don’t advise you do so, and here’s why.

    The Samsung Galaxy S9 is Water Resistant, but is it Water Proof?

    The IP ratings given to phones reflect how well a device will prevent water from getting into the handset and damaging the electronics.

    Handy Hint: You can read more about what IP ratings mean elsewhere on the Clove Technology blog. 

    Samsung Phone

    A waterproof rating of IP68, as the Galaxy S9 has, is very high compared to other phones on the market, but… and here’s the thing; it means it is very water resistant.

    And water resistant is different to waterproof.

    Whilst we can be relatively confident that should you accidentally drop your Samsung Galaxy S9 into water, and quickly retrieve it, then it should (in theory) be absolutely fine.

    In fact, the IP68 rating means this handset has been tested to see how well it works when submerged in water at a depth of 1.5 metres for 30 minutes, with the 8 signifying very good results.

    The first digit recognises the mechanical protection:

    IP ratings table 1

    The second digit illustrates the level of water ingress protection:

    IP ratings table 2

    So, should you use your Samsung Galaxy S9 underwater?

    We don’t believe you should.

    Whilst the IP68 waterproof rating is very impressive, it’s only scored against water, and not any of the other elements you might find when swimming.

    For example, in swimming pools there are chemicals such as chlorine. Would your S9 be protected against those type of elements?

    We’re not so sure, which is why we would never advise that you use your Galaxy, or any other phone for that matter, underwater.

    But, you do have the peace of mind in knowing that should you drop your Samsung Galaxy S9 down the toilet or into a sink, then it’s very well protected and should not be damaged.

    Which is just one reason why it’s one of our best sellers, and you can see our latest deals on unlocked and SIM Free Galaxy S9s in our online store.

    Which Samsung Galaxy Phones are Waterproof?

    We hope that’s given you a little bit more insight into our views on using phones underwater. 

    Generally speaking, the most recent Samsung Galaxy ranges all come with impressive IP water-resistance ratings. We’ve listed these below for you:

    Samsung Galaxy A series

    • A3: IP68 high water resistance rating
    • A5: IP68 high water resistance rating
    • A8: IP68 high water resistance rating

    Samsung Galaxy Note models

    • Galaxy Note 8: IP68 high water resistance rating

    Samsung Galaxy S smartphones

    • S6 Edge: No IP rating, so is not water resistant
    • S7: IP68 high water resistance rating
    • S7 edge: IP68 high water resistance rating
    • S8: IP68 high water resistance rating
    • S8 Plus: IP68 high water resistance rating
    • S9: IP68 high water resistance rating
    • S9 Plus: IP68 high water resistance rating

    Samsung Galaxy J devices

    • Galaxy J5 (2017 Edition): No IP rating, so is not water resistant
    • Galaxy J5 (2016 Edition): No IP rating, so is not water resistant

    Samsung Xcover smartphones

    • Samsung Galaxy Xcover 4 – IP68 high water resistance rating

    You can view all of our Samsung Galaxy phones in our store, some of which as you can see from the above list are water resistant, but as with before, we wouldn’t advise using them underwater. 

    Are Samsung Galaxy S6 Phones Waterproof? 

    And finally, the S6 which is another device we’ve asked about recently regarding underwater usage and how waterproof it is.

    The S6 models are lower priced devices which don’t come with as many features. The S6 Edge, in particular, has no official IP rating so cannot be considered water resistant.

    However, there are some videos on YouTube where bloggers have tested the water resistance of the S6. These have had positive results, despite the phone not having an official IP rating.



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